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  1. While my main bread-and-butter retainer client put a hold on our contract for most of 2020 (which put a sizable dent in my expected yearly income) I'm happy to say that we've been able to resume video-work since October. Freelance-wise, I have still had a reliable trickle of jobs here and there, mostly small, corporate clients, keeping things interesting, not to mention that I recently had the opportunity to take on a full-time gig DP'ing at a local production company, so while ultimately I did lose a few jobs I was excited about, throughout The Covid-Era as a whole I've actually earned
  2. By "HW" updates are you meaning new, physically different cameras with new hardware? I'm not sure how many people market-wise are buying into the new L-cameras (anecdotally, several work buddies and colleagues just purchased the S5) but I am thrilled about my S1, especially with the recently announced firmware update coming sometime in Q1 of 2021, which means I'll get internal 6k, anamorphic modes and pro res raw via the ninja v. I literally won't need a new camera for years to come. Amazing dynamic range, really good ibis for handheld work, big, bright EVF, very reliable low-light dual-ISO, g
  3. Meh, Forza 500 fan noise is absolutely negligible, at least on my unit. I use it on talking heads and interviews quite close to the mic day in and day out, I've never had a problem with it at all. Most rooms are going to have a lot more ambient noise anyway, in real world use I'd honestly be shocked if anyone could truly have a complaint.
  4. I am a big fan of the Forza 500 and have been using it for close to two years now, but just last week the screw thread on one side of the yoke stripped out on me and now I'm not sure what I'm going to do to fix it. The forzas give you a lot of light for a competitive price, but no question the aputures are better built. Very excited for the 600D.
  5. @Walter H Thanks man! These particular shots were with Zeiss ZE lenses, with a 35mm Distagon on the RED for the wide shot and an 85mm Planar ZE on on the S1. @TomTheDP Honestly not nearly as much of a DR difference between the RED and S1 as I would expect, at least in the limited comparisons I have made between the two cameras. I'm sure in a very high DR situation, especially with the red raw, that it would win out, but I have always been really impressed with the DR of the S1. @Robert Patts I know that "motion cadence" is a big thing for some people, I mean for me personally, the
  6. Whoops, looks like I missed the edit-window of my post, here's some S1/RED comparison stills, as promised, close-ups are the S1, wide shots are the RED
  7. Sure thing, tons of examples on my vimeo, https://vimeo.com/user16941419/videos Pretty much anything two-camera is S1 A-cam and wide, GH5 b-cam, close-up angles. But here are a couple random ones if you don't feel like digging. I'm not a pro colorist by any means, most of my projects have very fast turn around so I get them "good enough" and don't always go for a 100% perfect match between cameras, but I don't they look glaringly different or anything, even in higher DR-situations.
  8. @mtolwhat's not to like? I'm currently editing a project I shot earlier this week, A-cam was a Red weapon shooting in raw 6K, B cam was my trusty S1 in 10-bit 4k vlog, and honestly the S1 more than holds it own against the red, I feel no qualms cutting back and forth between them in the edit. Especially with the coming update, I don't see myself needing to upgrade for years. Pro Res raw, 6k, best in class dynamic range, amazing ibis, solid battery life, the trusty xlr module, beautiful big, bright EVF, and full frame stills to boot?! Unless you need bulletproof AF, which I don't, it seem
  9. I have been using an S1/GH5 combo for probably close to two years now, it's a very winning combo, primarily for your same use case, mostly talking head/interviews and corporate work. No need to over think it, I shoot both in V-Log pretty much all the time and they are quite easy to match, typically I use the GHAlex LUT and it looks awesome.
  10. According to DPReview, the rest of the S-cameras are going to get firmware-updated to the S5's new, improved autofocus capabilities, which is good news. I wonder if they'll give the S1 any of the other new features though?
  11. No need to wish! Last year a Panasonic rep I met (you'd recognize him from YouTube interviews on some pretty popular channels) legit told me, while showing off a then still in pre-production S1h at a local camera store, that panny employees do in fact frequently read EOSHD and other industry sites, not just for fun but actually as a part of their job, in order to follow discussion on their products and gauge consumer reaction. I even made a joke that I wanted his job, since I browse camera forums all day anyway, I'd love to get paid for it.
  12. As an S1 owner, I'm still perfectly happy with my camera. The addition of 10-bit 60p is just not that big of a deal for me -- an incremental update, at best. The 8-bit holds up just fine, I use it on every shoot. I wouldn't be surprised if the S1 does get a firmware update to bring features into parity, but even if it doesn't, I don't think we should be encouraging Panasonic to cripple their lower-tiered new releases in order to protect further on up the product line-up, because isn't that exactly the kind of corporate BS everyone is pissed at Canon for right now? The S5's reported anamorphic
  13. I have always meant to experiment with this mode for a shoot but never have, it uses the full 3:2 aspect ratio of the sensor, correct? So it'd probably have to be cropped for video regardless
  14. Were you disappointed with the photo AF results you were getting? I have shot band photography in very dark, very low-light bars with the S1 and native 24-105 lens, pushing iso 12800 and beyond without a problem (mostly in eye-detect mode) and come away very impressed.
  15. Parker

    Pro-Mist Filters

    Personally I'm a fan of Tiffen's warm black pro mist filters, I alternate between 1/8 and 1/4 depending on whether I'm using vintage or modern lenses, I love the warmth and I feel like it helps me nail skin tones better, and of course the soft, subtly blooming highlights are lovely.
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