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  1. Good idea Andrew - I've just bought one of your colour profiles (I already own the only guide you sell for a camera I own). I know it's only a small drop in the ocean compared with how much you've lost, but as Tesco say, I guess every little helps. Let's hope for a better year for all of us in the coming 12 months.
  2. Really sorry to hear about this Andrew. I'd heard eBay was bad for sellers - I've bought over 1000 items over the years with very few problems, but never sold anything on it. Was thinking of using it to sell some house clear-out, but won't do it with any high-priced items after your nightmare warning. I think your cautionary tale will act as a valuable warning to a lot of us, so that's one good thing to come out of this tale. Most people in my experience behave with integrity, but the minority who are willing to scam their fellow-humans create so much suffering. And as you say, eBay is a
  3. On this topic of wide crops, I've got an example here which is a still photo of mine (Fuji XT3) rather than a film. It was originally a fairly boring standard ratio photo of a field, which I was about to discard as not worth printing. But I noticed that if I just took a relatively small proportion of this as a wide crop lower to the ground, it was more visually interesting (and made a nice print in A4 width). No reason this perspective couldn't work as an occasional shot in a film also, with the radical shift in perspective jolting the viewer's attention. Though hopefully done in a way that t
  4. Brilliant - really made me laught! I'm going to name this 'TurboVision'. It's a good example of a reductio ad absurdum - clearly this level of wideness could only work as a joke or extreme gimmick, it restricts the information flow so much. The Taylor Swift video I thought worked (for me anyway) as an artistic choice. I was viewing it on a 14inch laptop screen, so still a good sized image in terms of seeing plenty of detail. It did come across as slightly gimmicky, as it was obviously a deliberate and somewhat 'forced' choice, and in terms of composition some of the shots would have bene
  5. A wonderful actor - and a perfect choice to play Gandhi, whose family had the same Gujerati background as Kingsley's (they originally even came from the same village as Gandhi, going back three generations). Kingsley's birth name was Gujerati: Krishna Bhanji. Though interestingly, Director Richard Attenborough didn't know anything about his Indian background when casting this relatively unknown (to film) English stage actor. Kingsley's range is extraordinary, from the spiritual depths and moral integrity he shows in Gandhi (and even illuminates his small role in the comedy Dave with a sim
  6. Loved the video - I've watched it three times already! (I watched the earlier one quite a few times also - always cheers me up). Though I think people are being too cynical about the R5/R6 heating issues. It's been rather cold here in West Wales in recent weeks, I've ordered three R5s to help warm the place up. More seriously, what on earth were the Canon engineers thinking? It seems to me the R5/R6 is the opposite of the Canon XC10. The XC10 had rather unimpressive statistics on first view - but was in fact really well designed, and does a solid, professional job (within its limitatio
  7. No, it was X-Trans (see specs on link below): https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-h1 Though I wonder if one argument for moving to Bayer CFA for X-H2 might be all the software work Fujifilm have done on the image processing on the GFX cameras, which use Bayer? Perhaps they can transfer some of that work over to a Bayer X-H2?
  8. Hi BTM - yes Patrick at FujiRumors got back to me and made the exact same point, he's just passed on how Google has translated it. I still wonder if Google Translate has struggled if there was a double negative in there (it can be a somewhat crude translation tool) - or alternatively I've simply misunderstood the point that's being made, which is also quite possible! In the absence of a Japanese speaker who can check with the original, we'll have to leave it at that. Anyway, regardless of the precise semantic intention underpinning this phrase, the interview taken as a whole (and FujiRum
  9. I'm wondering Andrew if the above quote was a typo on FujiRumors? From the context of the interview, it would logically make more narrative sense for it to be 'does not make it IMpossible' for them to co-exist. I've contacted Patrick at FujiRumors to float this, will let you know what he says. I do think there is definitely a gap in the market for a highly video-centred X-H2, particularly as Fuji doesn't have higher level cinema cameras to 'protect'. I've decided to hold off buying an X-T4 (keeping my X-T3) for an X-H2, which FujiRumors has been very consistent in saying would come out in
  10. A powerful and thoughtful post - The photographs and text combine to produce a vivid picture of the lockdown in Barcelona. The title of your piece recalled the Specials song 'Ghost Town', with its video that is very evocative in relation to our current situation: I do hope all goes well for you Andrew, and that before too long you are able to find a flight home. This is hard enough without having to cope with being outside your own home/community. I do think you've nailed on the head the key policy choices governments have to make (reflected in the different choices made b
  11. Great work from my favourite camera maker! All the more reason to love the innovations/Kaizen from Fujifilm. I've heard it's part of Fujifilm's innovative new 'biomedical' camera marketing program. Two free packets of the new drug will be included with every X-T4 sold. (I believe Donald Trump has put in an advance order for 200 million X-T4s, which should see Fuji's camera division safely into profit for the next few years).
  12. Canon marketing people clearly hoping for an early Philip Bloom review.
  13. Fujifilm X-T4 press release leaked (by nokishita, I got this from the report on FujiRumors): The X-T4 uses the back-illuminated 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and a high-speed image processing engine, the X-Processor 4. Combined with FUJIFILM’s colour reproduction technology, the X-T4 delivers a wide variety of options so you can recreate a scene exactly as you remember it. IBIS provides 5-axis 6.5 stop image stabilisation when used with 18 out of 29 XF / XC lenses. It offers many new components, including new materials to the base part, a refined layout of the shutter’s shock-absorbin
  14. Yes, as a number of posts have said, I don't think the chromatic aberration is down to the X-T2! Andrew just happened to be shooting with the Canon F1.2 which was the one he had to hand (which uncorrected does have significant CA); shooting with a lens like the Fuji 35mm f2 or 56mm f1.2 there probably wouldn't be any CA to speak of. Some comments also about the softness - Andrew chose to shoot in the Astia (soft) film simulation (also with sharpness dialled right back), so that was a creative choice (which for me worked very well here). There are quite a few X-T2 videos available now, which sh
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