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  1. No kidding. We need this guy banned
  2. Man, I needed this. I was thinking of upgrading my G7, but @kye you convinced me to invest in lighting and lenses. Thanks!
  3. Shell64


    Anyone used the sigma 17-50 2.8 on MFT cameras with speed booster? How is the autofocus
  4. 8k doesn’t make as big a difference. 4K capture looks better than 1080p on cameras since 1080 is usually using line skipping and pixel binning. 4K eliminates this. 8k will just let us see more pores in skin.
  5. Fellow G7 user here. Honestly, I would use the money toward better glass, lighting, etc. Now this all depends on if you don’t already have these. But if you don’t, or have them but they are lower end, consider going this route. Maybe by an 18-35 and viltrox speedbooster, and an aperture 120d or something. I’ve been tempted to upgrade my g7, but I’ve decided investing in hq glass and lighting is a better investment. If you are fine with lighting and lenses you have, I personally think that your next camera really depends on your shooting style. Doing turn and gun? Need a complete, ultra-reliable package with great IBIS? Gh5/G9 is for you. Don’t need IBIS and want larger sensor/better stills? XT3 for you. Really we can’t determine this for you. It really depends on your shooting style. Honestly I still think the g7 is fine. I would invest in better glass and lights. You will notice more improvement there.
  6. Do you want them in RAW, or stills from MP4 4K?
  7. Can I send you some footage, then you can apply the lut and see how it looks?
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-EOS-C100-Cinema-Camcorder/133229384806?epid=135918181&hash=item1f05171466:g:kucAAOSw74RdwItS I see the c100 sells for about $800-850 now. Pretty much a steal. Yes, only 1080p, but the IQ, file sizes, built in nd, preamps, canon log, are crazy good at this price point. Good alternative to buying a current Canom DSLR for video. I may buy one.
  9. I really wish this thread didn’t start. This is a camera forum guys. I love how we can all come together to talk about something we love. Why ruin this with such a decisive topic? Obviously, we disagree on this issue, but that isn’t what this forum is about. Go on reddit for crying out loud!
  10. Cool. Would the g7 be converted accurately then? It’s only 8 bit and has color differences vs the g9 and gh5
  11. Does this actually give a DR benefit? Is t similar to real Canon Log dr wise?
  12. I currently shoot with a Panasonic g7. Any plans to make one of these for the Panasonic cameras with Cinelike D like the g7/g85?
  13. I recently got an rtx 2060 for my pc. It has an old i7 3770, so I thought the gpu would speed things up. It helps with effects, but playback is unaffected pretty much. Very small difference. I am using the free version, but I transcode to dnxhr. Having it all gpu based would be fantastic; older systems like mine could still edit really well without having to go buy a new mobo.
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