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  1. Ehh, if you've got it in the image, it's pretty much there to stay. Here's an example I shot yesterday (pardon the dull framing and boring image, I had like 5 min to set this shot up and was running very close to a deadline) But this is a 6k image, downscaled to 4k, shot anamorphic, so already quite soft, plus additional filtration (hollywood blackmagic 1/4). But with all that, notice the speaker grill of the computer next to the talent. Moire City. It honestly doesn't bother me very much, i just wanted to point out that basically, if it shows up on camera, short of masking it out and fixing it it in photoshop, etc., it's probably still going to be in the final image. Edit: Looks like my framegrab is a bit darker than my in my edit software, it's much more noticeable there than shown here.
  2. It's certainly far noisier than the in-camera codecs, that's for sure. But most of the time I'm lowering the ISO in post quite a bit anyway, and I actually quite like the textured, much more organic feel, at least for certain projects. It feels like there's an added depth and thickness to the images that I'm a fan of.
  3. That's my go-to set-up for b-roll right now, I've been shooting everything ProRes Raw and then using the emotive color lut. It's actually super nice, because instead of using the exposure compensation tools from Sage like I used to do, I can just use the ISO controls instead and control the exposure that way. One thing you have to watch out for is that Final Cut automatically adds a LUT onto the pro Res raw footage right out of the gate, which you have to disable in that same settings menu, otherwise you'll be putting a LUT on top of a LUT and get hideous results. --- And for what it's worth, to everyone complaining about the monitors being too bulky, I hate shooting with cages, rails, and bulky rigs too, and for me the ninja v on the hot shoe is totally manageable as a fast, easy run and gun set-up, I don't mind it at all.
  4. That'd be an awesome update for the S1. I've been shooting lots of Pro Res Raw over the last couple weeks and have been really enjoying it, Braw would be the icing on the cake for resolve users. I bought the S1 right after it came out, and it has been so amazing to see the update support Panny has given it.
  5. Thanks! It really is worth buying, skin tones just seem to get such a nice, beautiful separation, color-wise, from the rest of the image, and I like the way saturation is handled throughout the exposure range. All of the shots I shared were shot on the S1, a mix of internal 10-bit VLOG 4k60, 24, open-gate 6k, and the shots of the dude are all ProRes raw from the ninja v.
  6. Thanks Sage! What I do to simplify the workflow in FCP is to add the full stack of pre and post LUTs that I need, make sure they're all in the proper order just once, and then I simply save the whole thing as a custom effects preset, so that I can just drop my single "S1 Alexa 24p" effect onto a clip and it's 95% of the way there. Definitely makes it much easier to use, and I've also been able to share this effects preset file with my assistant editors when they're handling my footage, so that I don't even have to try and explain the order or have to make them read your explainer pdf. As for the anamorphics, all of the shots I shared above were with the aivascope 1.5x (amber flare version) and contax zeiss taking lenses.
  7. @Sage I'm still absolutely loving this LUT, and it just keeps getting better and better! I use it for pretty much every single project I shoot, S1 for A-cam and GH5 for b-cam, but lately, combined with anamorphic and pro res raw, it has felt extra tasty. I just love what it does to greens, especially. These screenshots are some standouts from the past couple weeks. Thanks for all your hard work! I recommend your Alexa LUT to all my lumix-shooting friends
  8. @kyethanks for the feedback! I'm definitely not trying to aim any future content toward beginners, really. There's enough of it out there already. And thanks for the story-based idea, in a future episode I've planned to talk about how I approach an interview with the edit already in mind, what sorts of questions — in my experience — often elicit the best responses, and I would like to do an editing episode as well, as far as how I approach the whittling-down process and find a hopefully clear arc of beginning, middle, and end, I think a lot of that stuff can be a little mysterious for a lot of people. Also, I watched your little death star video, definitely made me chuckle.
  9. @UncleBobsPhotographyyeah I was going back and forth about whether or not I should use music, I'm so used to always adding it to client testimonials and marketing spots in my professional work but it feel a little unnecessary for YouTube. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. @Mark Romero 2 That's a great tip, thank you! Better than what I was trying, leaning an overstuffed pillow in my chair with a focus chart taped to it lol. But yes, you nailed the sound issues, and I agree, in hindsight the music is a little much, and my air conditioner was super loud and wouldn't turn off... but I knew if I didn't just sit down and record the thing, right then and there, while my inspiration and motivation were aligned, I probably wouldn't have done it at all. Thanks for the feedback, and for watching!
