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  1. How do you set the project in resolve to do the conversion? In this way:
  2. When you look at the A7 iii, there you can record video simultaneos and is also a still camera.i think is only a question of programming that you can change in firmware.
  3. Ok, thanks.That's disappointing, so the second slot is waste to have a backup
  4. Hi, can i record on X-T3 video to both cardslots simultaneos?
  5. omega1978

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    I have use it today.they are very good abd the polarizer effect is fantastic.this is only a screenshot from cache file
  6. omega1978

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    I use the Pgytech pro NDs with polarizer and they are great, no color shift
  7. There are PAL framerates on Pro mode connecting to MIMO app. After you plug off your phone the setting remain stored( other have mention that reset after power off) the heat comes from the battery.i think the only solution is a small foamgrip.at the moment i live with a 3d printed stand and a small tripod
  8. But if i will combine the footage on a night event in europe with 50p footage from other cameras is a problem.. Example:
  9. Are you shure that you not can change to PAL? Mine is coming today
  10. Can anyone say if when recording in 4k50p after 20 min you must wait or you can start immediatly to record again
  11. Have you tested the max continuos shooting in 4k50p?
  12. if you look at this image, the screw doesn't go into the cage
  13. i think this 2 withe blocks jam the grip in the tail and allow you to fix the grip to access the plugs
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