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  1. Ah I had no idea that there were some D lenses that had AF motors
  2. I take a lot of portrait orientated photos and love angling up from the ground so the portrait tilt on the XT2 was really useful for me
  3. Looks great. Just wish the screen could be tilted out like the XT2.
  4. Totally disagree. The GH5 is possibly the best value proposition video camera out there. Its overpriced and oversized for an m43 photography camera but that's why they have the GX and other lines.
  5. I don't get why this is aimed at Samsung though? Every other manufacturer is in the same boat
  6. Sometimes it's enough to just have the best product of your category.
  7. Hoping for tilt screen and built in ND. I suspect not though.
  8. I really liked the D600 image even though technically it has a lot of issues (moire, softness, etc). You could get a 6d but that won't be much better. The XT20 is a good option; it's autofocus for photo is much better than previous generations and so is it's video, but it's not full frame (although the f1.4 lenses make up for that).
  9. Does the larger mount mean lenses could be shorter?
  10. Ugly design... was hoping for something more akin to something like their FM2. Oh well, they're probably built for practicality, which will please many people. Unfortunately uses those noisy strap lugs *facepalm*
  11. You may also want to consider the ThinkPad P71 or P52. They have some of the best screens in laptops and have workstation specs.
  12. As someone who regularly shoots vertical photos, I don't mind this at all.
  13. Wow, brave people holding those sticks up in the middle of a lightning storm!
  14. It's not just about sensor size. Some of these companies are gonna need to bring something different to the market. Whether that be something to do with the ergonomics, sensor design or lens design. I would love one of these companies to bring out a very compact full frame camera along with very compact, but still fast glass. I'm talking l39/r39 sized lenses. Some of us aren't that interested in edge to edge sharpness or flare control etc.
  15. I haven't mistaken it. I have it right here. In AF-S mode where the camera uses contrast detection it is a piece of shit but in AF-C mode where it uses phase detection the autofocus is decent. And it's quieter than the Fuji 35mm F1.4 @Django talking about equivalent lenses here. The 28mm may have a cheaper construction than Fuji lenses, but compared to the fuji the 18mm f2, the focus ring is much better on the Sony and optically much better too. The Fuji is comparatively quite soft in the centre. At least my copy is.
  16. I use the Sony a7 iii actually. Previously I was thinking about the XH1 but im glad I went with the Sony. Just some of the benefits of the Sony: Bigger battery Video record button so you can start video recording in any mode Better 1080p (XH1 has a bit of moire/aliasing) Adapt vintage full frame glass without crop factor More dynamic range and better low light capability (not that the XH1 is really lacking in this respect) Native lens selection, for example: The Fuji 18mm f2 and 35mm f1.4 are quite loud and slow lenses. The Sony 28mm f2 and 50mm f1.8 are much better in this respect, whilst being around the same price. The Sony also has a 24-70mm f4 which is equivalent to Fuji's 16-55mm f2.8, but is cheaper and lighter. You also have the option of getting a 24-70mm f2.8 if you can bare the price and size.
  17. I'll save another poster the hassle. Get the Samsung nx1
  18. I remember long ago Louis CK mentioned editing his RED footage for his TV show LOUIE using just his MacBook Pro. Looking at these details it says the source format was 4k REDcode RAW. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1492966/technical What was different about that media that allowed him to edit on his 2010 MacBook ? https://gizmodo.com/5658621/how-louis-ck-shoots-and-edits-his-own-show
  19. The aperture is the aperture, unless you're talking solely about depth of field. If it was really an f45 lens then you would need insane ISO's to capture images.
  20. Uploading in 4k on YouTube maintains a lot of the grain. But yeh, still won't look as good as what you saw.
  21. I picked up the 28mm f2 whilst I was in HK after realising three things a) with cropping to 35mm, the 28mm f2 would still have the same depth of field as my Samyang 35mm f2.8 b) I can shoot with a faster shutter with the f2. c) there isnt much of a size difference This is with the 35mm f2.8: This is the 28mm f2 cropped to the same FOV: Plus the look of a wide angle with large aperture is just great
  22. Inazuma


    What the heck is ASMR?
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