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  1. This is really oddly muted and low contrast compared to your past videos (this is still my favourite). Some of it even looks like straight FLOG? It's a poor video to showcase what you regard as an amazing camera. The lens character doesn't really show at all. Also the aliasing I find very distracting. This is a no-buy for me! Not that I'd lug around such a big camera for casual, unpaid work.
  2. Inazuma

    Fuji X-T4

    I caved and finally bought one of these babies. I just have some niggles that I wondered if anyone else is experiencing? The buttons feel quite mushy. In fact the the scrolling dials push in far too easy. I end up all too often activating the manual focus zoom aid whilst rolling the rear wheel. Is there no 180 degree shutter option like the GH5? Seems like a very missed opportunity. I have a HDR tv so I like the idea of shooting in HLG but I want to know if there any downsides to this compared to shooting normal FLOG or a standard profile? Upon rolling video for the first time with auto exposure, I was getting motion artefacts like this. This was shot in 4k 25p. I also used to get this problem when I had the X-T30 last year. Problem is I haven't been able to reproduce this with manual settings, so I'm not sure what's causing it or how to avoid it. Suggestions?
  3. Inazuma

    Fuji X-T4

    Are there any settings on this camera to crop into the sensor while maintaining 1080 or 4k resolution?
  4. Wow this is crazy. Great report Andrew. Thor would be envious of this incredible cripple hammer.
  5. We have already seen some AB tests of the a7s and R6. The colours aren't THAT different. I think you're all kidding yourselves when you say it has a colour problem. I am unbiased as I don't own or intend to own either cams or anything like them. If you're not seeing good colour from a7s videos then it is the fault of the colour grader. And "thick colour" is the same nonsense as what photographers call "3d pop". You're just reaching for terminology to reinforce/shill your idea. It's possible to see thick colour as you're grading a file but not just based off seeing the final product.
  6. I use a Samsung S10e. I actually really like the photos from it until you look at them on a big screen or zoom in. The amount of sharpening they apply is truly diabolical and there's no option to reduce it! The colours and dynamic range are great though.
  7. Neither should time limit recording due to overheating
  8. Canon 17-55mm f2.8 I used this lens with the C100 II to shoot docs and short films. It's a perfect match.
  9. So I came into a little bit of money recently and ended up ordering this camera (preowned of course). I've only had it for a few hours now but I'm pretty excited. The capabilities and ease of use of this thing are pretty incredible. I'm primarily using this for stills but the video has good potential for casual usage. The crop modes actually work in video (both 1080 and 4k) and the detail is pretty good, although in 4k and 1080p120 there is obvious aliasing. This is a still from a DCI 4k capture. As you can see from the blockiness of the shadows the dynamic range is limited but I'm impressed with the colour, which looks quite true to life. One thing I used to dislike about the Fuji's is that the different hues and shades of plants would get lost and merge into an ugly green. Because the crop mode works in video, you conveniently get a 28mm f1.7, 35mm f2, 50mm f3 and 75mm f4.5 in a small body (although 1080p at 75mm looks terrible). It should be a great camera for taking on hikes or going to social events.
  10. They could recall for now and perhaps make a firmware update that allows lower quality or line skipping mode that won't heat up the cameras much?
  11. Some comparison vids starting to come out. The Canon has great IBIS whilst walking, im really impressed. It also to my taste has better colour but I would say the Sony is much closer than before. I mean at least sky is blue instead of teal now. I think the skin would only need minor adjustments compared to before. Personally I'm still a little bit traumatised from my time with the Panasonic GX7 and G85 which had really big issues with blotchy skin that wasn't easy to fix, so nearly anything is a huge improvement to me πŸ˜› https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgcp8wXAUZY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC39Z6vZgHw
  12. The previous one couldnt even do 1080 100fps without a heavy crop. This one is doing 120fps at 4k with only slight crop. Plus it has AF, fully articulating screen and 10bit h265..... Some people are hard to please πŸ˜…
  13. I must be a nut because I actually enjoyed that Japan Mode promo. The lighting and camera angles really gave it energy. I wouldn't judge the colours from it as it's clearly graded stylistically.
  14. Skin tones look good to me. Even at iso 50,000 they look natural whereas previously there would be a strong yellow or green shift. Also that rolling shutter performance is incredible
  15. They're only yellowish in one of the shots there and they may be because of lighting
  16. So should I get the R6 or the A7sIII guys? Im confused. Tell me how to spend my money
  17. The race to the most ultra clear, pristine image will continue but there will always be a niche that prefer (at least sometimes) an older picture or ergonomics. I got a Leica M9 some months ago which lacks live view, autofocus and a decent sensor but even that was not enough to satiate my analogue fever. I ended up getting a Nikon FM3a film camera a month later and have been using it since. Meanwhile I've been using a 4k HDR tv recently and marvelling at the 4k footage I'v captured with past cameras. My theory is that it has a lot to do with money tbh. When people are young they don't have much money and so they use whatever they can afford. As they get older, they buy better technology. However I don't agree with your assessment that interest in low-fi is increasing. Most people are shooting with phones and they keep making the cameras on those things better because its the only thing that really drives sales.
  18. Once again Im astounded by the pricing. A few years ago people were paying Β£5000+ for Canon 1D series cameras. The capabilities of the A7S III are off the charts and yet still in a small form factor, at under Β£5000. What a time to be alive.
  19. Very good example of it
  20. I feel like s16 glass wouldn't even resolve that much detail? Might not be too different from just upscaling?
  21. Olympus em1 mark ii or iii do great video and photos. And you can keep your lenses. If you switched to full frame with the EOS R for example you would end up with the relatively huge 24-105 f4 and only one stop of difference in bokeh compared to your f2.8 lenses. Other option is the Fuji xt3 with 18-55. That's a great combo and small. Wouldn't recommend the speedbooster btw. I've used different brands over the years with different cameras and never really liked the image.
  22. Jordan says no overheating in 4k 24. So longform recording is back on the cards πŸ™‚
  23. Said people before 1080 and then before 4k and then 8k and now 12k.
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