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  1. Apparently a cf card is reccomend for 6k. I have yet to experience the dreaded corrupt file problem that lots of people with slower cards run into when using the 6k mode. But it is something to consider. I'm actually looking at Cf cards now because I cant afford to have corrupt files. But then again, for the price of Cf cards it's making just getting an ssd and shooting raw into the ninja look more reasonable.
  2. I dont use autofocus so I forgot about that one. I mean, i use my sony a6300 along side my S1 as a gimbal cam and its negligible once graded. The xt4 being 10bit pretty much means that it can look like any camera with enough adjustments. We're definitely in a time were most cameras can get the job done and nobody will ever notice what camera you used.
  3. 6k vs 4k Full frame vs APSC Better Ibis, better battery life, better ISO performance, better build quality, better image in log (less digital looking) 10bit 422 instead of just 420. There's obviously more but those are what I consider to be general improvements. Only thing on the XT4 that's better is its ALL-I compression modes. But the Panasonic long GOP 10bit codec is essentially as robust as an all I codec.
  4. A used Panasonic s1 is like $1500. Great camera with vlog. Internal 6k open gate full frame 10bit, 4k 60 10bit, Prores Raw over hdmi. Anamorphic modes, amazing IBIS, great internal battery life (3 hours per battery) Full Varicam V-Log and Cine Color science. For what it goes for on the used market its probably the best bang for buck camera you can get currently.
  5. The fixed apature is how DJI prevents this from replacing the pro 2 Although I am curious if a pro 3 is on the way. I'm betting on it essentially being an air 2s with apature control and possibly 8k.
  6. Thanks! It's very worth it, was pleasantly surprised how sharp and easy to focus it is. I might pick up another one for my b cam.
  7. cameras: Panasonic Lumix S1, Mavic Pro 2 lenses: konica Hexinion AR 40mm 1.8 + SLR Magic anamorphot 50 (green coating)
  8. Just Shot a music video On The S1! Fantastic Camera!
  9. I actually did not realize the S5 had a smaller battery.. my bad! 😅 The S5 wont last 3 hours, my S1 lasts 3 hours, but I imagine 2 hours on the s5 is still pretty good coming from sony.
  10. Very interesting point.. I never thought about this before and you actually make a great point! The S1 should totally be capable of RAW internally. But they obviously wont do that because the s1h cant 😞 hey, maybe its time for a magic lantern style hack?? Hmmmm?
  11. The lumix S5 on a Gimbal should give you what you want, but its autofocus is less than stellar so that's just something to keep in mind if you're using it as a gimbal cam. Any Lumix s series cam is great for getting work done. The incredible IBIS allows you to shoot mostly handheld. The battery life is crazy long, like 3+ hours per battery and they have full Varicam v-log and V-gamut. So a true cinematic image. But for gimbals, I feel like the s5 is probably the most convenient.
  12. Theres no definitive proof that the S series uses sony sensors, but lets say they do, because that's obviously very possible. I think they still look good and different than my sony cams not just because of how its processes, but the fact that theres no phase detect autofocus on the sensor. Looking at side by side comparisons of current sensors, the contrast detect autofocus on the lumix cams gives the footage a much more pleasing look. If you crop in on a sony, you get like halos on edges from the sensors auto focus system. This gives sony cams a subtle feeling of digital sharpness. Although cams like the red komodo share similar auto focus tech, it somehow doesn't have this problem. Or maybe it does? Idk I've never used it. But as a mirrorless camera the s series cams imo avoid this issue by having contrast detect autofocus. Of course this is just my point of view, but I think someone could plop and arri beside the S1h,S1,S5 and grade them to match and nobody would notice which cam is which.. Although, the motion cadence of the Arri will likely stand out as better. But again, I really dont know for sure.
  13. I'm pretty sure Panasonic is NOT using Sony sensors in their S1/S1r/S1h/S5 I just googled it to double check, I couldn't find anything about them having sony sensors. But I did find discussions about them having custom sensors that are not Sony..
  14. This is why I think the Lumix S Series cams stand out to me.. They're not using sony technology and have a pretty amazing image in vlog. Coming from sony, I totally get what you're saying.
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