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  1. True. I’m just saying if your camera doesn’t have feature X, use that to make you better.
  2. It seems that people are all too reliant on creature comforts. IBIS, DPAF, color science, etc. If your camera doesn’t have these features, it forces you to improve your skills versus letting he camera do the hard work. No IBIS? You get to learn how to handhold a camera rock steady. No autofocus? You get to learn how to be a focus puller. Bad color science? You get to learn how to become better at color correction and grading. No high dynamic range? You get to learn how to nail exposure. My point is that limitations in your gear force you to improve your skills. My g7 has terrible AF and no IBIS, but that forces me to improve on my manual focusing and handholding skills. Sometimes limitations are a good thing. If your camera has limitations like these, don’t upgrade. Force yourself to improve on those skills instead of letting the camera do it for you. You will become a better filmmaker this way.
  3. I haven’t been shooting in slow motion for my projects because it’s overused. Also it feels kind of lazy because it makes it easier to get b-roll, stabilize shots, etc. I have to work harder to get smooth shots in 24fps, but that just helps make me a better filmmaker. Shooting without IBIS, slow motion, things like that just help to improve your craft. My g7 has useles AF and no IBIS, but I just think of it as two skills I can learn so that I don’t need these features or become lazy, and can become a better filmmaker. Also not having amazing color science forces you to dive deeper into color grading, which also improves your skills. Use limitations to your advantage. Use them to hone your craft. Slightly off topic, but I really believe this.
  4. Interesting. I’ve tried this aspect ratio and found that it makes my footage so cinematic on my Canon Kiss M! Better than Peter McKinnon! And yes, I shoot in 30p because I luv it and not because canon removed 24fps
  5. I personally use the hexagon aspect ratio. It allows up to 6X better footage because it has 6X the amount of black bars.
  6. It can apparently simultaneously record both cameras, meaning you could switch in post
  7. Year but canon won’t allow the new processor to benefit us. They’ll keep making their cameras unusable for filmmaking. And no they are not saving on codec license fees!
  8. https://9to5mac.com/2019/09/10/iphone-pro-11-pro-max-triple-camera/ It turns out that the iPhone 11 can record on multiple cameras at once in filmic pro. For example you could shoot with both a telephoto and ultra wide and switch between them in post easily. Sadly there still isn’t any utilization of the multiple cameras to achieve a shallow depth of field in video. Cool nonetheless.
  9. I like watchtower in turkey
  10. I shoot corporate, interviews, etc. for those curious. Good suggestions guys.
  11. I currently have $200 to invest in extra gear for my kit. I already have a g7, lenses, Tripods, etc. I do not have any lights, stabilizers, or cages though, and only have a cheap lav mic. What are some things you would buy if you were in my situation? (total of everything must be under 200)
  12. Shell64

    Enjoy and create!

    You’ve brought a ton of valuable info to the community and will be missed!
  13. On the c100 and c100 II only the center is used for DPAF. For cameras like the c200, entire sensor is used for DPAF.
  14. I hope this is true. I’m sick and tired of manufacturers flipping a switch to block us from raw video and instead forcing us to pay $500 for a bulky raw recorder. Magic lantern proves at easy to record internal raw.
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