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  1. According to DPReview, the rest of the S-cameras are going to get firmware-updated to the S5's new, improved autofocus capabilities, which is good news. I wonder if they'll give the S1 any of the other new features though?
  2. No need to wish! Last year a Panasonic rep I met (you'd recognize him from YouTube interviews on some pretty popular channels) legit told me, while showing off a then still in pre-production S1h at a local camera store, that panny employees do in fact frequently read EOSHD and other industry sites, not just for fun but actually as a part of their job, in order to follow discussion on their products and gauge consumer reaction. I even made a joke that I wanted his job, since I browse camera forums all day anyway, I'd love to get paid for it.
  3. As an S1 owner, I'm still perfectly happy with my camera. The addition of 10-bit 60p is just not that big of a deal for me -- an incremental update, at best. The 8-bit holds up just fine, I use it on every shoot. I wouldn't be surprised if the S1 does get a firmware update to bring features into parity, but even if it doesn't, I don't think we should be encouraging Panasonic to cripple their lower-tiered new releases in order to protect further on up the product line-up, because isn't that exactly the kind of corporate BS everyone is pissed at Canon for right now? The S5's reported anamorphic
  4. I have always meant to experiment with this mode for a shoot but never have, it uses the full 3:2 aspect ratio of the sensor, correct? So it'd probably have to be cropped for video regardless
  5. Were you disappointed with the photo AF results you were getting? I have shot band photography in very dark, very low-light bars with the S1 and native 24-105 lens, pushing iso 12800 and beyond without a problem (mostly in eye-detect mode) and come away very impressed.
  6. Parker

    Pro-Mist Filters

    Personally I'm a fan of Tiffen's warm black pro mist filters, I alternate between 1/8 and 1/4 depending on whether I'm using vintage or modern lenses, I love the warmth and I feel like it helps me nail skin tones better, and of course the soft, subtly blooming highlights are lovely.
  7. I really liked this movie. It had an amazing creepy, 1950s paranoia vibe. That being said, the cinematography and editing choices were definitely "avant garde" (to put it politely). The grade was murky and brown and generally too dark, and I didn't think the framing device with the old tv and twilight zone-esque show worked very well. They definitely used very long takes vs. more coverage, easier and cheaper that way. But all that being said, while clearly being a low-budget film with pretty amateur-looking cinematography, the story more than made up for it in spades, which is more than
  8. @mirekti Yep you shouldn't have a problem using the LUT on the S1H, @Sage is right, I use it all the time on the S1, it requires a little bit of tweaking, but can be made to match the reference gh5 very closely. There isn't any visual difference between the S1 and the S1H, same dual-iso, color space, and same full v-log profile.
  9. The "pro" version of this phone looks super interesting with the full monitor/HDMI capabilities. I wonder how much more expensive it will be.
  10. I love photography and do quite a bit of pro photo work, but for me it just doesn't quite scratch the itch like video does; I dread the drudgery of endless hours editing photos. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy post-processing a few of my favorite pics from a shoot, but then I feel satisfied, and it just feels like a chore to have to get through the rest of them. Video, on the other hand, the post process is so satisfying! Cutting a sequence together, adding the perfect music, finessing the story... I can't get enough of it! Video vs. photo, particularly of the same event, is als
  11. Yeah that's right Only downside, really. The other accessories attach properly, I use it all the time with the lightdome. However, the spotlight attachment (which I also own) doesn't mount properly, which is too bad. So I can only use it with my 120d at the moment. At the same time though, the reason I wanted the Forza was to use it primarily in softboxes or booklight-setups, where the extra punch really matters.
  12. Nope, not anything that I have noticed, anyway. I have used it on countless shoots over the last few months and it has been awesome. It has plenty of output and cuts in just fine next to my 120D and Lupo Superpanel. There are certain small aspects of build quality and physical design where I prefer the Aputures, but the Forza hasn't let me down, and recently got price-reduced by about $400 bucks making it even more of a deal.
  13. I just decided to pull the trigger on the Forza 500 about six months ago and be done with it, and have been happy with my choice. If/when the 600D is available I will re-evaluate, but I didn't want to wait, and now I have a nice, bright new light on every shoot.
  14. @jgharding just keep using the emotive color Luts, they're not an exact match like they are with the GH5, but I use them on the S1 all the time and it looks awesome. Can get both cameras to match quite easily with minimal tweaking
  15. I can't seem to find any information anywhere about whether the h265 offers 10-bit or not. Anybody see that anywhere?
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