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  1. Hey all, Wondering if folks have experiences with LaCie vs G-Technology? I'm a bit tired of the piles of SSDs for editing and looking for a big thunderbolt 3 raid drive for archived projects that I may still need to access, e.g. 20TB + I've always had a bias against LaCie for some reason, but they are cheaper and more available (3rd party enclosures are also pretty limited) in the country where I've moved, so wondering if it is something I should just get over w/ respect to the T3 2Big Dock drives vs G-Technology G-Raids? Or stick with the more commonly recommended G-Tech and pa
  2. Thanks for the responses so far everyone! Excuse the brevity for now... A more proper reply after a very busy pre-holiday week Indeed as some have pointed out, "cinematic" is an overdetermined word -- asked to mean many different things. However, I do not believe that also renders it meaningless. And I understand very well that the camera is one tool in the kit that produces the image that ultimately lands on a screen. And that there is much that I still have to learn about each and every tool in that kit. It's exciting to see these tips for addressing the Sony a7S III's video-y
  3. I was all set to get the Sony a7S III... But then I was recently involved in a project shot on the Sony Venice and another with a RED Dragon. And I'm all confused. Now of course I know it is impossible to compare these two cameras to the a7S III and that isn't the point of the post. But what I gained from having access directly to these cameras for the first time was a full appreciation of the difference between the look and feel of the image coming from a cine camera versus the mirrorless cameras I've owned and worked with before. I find myself considering cameras I've never serious
  4. I have noticed this same issue with the a7Sii... a bit annoying (I honestly refuse to remove a battery every time or put it back in every time I want to use a camera; wouldn't call that a solution) But what I have just noticed today is that after being stored for maybe a month without use and the batteries NOT in the camera, the Sony batteries were at about 80% charge while the "off brand" Watson batteries (B-4228) were at 100%. They were all fully charged when put away. I have not done a test to see if the Watson batteries a.) discharge more slowly while in the camera and camera is off o
  5. Thanks Davey and gsenroc, that is pretty much what I figured Have folks compared Sandisk Extreme to the Extreme Pro? Any difference in real world? I am getting half a dozen 256 cards for a big project coming up, so the $15/each adds up a bit.
  6. Hey all, Just wondering what memory cards everyone uses for 4k For a7Sii, NX1, LX100 -- maybe soon the GX85 -- I've been using SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-I SDXC U3 (64 at first now 128gb), but B & H is pretty much sold out for a least a week. These have been flawless. (I moved over to them after I started getting lots of write speed errors on NX1 and LX100 with Transcend R95 W60 MB/s UHS-I -- even though they worked fine at first) Of course I can order from somewhere else, but I thought to ask if anyone has had any less expensive cards work flawlessly over the long haul.
  7. Are there any macro lenses you've tried with this? If so are any working well with the IS? I love the LX100 for its macro function, but it is quite jittery -- ...imagining how amazing being able to handhold macro shots could now be +1 thanks for the initial review!
  8. I am also selling an NX1 + S kit/pro lens + battery grip + extra batteries + lens filter + ND filter, but haven't posted yet. Excellent condition. (Inspect in person if you want -- Brooklyn NY pick up early June or can meet in Berlin, Amsterdam, or London the second half of June. Otherwise will ship. Msg me)
  9. Has anyone tried GX80/85 with an optically stabilized macro lens? I use the LX100 for handheld macro video, but I am looking to get rid of the jitters
  10. Sorry, I wasn't clear about the first part. I benchmarked a few enclosures and the Inateck performed the best which is why I was using them. The issue is I am over 1tb for the project so I can't keep 2 separate drives for media and preview -- I need 2 x 1tb drives plugged into the 2 USB ports. And buying 2 x 2tb drives makes my heart stop. But in any case the preview files are on the Macbook's SSD along with the Premiere project file. Docking station doesn't seem so portable to me... maybe if there is a thunderbolt docking station with only 2.5 inch drive slots. Also carrying around
  11. No problem. One other thing to think about if you are not working on a specific project right now is to get the Panasonic GX85 to tide you over. It seems to handle rolling shutter very well. It could buy you time until September or so to see if the field will change -- before you make the "big" investment which is also going to include lenses. Then you've got a great portable camera/B camera, or if the field hasn't changed prices may drop and you still use the GX85 in situations where there's a lot of movement.
  12. I have been using Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSDs in Inateck USB 3.0 enclosures (the enclosures seem to affect performance of the drives) for editing on a MacBook Pro w/ 16gb RAM. It is the only thing I have found that can keep up with 4k/hold up in real time editing (though I do often use 1/4 or 1/2 resolution in Premiere to keep things snappy). The EVO series drives seemed not able to hold up in my experience. Has anyone else found something that works well which is also portable? Has anyone tried the Samsung 950 PRO Series?
  13. The only way to solve all your questions is to get the a7Sii, a7Rii, and NX1 in your hands and see how you like working with them and also review the footage for the character that you are after. I shoot run-and gun style primarily (though not documentary output in the end) -- sometimes tripod sometimes handheld. My experience is as follows... More than a year ago I was trying to decide between the NX1 and GH4; I got both in my hands and the NX1 was the clear winner in all fronts. So I got the NX1. But it was big and I didn't always want to carry it so I also got the carry-anywhere P
  14. IronFilm, You obviously didn't read the thread or you would see for example that I am looking for a camera, not other gear; I don't carry or shoot with lights. I think everyone here understands that the camera doesn't make the filmmaker. Beyond that, I can't speak for "people" or make claims about what they search for or why. But I can speak for myself. I won't claim to be wise. I don't think it matters if what I or anyone else is doing counts as "professional" work if they are serious about it. Maybe some people outgrow cameras faster than others. Maybe the kind of work someone is doing chan
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