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  1. Hello! I found a way to add a 709like profile to Panasonic G9. Using the Wi-Fi connection and the LumixVideoFormats-2 application, the profile was activated, as well as cine D / cineV on Panasonic Gx 85, 709like can be saved to a custom profile. Enjoy!
  2. Hello! I'm sorry for my english (Google Translate): During the work on hacking Wi-Fi, you did not find a way how to turn off the screen off to lumix in the video recording mode, after some time? As soon as you turn on video recording and control by Wi-Fi, after a some time, the screen (gx85) goes out and you can not control the camera (from camera), the record "video recording is being recorded" I would like to use a phone or tablet as a wireless monitor (the second operator would see that I'm shooting, and I would have seen the frame of my second operator). При
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