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  1. I was on the same hunt for some comfortable, all-day-shooting footwear last year. I was initially looking at ultraboosts as well, but decided instead on a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz, half the price and lots easier to find, their fresh foam soles are very similar to the boosts. I also added powerstepper orthotic insoles and I have literally been around the world in these shoes, fantastic.
  2. The Z-cam looks really interesting, but it's already $1k more than the S1h, not to mention the necessary cost of still needing to add a monitor, and of course the lack of ibis and need for rigging to make it more suitably ergonomic, all of which the S1H can do out of the box, which is still a fantastic hybrid for still-use to boot. That being said, I'd love to see how much of an IQ and potentially DR-edge the Z-cam raw files give it over the Panasonic though. If it blows it out of the water, hopefully that can spur Panny in to giving us some raw-love as well. Gotta love competition!
  3. @Mike Mgee At least for the regular S1, on the latest firmware 1.2, the ugly blue-clipping in VLOG is definitely still a problem which has yet to be fixed, I just finished shooting a project tonight in which it is very apparent in several scenes. Edit: I now see that firmware update 1.3 for the S1 will be out on November 19th, and help with the blue-clipping issue, along with several other fixes like ghosting, and last-but-not-least including the ability to set manual exposure in high framerates!! Very nice to see that Panasonic is listening to user feedback.
  4. Even more of an issue than no manual video exposure and no raw photos is the terrible wifi control implementation of DJI's cheaper drones; with the mavic air, for example, I was frequently unable to even fly more than 100 meters away without losing signal entirely. Orbiting around a building, for example, was completely out of the question. Even in direct line of sight, the signal is just terrible, not at all suitable for professional work in any way. Pity tho, the size is amazing, and 30 min flight time is more than enough. I would love to have just slightly upgraded specs in the same form factor, it would be perfect for traveling.
  5. I just wish the Max had higher resolution; my Insta 360 One X is a lot of fun to play with but the IQ is just really bad when punching in for a 16:9 look. That being said, the Max looks far mor usable than One X with the display and water-proofing. This camera should spawn some good competition from Insta.
  6. Supposedly the 6K raw output from the S1H has a high probability of being 12-bit, or perhaps even higher, so those are going to be some pretty thicc, tastey files ??
  7. I always shoot all my b-roll at 60p, especially for corporate projects, just makes everything easier and feel a bit more glossy. I think most clips running at 40% speed are actually very subtle most of the time, it looks and feels better in the edit but most ordinary viewers would be hard pressed to call it out as actual "slow motion," especially when it's just office-style b-roll of workers typing, using the phone, their computers, etc. That being said I rarely use 120p or higher, unless the shot really calls for it, and I want it to be noticeable, like obviously stylized speed ramping on movement, fountains, sparks, etc.
  8. At least HLG is available in pretty much all modes and framerates on the S1H. On the S1 it is limited to just 24/25/30p. Really wish it was there for 60p! Then I wouldn't even need V-log, which B&H is still taking its sweet time to ship ?
  9. I had a hands-on with the S1H at a camera store today and I have to say, it is a beast. I was really impressed with the OLED display on top -- has some cool features like displaying audio waveforms, stuff like that, and I also love how easy it is to pick framerates, compression and codec of choice, etc. I thought it would seem substantially bigger than the S1 with the addition of the fan and extra screen hinge, but it felt very good in the hand. The new 24-70 2.8 is smaller and lighter than I thought it would be as well. The Panasonic employees were very friendly and knowledgeable and had a couple interesting tidbits to say -- non officially -- about the S1 possibly getting that pesky high framerate auto-exposure issue fixed in a future firmware update. I hope so! I tried to get some tidbits about raw outpout with Atomos, supposedly they're going to display fully-functioning raw out of the S1H at IBC, so that should be interesting. All in all, it got me even more excited about this monster of a camera, if the long life of the GH5 is any indication, it's going to be a very worthwhile investment for the next 3 to 4 years at least.
  10. In a shoot a couple weeks ago, of a bunch of hot air balloons, filming in HLG on the S1, the red channel was completely blown, filming inside of bright red hot air balloons. I was pretty worried at first, but I was able to bring it down to a normal level of saturation without any trouble in post, still a bit strange though, and not something I had really seen from other cameras before.
  11. I wonder how much softer having the OLPF will really be; because the S1 is stellar for photography, I've really been enjoying it, very detailed imagery, especially at higher ISOs which is always awesome. I'm so used to smudgy, soft, noise-reduction nastiness in low light, I love how sharp and crisp the photos from the S1 have been.
  12. The 2014 Canadian film 'Mommy,' directed by Xavier Dolan, has some of the most interesting use of mixed aspect ratios I have ever seen; most of the film is in a very unorthodox 1:1 square aspect ratio, like Instagram. It is cramped, small, and very claustrophobic for framing, and it is only when the main character — a teenaged boy with severe behavioral issues — finally feels some freedom and happiness in his life, that he very memorably and literally pushes the aspect ratio of the film into glorious, huge, cinematic wide-screen. It could have been very gimmicky, but in the context of the story it is a pretty marvelous, eye-opening moment. Another moment, later on the movie, does the same thing, to very heartbreaking effect. It's a very interesting film.
  13. This will be even more true if that atomos statement somebody linked to from instagram about the S1H being able to achieve 4k60p in full frame mode when externally recorded turns out to be accurate.
  14. @DBounce Mystery solved! "The S1H also has a small screw on its mount in preparation for future mount adapter designs. This will help prevent focus shift which can happen with a mismatch in adapter and mount tolerances." Pity it doesn't have something to do with some super-duper secret ND mount thingamajig of some kind.
  15. Thank goodness! I've been waging a one-man war against that nauseating soap opera "smooth motion" fake image interpolation-look on various family, friends', hotel's and even the occasional restaurant's TV sets for years. The saddest thing is when people claim they can't tell the difference. I can't stand it.
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