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  1. Glad someone gets it. Full frame is something that's nice to have. I'd rather have full frame and not need it than need it and not have it. The future of Hollywood and the industry is clearly headed in the full frame direction. With more 35mm and larger sensors being used on more and more features. The Alexa 65 is pretty much the new standard for digital image quality and that specific camera has been used a lot since its release. Full frame cameras are getting more affordable, medium format cameras are getting more affordable. Theres just not a lot of a nee
  2. I was being goofy. I also never said I need 70mm. Just that I like it Also there's no reason anyone shouldn't admire a specific format. I like the look of 70mm, regardless of if I'll ever actually get to shoot in that format. Big image meaning how its captured, not displayed. 70mm footage looks different "bigger" than 35mm. Even on a smart phone screen.
  3. It's really is amazing that we live in a time where cameras are as good as they are. There's something for everyone Even though I love big images and big cameras, I'm always carrying around my a6300 in my coat pocket because it's literally pocket sized and I love that.
  4. Those are beautiful images and I know full frame isn't honestly needed. especially not for drones. But I will say my mavic 2 pro sensor is as small as id go on a drone. I think the reason I'm obsessed with full frame stems from my love for 70mm and IMAX. I love full frame because it gets me that much closer to an IMAX "feel". As well as generally being more convenient. I will say this though, for any live events like concerts or weddings. I almost always go super 35 or MFT. For most (not all) narrative projects full frame is just aesthetically pleasing to me, you can get a wide a
  5. The pocket 4k produces an AMAZING image. Honestly stuff from that camera rivals actual cinema cameras IMO. I almost did buy one but decided to go for the S1 with vlog as my personal camera simply because of the full frame and overall ease of use. Plus I actually like the varicam look quite a bit, but my second choice was easily the pocket 4k. Which says a lot about how good I think it looks that I still considered it despite my dislike of MFT sensors. I was about to pull the trigger on a pocket 4k and a rig to help it be production ready which included a speedbooster. But after calculating the
  6. A 10mm has a very drastically different look than 20mm. Infact, a 10mm 2.8 lens on a m/43 body ends up being a 20mm 5.6 "look". Which is much different in visual style. Which affects EVERYTHING about how the story is perceived by the audience and their emotional response. So in order to capture the shot the way I imagined it, Its a struggle. If not impossible. More often than not, id just scrap my original vision and work with what I have. When using full frame, I find im MUCH less likely to end up in this type of situation. If all I had was a M/43 camera then id use it and I doubt most
  7. You're not wrong, you can slap a wide angle lens on a m/43 sensor. I've shot with plenty of m/43 cameras and we were always able to make it work. But.. for narrative work I dont want to just "make it work".. I want an optimal image without spending a long time trying to frame while maintaining some kind of dof. We have tight schedules on set and every second really does count. No matter what we'll always be working within our limitations as indie filmmakers and even industry pros. It's just how it is. So imo it's really important to reduce the number of things on set that are
  8. For me m/43 is just too small, More often than not when doing narrative work we usually end up in really tight spaces due to budget limitations and having a full frame FOV is necessary for capturing the whole frame. At least for the work I do. I switched from my A cam being a sony to now being a panasonic. Ive already been using manual focus on canon glass for years so the switch to pany was pretty easy. especially with their IBIS.
  9. I pretty much only use a 24mm 1.4 and a 50mm 1.4 for everything haha Definitely great! Would love a 10bit log nx1 mod
  10. That's a sweet deal I think the s1 will be a reliable and relevant camera for many years.
  11. Honestly, I bought the s1 used "like new" for $1600 earlier this month. It came with v-log too! If the new s5 is $2000 (assuming) new then I still think the s1 was a much better buy. I like big camera bodies and it's one of the reasons I got an s1, although a small reason, it still mattered to me. I wanted a tanky daily driver work horse of a camera! Something with great battery life, a bright screen, big body, good evf, So after thinking about the s5, it honestly doesn't really sound like the camera I wanted anyway, the s1 literally is the camera I wanted, so I'm happy with
  12. Nope! This was shot like a few weeks after the NX1 released. It took a bit to finish because of all the VFX. Man do I wish I knew about the nx1 mod! (just did a quick search to see what you were talking about) This is the first im hearing of it! The NX1 isnt my main camera now but I still use it all the time, Will definitely put the mod on it!
  13. I've done everything from music videos, documentaries to short films. I've worked on features as well. Only used raw once, that was purely because I thought it was necessary but it turned out it wasnt. The workflow was not worth the hassle at the time. 8 bit 4k/1080 is still probably good for 90% of content creation needs, buuut if you can swing a 10bit 422 4k codec then that should be 100% usable for any job. Raw is cool, but overkill for most things.
  14. Yeah it was pretty difficult not gonna lie! I've since jumped full force into blender since the 2.8 update and it's been a truly amazing tool! Highly recommended for any filmmakers out there. Element 3D is great, but obviously its very limited in comparison and more designed for 3D motion graphics. BUT! It was the best beginner 3D tool out there at the time.
  15. If this is cheaper than the s1 then they really should add a firmware upgrade to the s1 to give it all the recording options like 4k animorphic 24p. 4k 60fps 10bit 420. And have VLOG be free. The Panasonic s1 isnt that old and as someone who literally went all in on an s1 last week specifically for video this announcement is kinda worrying me.. will the s1 suffer a price drop? Did I just get ripped off? Or depending on the new cameras price, will the s1 get an update to match specs? This is my first time using panasonic as I've switched over from sony so I'
  16. It's actually really funny that you picked up on this. Originally when we started filming he wanted a playthrough style video with static shots, about halfway through the shoot I suggested maybe going a bit more artsy with it. So in fact half the time spent filming was dedicated to getting playthrough style shots. The black and White look was planned from the start, I did have a colored version graded just in case he wanted color. I appreciate the kind words and yes, he has some nice guitars
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXRCi6zxBFE I had one hour to shoot a quick music video, the A6300 did the trick. Let me know what you think
  18. thank you so much! I appreciate you sharing and checking out my other work I hope you enjoyed them! Means a lot and thank you everyone for watching!!! :D It really means a ton
  19. It took waaaaaayyyy to long lol, I did everything VFX related on my own, hence why it took so long for me to complete, I also had little to no knowledge of 3D animating prior. I used element 3D inside after effects for 98% of it all. Used blender for some modeling. Id be getting close to finishing when I'd suddenly have a cool idea for a sequence and figured it would be a good time to learn. The original script for this film was 4 pages, ended up being a 15 minute film, yikes! got a little carried away haha, I couldn't imagine working with #D animation a few years ago. Thanks for watching! :D
  20. Here is a VFX heavy short film I shot on the Samsung NX1 years ago, finally decided to finish it and get it online so here it is! The last scene is the canon T3i all lenses used are the rokinon 24mm f1.4 and Canon 50mm f1.4 Watching in 4k is strongly recommended as YouTube loves compressing things
  21. Here is a VFX heavy short film I shot on the Samsung NX1 years ago, finally decided to finish it and get it online so here it is! The last scene is the canon T3i all lenses used are the rokinon 24mm f1.4 and Canon 50mm f1.4 Watching in 4k is strongly recommended as YouTube loves compressing things
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