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  1. B&H is taking forever to ship me my VLOG code, I really hate this stupid system that Panasonic has cooked up with mailing actual, physical software codes. HLG is working fine for me in 24p at the moment, but I'm still using the GH5 for anything 60p, because even with a cinelike d profile dialed in for maximum gradability the dynamic range is just not there. I am curious to see if the full vlog curve has any adverse issues in 8-bit 60p compared to the vlog-L curve on the GH5. @Simon Young Why are you selling? Find something else that seems better?
  2. It does, it's just called "video recording area" or something like that. You can go to an APS-C crop from full frame, as well as an even bigger pixel-to-pixel crop in 1080. Unfortunately, this crop function can't be mapped to a custom button, currently I just have it assigned to the custom menu, so it's a couple extra clicks over a GH5, but not too bad.
  3. Technically, speedboosters actually add sharpness and detail while minimizing lens imperfections, the exact opposite (for the same optical reasons) that teleconverters degrade IQ by softening, enlarging the image, more pronounced CA, etc. Cheaper focal reducers can show soft corners, but Metabones are usually razor sharp edge-to-edge.
  4. Luca is forum member here on the site, he created custom speedboosters for the NX1 a couple years ago (I bought one from him, and still use it all the time) and he has since created very similar focal reducers for the Ursa mini/pro. He can absolutely be trusted, he's a good dude.
  5. Yeah definitely the main downside of the camera. Basically unusable for high framerate stuff, they may as well have not even included it. At least exposure compensation can be used to somewhat control exposure, but it's just ridiculous that a $2500 camera doesn't have full manual controls in every mode. I haven't really even been using the 60p either, until I get the V-Log upgrade, the dynamic range is just too limited in anything other than HLG, which is limited to 24/25/30p. I really like the camera, but it definitely has some limitations. We'll see about the S1H, but it will also be much more expensive.
  6. I have the pixapro LED 100D Mark II+, I have used it extensively for years, which I originally stumbled on for the same reasons, back when I too could not afford aputure but wanted a solid light. Short answer, it's great! High CRI, good looking light. Certainly not as many bells and whistles as aputure, such as no remote, no carrying case, certainly a less engineered product, the yoke isn't the greatest, but bang-for-buck, Pixapro is fantastic. Earlier this week I mixed and matched my LED 100D Mkii on the same shoot alongside an aputure 120dii and they get along just fine. Don't forget about the modifiers from pixapro either! I really love my beautiful 150cm octabox, it's massive and puts out such a beautiful quality of light — and is faster and easier to set up than Aputure's light domes! But yeah, you can't really go wrong, it's metal, build quality has stood the test of time for me, light is great, save yourself some money!
  7. How many megapixels is the bmpcc 4k sensor? That resolution of video would need 21.4 megapixels. Is it a 20mp sensor then? I don't recall. If so, technically it's doable.
  8. @Cliff Tottenwell maybe it's not just blue... or only with LEDs! A few days ago in a Facebook group someone uploaded these v-log samples complaining of "solarization" (a new term for me) in the yellow channel of the sunflowers. Looks like similar color-channel clipping to me:
  9. Parker

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Really enjoying this lut the more I use it. Some grabs from a shoot today:
  10. @Cliff Totten thanks for letting them know about it! I had a similar experience just yesterday (largely due to my jealousy of lucky dogs such as yourself who have VLog when I do not haha) but I called B&H, got escalated to a different manager, and spent a very long time on hold before — gratefully — being informed that I am indeed on the waiting list. Here's hoping they get them out fast!
  11. Parker

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Still getting the hang of this lut, I'm liking what I'm getting though! Nice, soft highlights and pleasant colors. Just have to make sure to remember to always custom white balance with my grey card, I tend to get lazy, especially when I'm running and gunning. Here are some shots from a recent shoot:
  12. Parker


    I think both of those shots are from the NX500, actually, but yeah, my copy is NX mount, but I have also used the m4/3 version on a GH5 quite a bit, so not quite as wide, but was still my gimbal lens of choice for a long time (until my work bought a Laowa 7.5mm to use instead).
  13. Parker


    @mercer I have used the Rokinon 12mm f/2 extensively, I really like it. Tiny, bright, plenty sharp, great minimum focus distance, a no-brainer really. Flares are a little bit messy. Mine got damaged somehow and the internal focusing elements got all messed up, but after I took it to a lens technician the infinity focus is bang-on so it's a cinch to get shots really quickly. Here are a couple stills that I think show off the versatility of the lens, flares, bokeh, etc.
  14. I'm wondering this myself. I use 8-bit vlog-l on the gh5 all the time and it's fine for my uses, definitely still an increase in DR. It will be interesting to see if the supposed "full curve" or whatever of actual VLOG is in 8-bit. Hopefully not worse, a la sony-style s-log banding, etc.
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