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  1. Yes, from day one. In foto is very good, in video sometimes it loose focus
  2. ok, i have notice that the key is only for free in UK.☹️ WTF !
  3. In Italy i have paid 3250 € for the Kit S1+24-105 with 4 years warranty and 1 spare battery. Now with the free firmware i find is a good deal...
  4. 6k Photo Mode conformed to 23.976 with some correction in Premiere
  5. I have shot my first weeding with the S1 in HLG.You can see a display lut mode 2 ( for person ) that i very like on camera. I have some Hlg 2020 -Rec709 converting luts, but how can can i find the lut that is used in camera ?
  6. the jpg is not visible
  7. i have used the individual af setting with + 3 , + 2 .the tracking is not perfect, but i hope with next firmware they improve
  8. Thanks!Yes the output is very nice. I shot all in natural profil with little correction in post
  9. finally i get a manual adapter to use my samyangs
  10. yes, i have used sandisk 95mb/s and up to 4k50p 150 mb all resolution work Some shots i have made in rush( i was with my son and you must allways look him and not the cam) standard profil with light correction in post. 1 shot i slowed down from 25p so is stuttering
  11. How do you set the project in resolve to do the conversion? In this way:
  12. When you look at the A7 iii, there you can record video simultaneos and is also a still camera.i think is only a question of programming that you can change in firmware.
  13. Ok, thanks.That's disappointing, so the second slot is waste to have a backup
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