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  1. Is there anything you don't hate? 😄 You are against everything popular or successful. You write articles about stuff you dont even see in person... and when people questions your credibility (C5D) you instantly outcry instead of rethinking your statements, and how did you end up there..
  2. Log is a compressed representation of the sensor dynamic range. 14 EV with slog2/slog3 on paper. 8/10 bit image capture represents the resolution of this dynamic range. 4 times more gradiation with 10 bit recording. Log vs flat: if you under/overexpose your image without crushing/clipping, you can recover the image perfectly without any tonality or color issues with log recording (on paper...) but this is not possible with flat recording
  3. It's almost the same comparison as Neat Video vs Resolve's own noise reduction. It gets the job done waay faster than a 3rd party plugin, but the results are not the best. Worth the trade off? Depends on your needs. I ditched Neat years ago, but i prefer rsmb over the built in solution
  4. 110 sec processing time for the 52s long 1080p 24p h264 clip with NVENC acceleration. So around 13 fps processing speed. Without RSMB the processing time is 14 s, so this effect is very taxing even in 1080p. Config: i7 3770, 16GB, GTX1070, RSMB 5.0, Resolve Studio 16.1
  5. Ultrapro pure scientific test GoPro Hero 7 @ 2,7K 24/30/60/120fps Resolve, 23,976 fps timeline, Reelsmart motion blur, blur corrected to framerate of course frame drop can occur, no retime/frame blend correction To my eyes the 120 is very nice, but the difference in this scene is less then what i expected.
  6. It works, just tested 24p timeline, 120fps footage, corrected amount of blur, and it's a beauty
  7. ReelSmart Motion Blur can give you nice results, however in complex scenes there are a tons of glitches. Make a selfie video and wave to the camera. Or just follow a moving object like a car while turning with the camera. But if you record in 50p and your timeline is 25p you can get better results.
  8. Not much sony left 😄 A7r3? or your old favourie: RX1
  9. Based on the out of focus roll-off and the sharpness i think the lens is 24-35mm ish. In 35mm terms You have plenty of fast glass and boosters, however nowdays you are a medium format fan. Out of camera milky shadows? Probably a fuji cam with some in camera tweaking. I would vote the following 3 players based on your past comments and articles: S1, GFX100, Sigma Fp If graded: S1 If out of cam: GFX100
  10. Please do a Sigma FP video review. I would love to see 4-5 minutes shorts, each show different aspects of the camera. 5 min about DR in different bith depth modes, 5 min low light against A7 III / S1 / etc, 5 min about color comparison. My favourite videos from you are the comparison shots between cameras. Or one big 20min+ long review, but it's a really big project
  11. You are so easily offended, you must be from the USA Mark Romero 2: you can give any camera a nice roll-off and desaturated highlights in post, if the scene's dynamic range dont exceed the sensor dynamic range.
  12. It's not easy to vlog on an Arri. Sure it has nice IQ, but really that's the only thing that matters? (however you can match a BMPCC4K easily...)
  13. This is the point of this topic.
  14. You dont really get the point of the topic do ya? 😄
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