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  1. Thank you! Right now I'm testing picture profiles, what do you think it's the best? That's a really nice camera, I've looked at it but I think that now that I now what IBIS is capable of I don't wan't to lose it!
  2. BTW I got the gx85 in the end, the ibis is really amazing, with an adapted 50mm (so 100mm equiv) I can achieve some amazing steady shots, the body itself seems to be built much better than the g7 and with a pancake lens the camera is almost pocketable. The only downloadside is the missing jack input but I can charge the battery using my phone power bank, that's really useful!
  3. That is the only bad review I've found, that's why I'm not sure it's really softer than the g85 ?
  4. After a few days with the g7 I returned it to Amazon due to the fact that with the lightweight body+2x crop factor it was really hard to get handheld stuff and I've seen a gx80/85 for the same price on amazon warehouse. I've also found a local used g80/85 and after talking to the seller he told me that the 1080p on the gx85 it's much worse, I've also read a few thing online about it, is it true? Isn't the gx85 exactly the same as the g85 minus jack input, good evf and articulated screen?
  5. I found a used g7 on amazon for just 50€ more than the gh3 and I've bought it! It has warranty and I could always send it back if I don't like it ?
  6. If you could get the gh3 and the gx85 at the same price what would you chose?
  7. Now that we are talking also about fuji, are the x-e3, x-t20 and x-t2 better in terms of IQ?
  8. My goal is to build a small rig with decent IQ, the gx85 was one of the first thing that came to my mind but it does not have a mic input, I could buy an external recorder but it would not be so little in the end and it would cost me twice the price of the gh3. Also the IBIS looks really weak from the sample I've seen ? The BMPCC is just too much to handle, I would like something more simple and practical, I've tried the a6000 from a friend but I haven't enjoyed it much plus not headphone input. I think that I'll use the 20mm 1.7 for most of the time. The usage would be personal work and youtube so nothing crazy, that's why I'm going cheap
  9. I've also found a cheap gh4 with the LCD that's not working but I could probably fix it, I think I'm gonna go for it
  10. Is the hacked gh2 really better?
  11. Yeah I know but I don't want to shot 4k and downscaling everytime Yes, Nigel! It's worst than the gh2 in low light? I could get the gh3 for less than 200 bucks plus the gh3 it's rugged >_> I know but from what I've seen it's not that great
  12. Hi! I'm currently using a 6d for both photo and video, nothing professional and I've found a very good deal on Gh3. The 6d would still be used for photos because it's all I need but the videos always feels a bit too mushy, I like the color and the FF look but in the last few years I've seen so many videos from other cameras that I would really love to have a clean and crisp image. I was considering the gx85 but I'll be shooting only 1080p and the gh3 should be better in this regard. So I was wondering if the gap would be actually huge or if it would just be a minor upgrade. I've seen a few samples from a guy on yt that is still using the gh3 and to me it's pretty amazing but maybe I should just work more with the camera that I have. Also, the pre amp on the gh3 should be much better right?
  13. Hi! I'm currently using a Nikon D600, I switched from the fuji (first gen sensor) system because I was having too much problems with sharpening and autofocus and previously I owned a Canon 5d2. I was pretty much only interested in photography but recently I wanted to go back shooting videos, nothing professional so probably the quality of the 5d2 would be enough. As far as I've seen the D600, though it's really an amazing photography tool, it's quite meh for video stuff, so I'm considering selling it and buying something that's around the same price and I would like to stick to a FF sensor. The a7 series is too much expensive, I could only afford the A7 or the A7 II but it seems it's not worth it, I could go back to the 5d2, I could wait to find a good deal on the 6d but I'm afraid that I won't find it before I leave for Iceland in 2 weeks and I need a camera asap. The other 2 options are buying a new X-T20 (it should be equal to the x-e3 right?) or keeping the D600 and using it also for video, then switching to a D750 in a few months. What do you think?
  14. I've read this article http://yannickkhong.com/blog/2015/9/25/wrapping-up-the-olympus-journey-final-review-of-the-m43-system I don't trust it 100% of course but it makes me question if the oly m43 is what I want
  15. I've seen some samples and yes, it's very very very bad for video, but for stills it's amazing. Right now I have to decide, buying the em10 ii (the em5 II it's a bit expensive) or buying the xt10 for stills and in the future something more video oriented. Fuzzynormal is right, I don't need the super IQ, but I'm afraid that the em10 II is not that great for photos either
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