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  1. omega1978

    R5 vs R6

    On C70 surprisengly tamron 24-70 g2 was more quite then rf 28-70 or adapted ef usm lenses
  2. omega1978

    R5 vs R6

    So you can power the cam a day long with a 20000ma PD Powerbank ? How do you like the RF 35 on the R5 ?
  3. The red screen indicator Panasonic has ad with the last firmware on the S-series free of charge
  4. Thank you ! 28-70 is a very big and heavy lens. We use digital IS in this case. It was to big to balance on weebill s, so all handheld. I think a 24-70 IS with speedbooster is a good option, altough AF is limted to 60% of sensorarea. We tested here Tamron G2 only with standard adapter an stablization and AF where fantastic( and very quite, on 28-70,35 1.4 you hear little clicking, but not significant )
  5. In church 30 grad celcius with A6400 2 hours with no problem. Maybe with Ibis on A6600 is different ??
  6. Depends on the lens, in advanced mode a small center area use PDAF and my EF 35 1.4 , EF 16-35 2.8 III is fast enough and reliable, EF 85 1.2 II quite slow on A6400 with Speedboster Ultra
  7. But only for photography, AFC for video is very limited on Sony with MC11
  8. I use Leeming LUT and skintones are nice.
  9. With Sima MC-21 and adapted Canon lenses there is no AF-C on the S-series
  10. This are some of this screenshots in cam processed with Lightroom mobil. 4k50p 1/100 natural profil only 8bit
  11. I do this for the shooting with the couple, in 4K50p 1/100 and export direct from the cam screenshots. But it on Lightroom mobil and next day they have a couple of pics as gift, that i can post on FB.. When you go faster with the shutter, you lose the the motion blur for the film. Maybe 4K100p with 1/100 is an option, but at the end of day this are big files to storage and overheating is problematic. Had a discussion with my buddy weeding filmaker recently about photo(from film) and film, but we think that a photographer frames and use focal lengths differently as a filmmak
  12. A friend own the canon c70 with Rf 28-70 2.0 and we have made some testshots with other Canon lenses. He is waiting the Canon Speedbooster.. Nice camera, little heavy, very big on a gimbal.. 4K h265 4.2.0 10 bit Clog2 50 & 100p all handheld What do you think ?
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