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    Color science

    Did he even mention if they were JPGs or raw? And did he only use the one sample picture???
  2. They are made in China now rather than Japan so I wonder if that has something to do with it
  3. (sorry can't edit above post) Further asked if he customised the profiles, he says "nope, as is other than enabling the interframe NR on the Fuji and then off again"
  4. So I just commented on the video to ask him the settings and he replied: PP1 Sony, Neutral on EOS R and Z7, Eterna XT3, blackmagic extended video , all set to 4000 K manually.
  5. I was referencing 1080 on the GH5. Perhaps I should have said GH3 instead of GH5. You put out great content Andrew but sometimes it is worrying skewed with confirmation bias. Anyway, i find this whole place insufferable these days, so slay me here now if you wish.
  6. Calm down, I didn't say you're a Canon fanboy lol! I don't really get your rebuttal at all either. Did you even read my post? I've never complained about the GH5's sharpness. You must be thinking about the NX1, which is clearly oversharpened (although does also have more detail than most other 4k hybrid cams). I don't need to shoot my own footage. I can quite clearly see the results from your stills, Max's video footage as well as the DPReview's video stills gallery. The Canon EOS R clearly lacks detail compared to other hybrid 4k cams, and it's not because it's less sharpened. That's like saying the 80D has as much detail as a GH5, you just need to sharpen it more! Does it matter that it's not as detailed? No. But as long as we're on the subject matter, let's actually make sensible posts. I don't think you're generally biased but now and again you do make posts that make me think you don't have your head screwed on right.
  7. You go out of your way to try to disprove/discredit another reviewer for their fair criticism and still deny you're biased?
  8. He is brand agnostic, but like many others here there is still an inherent bias towards Canon because at the end of the day, they put out a nice image and nice bodies even if they fail in many technical areas. Like a few others here, I don't care for sharpness, so it really doesn't matter to me. BUT if people are on the subject of comparing sharpness - which is not a very subjective issue - then people should talk factually. If you actually look at the tif images at 100% (not even 400%), the sharpened EOS R image clearly has a lot of sharpening artefacts which the XT3 doesn't have. And it would only be more apparent if we saw the moving image. So no, the XT3 is not digitally sharpened (or not to a noticeable amount anyway). The Canon 4k image is softer than most others but its sharp enough. However, its a real shame that the image is only just sharp enough, despite the huge crop and low readout speed. Ultimately I think it's a shame to discredit Max Yuryev when he's put out footage, which, sharpened or not, you can clearly see the EOS R has less detail. It's not at all disputable.
  9. Once again Andrew you're blinded by your inherent Canon bias.
  10. Please note that the Sony is actually missing some equivalent lenses. Like it doesn't have a 35mm f2 to equate the Fuji's 23mm f1.4. And it doesn't have a 24mm f2 to equate the Fuji 16mm f1.4. Nor a 20mm f4 or even f2.8 to equate the Fuji 14mm. It's worth noting also that the Sony 12-24mm f4 isn't much cheaper than the Fuji 8-16
  11. I've noticed some sellers in Norway selling this body for £250 below RRP. Does anyone know what that's about?
  12. I dont know but i hope its this
  13. I wouldn't totally discount the Olympus 17mm f1.8. I used that lens exclusively as my walk around for 2 years. And also used it for music festival photography. The Panasonic 20mm is another good option but the AF is a bit slow on it and the MF ring is unusable. 15mm is a bit too wide imo. Your best bets are the oly 17mm f1.2 or voigtlander 17.5mm, though the latter is fairly heavy (heavier than most m43 bodies)
  14. There seems to be a lot of speculation in here about how the original looked more cinematic than the p4k, which I believe. But has anyone shot any side by side videos to prove it? And to ascertain whether it is simply due to the higher resolution or is it something more?
  15. One of the reasons I really like the A7 iii is because it has IBIS but it's shit it's only just strong enough to get rid of hand jitters, so the footage maintains the handheld feeling. On other cameras such as the Panasonics it just looks floaty, and of course it doesn't know when you're actually wanting to move the camera so it plays catch up, such sometimes leads to warping
  16. Does the 35mm f1.4 and 18mm f2 work a lot better? They're dreadful on previous cams
  17. I didn't know the Noct was manual focus until now. What are they playing at?! May as well just buy the existing f0.95 lenses
  18. I feel that way with my Sony a7 iii. After thinking about "why?" for some time I've come to the conclusion that it's because it's a near flawless camera, which means it's better than me and I therefore feel inadequate or maybe even antiquitated by it. So my lack of love for it is a projection of my jealousy of it. This sounds really silly I know but im totally serious ?
  19. Not to be pedantic but the Sony a6300 was always out of stock. So much so that I sold mine a month or two later for £100 more than I bought it for. And there are other examples too such as the XT2. Haha, yeh 1080p comparisons are somewhat redundant these days with 4k about. The differences between even a c100 and a d5500 are somewhat hard to perceive once it's been through YouTube's compression, whereas 4k Vs 1080p is immediately obvious
  20. Could you perhaps show us footage with your wife's face blurred? It's quite surprising to me that the BM would be miles ahead in DR because the Fuji is no slouch
  21. So my generic knock-off is still working fine. Displaying battery life and everything. You're right, there is probably cause for concern on the build quality of these cheap batteries but I've yet to ever actually hear of one swelling up or exploding *touch wood*
  22. The different behaviour being that you spent 1/3 of the price of OEM?
  23. I had a similar experience when I got the XT2. And for whatever reason just don't feel the same way when shooting the A7III.
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