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  1. Brother

    Fuji X-T4

    Fuji giveth and fuji taketh away... IBIS jumping have been replaced with micro jitters in the 1.02 firmware and it ain't pretty. XF35/1.4 with IBIS only, no DIS or boost. 25 fps h264 200mbit. Watch in full screen to better see the jitter.
  2. Brother

    Fuji X-T4

    Did they get rid of the screen delay in 24fps video recording? Remember it driving me a bit crazy when I used it about 5-6 months ago.
  3. Brother

    Fuji X-T4

    Finding more and more examples of the IBIS jump, here's another at 5:15. Some people don't seem to notice it at all, that's why i think I get so conflicting feedback about it.
  4. Brother

    Fuji X-T4

    That's my bad, shouldn't have commented on the wobble without a source to back it up. My other findings about the IBIS comes from my own production version X-T4. I don't have any OIS lenses but i just tested this with the XF35/1.4 and it's same jumpy results no matter the frame rate.
  5. Brother

    Fuji X-T4

    Haven't shot with anything wider than 25mm so I can't give any insight on that one. I remember seeing some pre production footage with a wide lens, a vlog test, and I did notice the wobble.
  6. Brother

    Fuji X-T4

    I've tried 7Artisans 25/1.8 (with the correct focal length set in the menu), Fuji XF 35/1.4 and Fuji 23/2. They all yield the same results, both with SAF, CAF and Manual focus. IBIS was turned on, IS BOOST mode and DIS was turned off, turning them on makes the problem even worse. I've included a shot with IBIS+DIS in my test video that @androidladposted. I even tested H264 vs H265, DCI VS 16:9, 100 vs 200 vs 400 mbps, 25 vs 50 fps. Same result. The thing is, you have to move the camera slowly in order for this to happen. It seems to me that the camera realizes to late that it's actually moving and compensates for it with the "jump" If I increase the speed of the exact same movement, the sensor doesn't jump.
  7. Brother

    Fuji X-T4

    I don't expect gimbal results, i don't even expect GH5 results. I expect a sensor that isn't jumping around for no good reason. For sure, knocking a camera around will introduce jumps in the very best of sensor stabilization units. But doing smooth movements like i did should yield better results.
  8. Brother

    Fuji X-T4

    Got mine yesterday so haven't had the time to do a proper test but Fuji IBIS is still weird. Included some shots of it in a video. It's like the software locks on to something and then realizes the camera is still moving and compensates by moving the sensor with a quick jump. Contacted Fuji about this and they said it was the first time they heard about it, strange... Did test the overheating, 3 x 30 min 4k 50p h265 200mbps was not a problem in a 22 degree room.
  9. I’ve been using Lumafusion on the iPad Pro 11 for about a year now, still amazed how well it handles 4k50 footage without ever slowing down. With that being said, Lumafusion is still quite new and missing some important features such as multi select, audio scrubbing and more advanced color grading features. The developers really listens to its users and add more and more features with every update. So my guess is that they’ll add them in the future. Im on their beta test team and for example we asked for blend modes, they added it a few months later. Can’t comment on how it compares to resolve since I use premiere.
  10. On November 19th the G9 will almost become a GH5 with the 2.0 firmware, which includes: "3. Enhanced video functions (G9) ・4K 30p/25p 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording is supported. ・4K 60p/50p 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output is supported. ・Luminance level for 10-bit video is supported. ・VFR (Variable Frame Rate) shooting is supported (FHD 2-180 fps/4K 2-60 fps). ・HDR video recording is supported. ・V-Log L recording and Waveform Monitor (WFM) are available with the Upgrade Software Key DMW-SFU1 (sold separately)." Diving a bit deeper, could this be an indication that Panasonic is getting ready to announce the GH6?
  11. According to DPReview the N-Log is only available through HDMI, pity! Also, would have loved to see 4k60.
  12. I have nothing to do with this film other than i think it's amazing! They've been, like they always are, very open with everything through out the whole process. Including gear which is why i thought it would fit here on EOSHD. Premiered on Swedish cinemas four days ago. Total budget: $2M, shot on FS7 and vintage Russian lenses. More info below. Director Victor Danell on Facebook: "Last year I directed my first feature. Me and the DP wanted a lifeful and ”not so perfect” look to keep the story grounded, so we decided to shoot on vintage lenses. I relubed and added a oval iris on every lens my self. Shot on a Sony FS7 This is the complete set of lenses we used. A total price of less then $800. 20mm - Mir 20a 28mm - Mir 10a 30mm - Meyer-Optik Görlitz Lyidth 37mm - Mir 1a 38mm - Helios 44-2 + DSO wide angle adapter 50mm - Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 58mm - Helios 44-2 85mm - Jupiter 9 135mm - Tair 11a THE UNTHINKABLE / DEN BLOMSTERTID NU KOMMER http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5227746/?ref_=nv_sr_1"
  13. Brother


    The Olympus 40-150/2.8 Pro is one hell of a lens!
  14. Brother


    The amazing Olympus 25/1.2 Pro with a Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4. The urge to invest in the 17/1.2 and the 45/1.2 keeps on growing
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