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  1. Although I'm horrible at drawing, I decided to get a tablet to do some storyboarding. I'd like to do some really basic previs, animating with some simple drawings. Potentially adding some audio. I was thinking about just using After Effects or even Final Cut. But curious to hear if anyone has any favorite approaches. Someone suggested MotionArtist. Also, Paper being a good free app. Any thoughts / perspective would be great. Thanks.
  2. Hey all - I'm on the hunt for a decent, budget-friendly 7 inch field monitor. I was looking at the following: MustHD M701H Aputure VS-2 FineHD LILLIPUT 5D-ii/O/P Feelworld FW759 Any recommendations or experiences with these? Thanks...
  3. Any experience with rolling shutter on the GX85? Specifically wondering if its comparable to GH4 when shooting 4K. I'm consider getting a GX85 but will invest in a GH4 if its significantly less "jello-y". Thanks.
  4. So in your experience, between all those cameras (I'll need a 4k run and gun) - you'd most recommend NX1 or L300?
  5. The jelly effect hasn't come into play - I've been mostly shooting T3i/5D/C300 on projects. Correct me if I'm wrong but the 5Dmkiii with ML Raw although amazing is still not 4K and it'd be great to have the ability to punch in more than 15-20% in post. Just throwing it out there to see if there's a better alternative to it as the 5d is still a workhorse with little in the way of moire/aliasing/overheating. I'll also look into the LS300. Thanks for all the info/perspectives!
  6. All good stuff, thanks for the feedback. And thanks for that RS link.
  7. I can live with that ISO performance and to hear it looks solid right out of the camera (something I always liked about Canon) is a good thing. The severity of the RS would be the only deal breaker...
  8. Thanks for that link. I was under the impression A7s II was better. But agreed, you can't beat trying one out so renting is a good idea. There is something about the NX1 that still seems like a solid option. I know its discontinued but many people seemed to like it. Plus at that price point, if say a Canon Mark IV was around the corner I'd feel ok about about a shorter term investment.
  9. Hey there - I just wanted to get any perspective on a camera purchase. I've been shooting with my trusty T3i w/ Magic Lantern and Nikon AIS lenses for years. Knowing its limitation, the images are still great coming out of the camera. But at long last, I need to move to 4K. I do a lot of doc shooting and the ability to punch in for post is a must. Plus a little help in the lowlight dept would be nice. So I'm looking to spend roughly 2-3 grand on a camera body that shoots 4K. The only caveats are that it cannot overheat and very minimal moire, "jelly effect". Any thoughts? It seems that the Sony A7S II is the best on the market in that range? I've considered GH4 but I used it on one project and it just felt less cinematic in vibe, Samsung NX1 but this is discontinued which brings a little concern and also Blackmagic Ursa Mini. Any other options I'm missing? Been hoping for a 5D Mark IV w/ 4K announcement. Anyhow, would love to hear any thoughts... thanks!
  10. Really helpful seeing the example and hearing the positives. I guess I'm just surprised more people aren't shooting with them. I tend to shoot with the (rented) canon 24-70mm 2.8 that it seems everyone has... but was hoping to find a decent alternative. thanks!
  11. Anyone shot with this lens? I know its push and pull focus. I have a great set of Nikkor primes 28mm, 50, 85mm but was thinking about getting a decent (and obviously bargain) zoom. Let me know if anyone has any experiences to share. Ken Rockwell seems to think its solid: http://kenrockwell.com/nikon/3570.htm
  12. Thanks - I believe I'm going with the cut and paste Cinegel route on the monitor: http://www.rosco.com/filters/cinegel.cfm?CategoryID=33
  13. Anyone know/use an on-camera monitor (preferable 5") that offers a 2:35 guide? Hopefully looking to get one in the 200-300 range. Appreciate it.
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