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  1. Yes, but weebill s have some advantage over moza aircross 2 using S1: size, instant underslung mode, no need of L-bracket, direct charge...i hope that next firmware bring better stability, because first testers don' t had this problems...
  2. Now i have installed 1.9 and is a bit better. But when i compare to the Crane 2 the stabilization is worse on roll axis...
  3. I have the weebill s with Panasonic S1 24-105 Firmware 1.93 and the roll axis wobble in all setups. You have noticed this with the older firmwares ?
  4. https://www.eoshd.com/eoshd-pro-color-hdr-v4-a7-iii-a7r-iii/
  5. The original file is from S1 in 4k 10 bit Vlog. It was shot in F4, and i was near on the greenscreen ( not much space in my office ?). So thats can be the problem with the green kickback in my face... No, i shoot only shoulder hight( the clip is not reframed)
  6. The original file is 10 bit 422 MOV. i have only render a cut and forgot to set bit deep in Premiere..
  7. Thank you, i will try your recommendation next time !
  8. here is the file https://we.tl/t-TpQWa1GjSw
  9. Thanks, yes i noticed the flicker in the hair and glasses, but only with HLG and Natural Profil. The first is V-log and there seems good.I will share the file monday..i am mit a home at the moment..
  10. I have made a test with V-Log vs HLG vs Natural. V-log is the best, with a light green tint in face ( maybe a reflection ?!) Greenscreen.mp4
  11. Saturday i have to shoot some clips on a greenscreen from hockey players to make some gifs and pre game intros. Is V-log a good option or is it better to shoot in a normal profil(natural o flat ) on a Panasonic S1 ?
  12. That is a shot from yesterday with A6400 18-135 1/320 F5.6 Iso 2500 The tracking AF is very good, the Iso performance not so, sometimes i was at 4000-5000 Iso A 70-200 2.8 can make the difference in such a scenario...
  13. Yes, you can overexpose a little to (+1) only to avoid noise in shadow, but not so much (+2) how you do it with Slog this is shot at (0) and maybe was better to expose a little more...
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