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  1. On Ninja V you can record in 4K up to 60p max.
  2. You are right, i overlooked that 😂
  3. HLG is only 72 mbps HEVC 4.2.0 in MP4 on S1..
  4. WB was set to 5600k, and i corrected a bit. But the overall color for me is to much on the yellow site for standard color conversion..
  5. Prores Raw in Premiere give me very strange colors. i have set under Master V-Gamut/V-log, then apply the VLog_RAWGamut_to_VLog_VGamut_forS1H_ver100 and the official VLog_to_V709_forV35_ver100 What can be the problem ?
  6. My buddy has a MB with M1 and cuts 4k h265 files from Canon C70 in 4.2.2 like butter. You maybe wait a M1X or so, with better performance to stay up to date for a longer time..and higher resolution
  7. Test the 6K mode internal, with ACES color workflow. Resolve let me only render 4K, Gpu has not enough RAM 😏
  8. Thank you. Ok when you compare Arri Alexa Classic( with some vintage lens ) with S1 and a 24-70 Tamron( that ads a lot of Contras ) i think as consumer we are in a good position for what we pay 😜
  9. I have no noticed much latency, but at the moment shot only still objects. In the weekend i will test with some family member and my kids so i can report 😉
  10. I think thats DR in Vlog is top, Prores minimize the video Look
  11. the wedding yes and with MC21 and 24-70 G2. But after firmware with 24-105 in moving situation is not as good as my A6400 ...
  12. With S1. Right, never nail focus in shooting my kids or in the single weeding i made as photograph was a big hit and miss in run and gun...
  13. Thank you, thats the problem with DFD in video, but i had problem also with stills. You will never know if works or not. Today i have made another test with the C70 speedboosted and Canon lenses( i have a lot of them 😉 )and AF is very reliable and smooth...
  14. is upscaled 3.2 k to 4 k, on the FS5 at 1.3-1.4 x magnification was not bad, beyond was very digital.
  15. You can use more lens, tamron 24-70 g2, canon EF 35 1.4, 16-35 2.8 III tested myself. i think can use any EF lens... great image, bit heavy and bulky..
  16. The first Rode clips just when a person had a loud voice ☚ī¸
  17. omega1978

    R5 vs R6

    On C70 surprisengly tamron 24-70 g2 was more quite then rf 28-70 or adapted ef usm lenses
  18. omega1978

    R5 vs R6

    So you can power the cam a day long with a 20000ma PD Powerbank ? How do you like the RF 35 on the R5 ?
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