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    Fuji X-T4

    The jumping is not good. My Sigma 17-70mm does that and it's very distracting.
  2. Stunning images Andrew. Do you know how this lens performs compared to the Zhongy Mitakon 50mm f0.95?
  3. Oftentimes 35mm film can end up with a green tint. Check out some film vs digital pictures here https://www.streetsilhouettes.com/home/2017/3/20/an-inquiry-into-digital-versus-film?rq=m10 I always thought that on movies shot digitally they purposefully added a bit of green tint to the shadows. I didn't realise it could come from the lens itself. I definitely find that the green tint helps to provide the image with a more grounded feeling.
  4. I don't think so. FilmConvert grades tend to be more extreme. These colours are more pastel-like. To get these colours by hand I would guess something like: Decrease overall contrast. Decrease blue saturation and increase brightness. Shift green hue towards more yellow and desaturate slightly.
  5. Inazuma

    Step Back

    Haha... I just bought a Leica.. I must be mad
  6. Those little Panasonics are great. I had the GX7 for years and later on had the G80/85 which is also really quite small and light. I found them to have particularly good images in woodland type areas. Nice shots, well done!
  7. Ive wanted the 35 1.4 ais forever. I love the way it renders out of focus areas.
  8. I would not even swap an XT2 for an NX1. I had both and felt the XT2 video was better in colour, DR and noise performance. Also that vertically folding-out screen was great for stills. The only reason I would still love to have an NX1 to this day is that 16-50mm f2-2.8 ❤️
  9. You guys are gonna kill me for this but I actually loved the IBIS in my a7 iii. The reason is that it didn't have that locked-down look from better stabilisers. It still looked handheld but without the microjitters from my shaky hands. Cameras with better IBIS also had a lot of drag when you panned or worse, warpy corners.
  10. Wow I never thought I'd learn something non camera related on this forum, especially as I go to Reddit everyday. I had no idea about this research lab and the other stuff. I just assumed someone fucked a wild animal and caught their flu. Based on the research you've done it sounds like the most obvious answer is that it leaked from the lab. My question is - knowing the potential dangers, why wouldn't this lab concurrently work on a vaccine?
  11. Inazuma

    Fuji X-T4

    Could these sample videos be any more boring?
  12. Inazuma

    Fuji X-T4

    Someone as experienced as Max I have a hard time believing he would have overlooked the sharpening setting. Would love to see other comparisons.
  13. Inazuma

    Fuji X-T4

    Are you sure it can be turned off?
  14. Oh.. Disregard my last post then
  15. This camera is basically a DSLR version of the Canon M6 Mark II, which is a camera I've owned for the past several months. It's actually a terrific camera. Not a spec monster but does most things right. Good ergonomics, good colour, good DR and low light ability, microphone jack, sharp 1080p, sharp-enough 4k with low rolling shutter, good lens selection. I actually prefer this camera over the Fuji X-T30 that I owned previously. So if you have bigger lenses like the 17-55mm f2.8 then you'll have yourself a great camera to use it with if you get the t8i.
  16. Lx100 with flippy screen and great AF would make an awesome travel video/vlog camera. Dont know why they held back!
  17. does anyone have a mirror of the video? It's been taken down by youtube?
  18. I haven't done any extreme telephoto work but this is my favourite example of it in a music video https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/kendrick-lamar-kings-dead-music-video-zooms-black-panther-a8220841.html
  19. I have tried the viltrox speed boosters (Ef to Eos M and EF to m43). While i can't say how they perform on Fuji, i can say that the quality of the optics in my experience has been really quite poor, even for my low standards.
  20. As someone who helps develop games for VR im not sure i see the argument for 8k VR. I would rather see better textures, models and shading before an increase in resolution.
  21. It was a tongue in cheek post but on a serious note, finding the right shoe is the main solution. You can also use gel-based insoles.
  22. I've been somewhat doing this for years now already. You can download the jpeg studio test charts from dpreview for different cameras and use the colour matching tool in Premiere or Resolve
  23. Yes. I've shot from there a couple of times now and no one's approached me about it yet ?
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