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  1. I almost got a big metal, but decided just to get an anamorphot 50 1.33x instead. Vormaxlens adapters are really cool for what they are though, to cheaply get into anamorphic is truly the only option
  2. The s1h has All-I codecs. The s1 and s5 dont have all-I but their actual image is pretty damn comparible and cost like $1800 used. If auto focus isn't a concern, just get an S1 with the vlog upgrade, it's getting 6k 10bit and 4k 60 10bit internal and 6k raw external in a few months.
  3. So the S1 just became a 6k 10bit full frame camera?? I'll take it! Cant wait for this to release! Also 4k 60fps 10bit and raw 6k! Wow! Its essentially an entirely new league of camera now Good job Panasonic!
  4. First time flying a drone, I think it came out ok. Thoughts?
  5. 100% agree! It honestly seems like panasonic will update the s1 to outclass the s5. In all interviews and hints it seems likely itll get RAW externally and possibly even dci 4K internally We will find out soon, but im optimistic
  6. I feel like the 150mbps 4k 10 bit 422 Long GOP codec in lumix cameras is amazingly robust with no clear signs of compression. So sometimes I'd argue that the actual bit rate doesn't matter as much as the compression method. With that said, YouTube does have a pretty bad compression method. Personally, I upload in the highest possible resolution available when I can. Because you know what looks worse than YouTube 4k? YouTube 1080. But yeah vimeo and other sites are easily cleaner. Like 4k on vimeo actually looks like 4k, where as 4k on YouTube looks more like 1080
  7. I was just talking to my buddy about how sad it was that Samsung never released an nx2. Could you image a 10 bit nx1? Amazingness
  8. Literally the only feature I NEED panasonic to add to the s1 is frame guides for different aspect ratios. Filming in 2.35.0 shouldn't be this tricky on a $2500 that offers 10bit 422 vlog as a recording option. Because that tells me it's at least somewhat video focused. So yeah, frame guides would be amazing and probably pretty easy to add. Obviously I'll take anything if they want to add it. I just hope auto focus isn't all we'll be getting updated.
  9. The panasonis S1 has the exact same video image, the same full Vlog in the exact same 4k 10 bit 422 codec. The s1 has better Ibis, better battery life, better weather sealing, full size hdmi, better evf and unlimited recording in 4k 10bit 422. You can buy it used (like new condition) for $1600 US pretty often. These usually include vlog. It's a little bit bigger than the s5, but for a solid filmmaking machine, a used s1 is probably the better option for an affordable cinema camera. There are firmware updates confirmed for the future too. So the s1's value as a filmmaking
  10. Who said the S1 is getting an update? That would be awesome!
  11. I bought my s1 for $1600 with VLOG in "used like new condition" less than 100 shutter clicks on amazon. And the s5 has micro hdmi.
  12. I'm just saying that the S5 really isn't that much better. Everyone is talking like its this huge upgrade that somehow makes the s1 obsolete. While the S1 with VLOG goes for around $1600 like new. The s5 might be $2000 and if so, technically what are you losing for $400 less? 4k 60 10bit? a couple different aspect ratios? maybe marginally better AF? But what does the S1 have over the S5? Better build, better EVF, Better battery life, full HDMI out. I guess it's a no brainer if you prefer smaller cameras, in that case the S5 is 100% a better choice. But what if you like
  13. I honestly think the s1 is still great. I didnt want a smaller camera. If the s5 is $2000 a used s1 with vlog is still cheaper so the value works out if you buy used. Assuming the s5 will be $2000. I dont personally feel like I'm missing much without 4k 60 10bit or animorphic modes. I'm still hopeful Panasonic announces an update to the s1 though that at least gives it the animorphic options. Maybe 4k 60 10bit? But I wont hold my breath on that one.
  14. Love your footage! This is my dream sensor size, I just got an s1 earlier this month and through many tests have concluded that its absolutely stunning! I was debating grabbing the medium format focal reducer for the s1 and just shooting in 16:9 to achieve that look. But honestly, I think the s1's full frame image has enough of the characteristics I like in larger sensors to tickle my fancy for now. Maybe in a few years when medium format cameras are more accessible I'll take the plunge. But as a rental for a project, this camera is looking very tempting. I say the big
  15. Also to clarify, when I say shallower DOF, I'm not talking about shooting wide open. In fact, I'm saying you can stop your lens down on full frame and still maintain lots of dof due to the distance between your subject and camera. On smaller sensors this is much more difficult to achieve. Also the a6300 is a nice lil camera. I just wouldn't wanna shoot an entire feature on it. A Panasonic s1 or s1h? I definitely would.
  16. Saying theres no full frame look is like saying humans cant see the difference between 1080 and 4k. Or that 24p is as much motion as we can see. Just because you dont notice the subtle nuances doesn't mean they dont exist. Look up the medium format look, theres plenty of experts who can explain this better than I. The bigger the sensor the larger the spread of light and the distance between the light drawn across the frame. Shallower DOF, gaining the compression of a portrait lens while maintaining the FOV of a wide. These are all parts of the "look" of medium format, but the same
  17. My sony a6300 is my gimbal cam, The S1 is my main cam. (My personal cameras) I've used and worked with many different cine cameras as well. Pretty much any camera with a half decent codec/bit depth can be made to match anything in post. Things like color science are less important than they used to be. Although most modern cameras have astounding color regardless. Hybrid cams are not replacements for CINEMA cameras, because cinema cameras have lots of features and a specific form factor needed for large productions that the mirrorless cameras just lack. But when it comes to th
  18. I guess we'll have to just agree to disagree. Meanwhile films will be shot on mirrorless cameras and cine cameras all over. A cell phone from 2010 can look cinematic if lit and composed well. But modern 10 bit mirrorless cameras have closed the gap imo. For big productions with a need for all the fancy stuff the big cameras are perfect. But for low budget indie films or films shot in tight places a mirrorless cam is capable. There was a horror feature film shot on the a7sii a few years back. I saw it in theaters and couldn't even tell. I remember when the ho
  19. The s1's internal codec is 100% good enough for a theatrical feature. But if you plan to RIP into the footage with extreme grades then yes, the All I codec is better. Just like raw isnt nessesary but it's nice to have. For a low budget indie film with a small crew, the Panasonic mirrorless cameras are a great tool for achieving a cinematic image with their dynamic range, color and ergonomics. Especially now with the S line and the varicam look these cameras produce. Plus they're 10bit 422 which opens the doors for post. I dont think the s1h is lacking that magic. Lookin
  20. IMO hybrid cameras like the s1 and s1h have reached cinema level image quality, even with the internal codec. Motion cadence is probably the biggest struggle for non cine cameras but panasonic has motion really well handled.
  21. I guess I'm in the camp that believes mirrorless hybrid cameras can hold their own against their cinema counterparts when it comes to the image they produce.
  22. Now you're getting aesthetic confused with aspect ratio. On 70mm light is drawn across the frame differently. There's a larger than life feel to it. Something about having the compression of a 50mm focal length while maintaining a wider image closer to 35mm gives a feeling, a look. Same goes for animorphic, it has it's own "look". It produces a bigger image, even when viewed on a small screen. I could tell Joker was shot on the Alexa 65 after seeing the trailer. It just had that feeling. It had that big image look. It's hard to describe, but I remember having
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