  11. @zerocool22 You should definitely share it when you get it going, I'd love to glean some of that wisdom (I mean, who wouldn't!) I've got 10 years to do it!
  12. This light looks like an absolute beast, I'm glad I haven't picked up an Aputure 600D yet! 1.2kW LED, this sucker is BRIGHT. More info here: http://www.nanlux.com/en/h-col-175.html
  13. @zerocool22Good for you, man! What kind of content are you aiming toward?
  14. @mercerThanks for checking it out, man! Glad to see you around on here, I've missed reading your comments these past months! @MrSMW I totally get it, I hate the sound of my own voice too haha. One thing that is maybe a little disheartening about this whole me-centric social media era, which I have been thinking about lately, is how, at least amongst my social media circle of family and friends, I could post the most beautiful, gorgeous, epic, amazing content, say it's shot on an Alexa 65 with Cooke anamorphics, you name it, and nobody cares at all. The client work I'm most proud of, if I have permission to post it? Crickets. But then this simple, dumb, jokey YouTube style-vid, starring me, myself, and I, is blowing up on my social media, and getting way more engagement and traction with people I know than any of the stuff I shoot that I'm actually proud of. Just something to think about.
  15. I see a tons people complaining about the marketing/hype machine that is the "filmmaking sector" of YouTube, and I hate a lot of those clichés too. That being said, it has been in the back of my mind to try out for a while, so yesterday I had some free time and I finally decided to give it a go! Turns out it's actually a lot harder to film yourself and talk right to camera than I anticipated (I very quickly abandoned my plans to shoot it anamorphic, focusing on my S1, all by myself, was just way too difficult) and the whole process took me far longer to shoot and edit than I expected. Anyway, here's my (first ever) attempt at this kind of video: I'm assuming a good number of users on here consume as much YouTube as I (sometimes regretfully) do? I've always considered Eoshd as a cut above the rest of the internet filmmaking-afficcionado crowd. I'd love to see anything anyone else on here is making in this space too, and/or see if we can start a discussion about good, lesser-known channels to follow that aren't specifically about shoving gear/affiliate links and clickbait sensation down our throats.
  16. New Price on Full kit which includes: NX1 (w/Vasile Hack installed) Battery grip + 4 batteries Truly excellent 16-50S lens Rokinon 12mm f2 Varavon Camera Cage Various adapters New price for EOSHD members only: $1750+shipping
  17. What raw controla did you feel like you were missing out on? I haven't used pro Res raw on an actual project yet, and have just shot a few random little test clips, but fcp has white balance, iso and exposure control, isn't that the trifecta? I guess some sort of highlight recovery mode like resolve has would be pretty cool.
  18. Quality is great, pretty fast too, I used to use it pretty extensively transcoding Samsung NX1 and NX500 h.265 files into Pro Res. LUTs can be baked in, it's a solid piece of software with regular updates, they keep it running smooth.
  19. Edit ready is my go-to transcode software.
  20. I'm more and more pleased with this camera all the time. I recently purchased the 1.5x aivascope anamorphic adapter (amber flare) and, paired with my trusty Helios 44-2, a little black pro mist, and of course that thick V-Log image, this little Easter Weekend run-and-gun lens test I shot last week felt effortlessly cinematic: (this was even before the big firmware 2.0 update, so now I'm even more excited to try out some of the new anamorphic ibis modes and especially that 6k, 3:2 open-gate/full sensor mode.) Also: 12-bit, 5.9k anamorphic Pro Res Raw, anyone?! The S1 is going for like $1500 used these days. Absolutely incredible what it's capable of. The best bang-for-buck in the camera world right now
  21. UPDATES: NX-L Speedbooster and NX500/16-50pz combo are sold. Still have everything else available
  22. Is the pro Res raw update for S1 support on the ninja v even out? I don't think Átomos has updated it yet.
  23. Right from panasonic, no worries, apparently it's on their site if you dig through it well enough, I found it in the comments here: https://www.l-rumors.com/panasonic-interview-at-dpreview/#disqus_thread Already got it installed on my camera, very excited for some of these new features.
  24. Surprise for S1 owners, fancy new firmware update available one day early: Download Link 6k, 5.9k, 5.4k, Cinema 4k, 10-bit 4k60, manual dual-gain ISO control, and anamorphic support! Enjoy your new camera, everybody
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