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  1. If a gopro can handle those situations it means it does not require log profile. Can you share a short clip?
  2. Poorly. F-Log curve is like SLOG2 on Sony's +1EV (check lutcalc). V-LOG curve on the other hand is like SLOG3/LogC/Cineon curve. F-Gamut naturally shifts to green which should be corrected with gamut mapping in post. V-Gamut do not shifts to magenta or green. So technically this "use FLOG to Eterna" Filmconvert simulation on VLOG is a creative choice of grading nothing more.
  3. Looks awesome, and grades beautifully. Can we have low light and 1080p 120 10bit samples too?
  4. Run for you life Max! On this forum the same 6 people arguing about the same stuff in every topic. You will have to explain yourself after every comparison you do (you dont want to know what people talked about you after the BMPCC4k-Z7-A73-XT3-EosR comparison video...). Im following you since 2014 and I think you are doing a great job. Avoid these "experts" if you want to sleep well. Ofc there are some people here who knows a lot and can give you proper advice, but nowdays they are watching from the shadows ...
  5. What was the camera and settings? My take on thiz:
  6. P4000 = GTX 1070 2x GTX 1070 = 1x Radeon VII It is cheaper to buy another nvidia card, the performance will be almost the same. But it's highly depends on card support, right now i dont think Radeon VII has full resolve support. Unfortunetaly neither of these options will give you 1080 24 fps rendering while using Temporal NR (Better) with 5 frames averaging. You will get around 20-22 fps
  7. It was more complex tone mapping. Shadows/Highlights, gamut mapping, contrast, saturation, curves, noise reduction...
  8. This is a hard one. If you overexpose those highlights, it's gone. Try to grade for the interior in this case If you expose properly, then you can do the HDR style grade. On you linked samples the guys probably shoot RAW photos in multiexposure using sliders, then stiched them together. You can download your graded examples from here And here are the screengrabs:
  9. You did not shared anything. Please share those files
  10. Your grade was already perfect! Here is my grade:
  11. Can you please share some original files from the most problematic shots?
  12. Why does DR matter so much? we are far beyond the level of necessary DR for content creation. Most of you guys want 15-16-17+ stops DR because you want "Arri like" highlight roll-off. You can achieve very nice roll-off even with a GoPro Hero 7 with proper grading: (in this case: 10 stops DR from the camera in 14+ stops environment)
  13. Long time ago i tested my 5D Mark II against my a6300 and a rented BMPCC In the comparison i made all cameras was shooting ETTR with their best available (raw, slog2) settings As you may know from the technical threads at magiclanter.fm the max available dynamic range for 5D2 raw @iso100 ettr is 11.7 stops The BMPCC and the a6300 were both 2 stops better in the shadows which means they had around 13.7 stops. It was noisy as hell, so im not talking about usable dynamic range. The a6300 was cleaner, the BM had more detail but also more noise / grain. After further testing i would say all of the cameras i was talked about has 1.5 stops less usable (i mean noise free, or able boost up with noise reduction) dynamic range. So: 5D: 10 stops, BM: 12 stops, a6300: 12 stops
  14. Does the AF works now with the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 or with other adapted lenses?
  15. Do you guys can see the same colors after uploading to this page? I had to bump up the saturation almost +50% to get the same results after uploading the graded image here. So it's completly oversaturated in resolve, and looks ok here right now:
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