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  1. Hi! I know that IBIS on Panasonic/Olympus is the best but I would like to avoid m43 for photography, maybe I'm just spoiled but I've tested samples from photographyblog and they are "worse" than the ones from the x-e3
  2. Hey, long time lurker here. I recently sold all my "old" gear (6d, fuji x-e3) to get a single camera that could do both photo and video, quality wise I think that both the canon and the fuji are great but I found myself using the x-e3 mainly for it's size. Now I would like to buy a single camera that I could use for everything, I don't know If I'm ready to leave the ff world, so I'm torn between the x-t3 and the a7rII. The x-t3 has many cool video features but I'll admit that I'm not fully into videos yet, it lacks an IBIS and working with .raf raw files in lightroom it's a bit of a pain...but it's compact and so are the lenses, I also really like the film simulations. The a7r2 it's FF, it has IBIS (I know it's not the best but it's still something) and great IQ for photos. 42mpx it's a bit overkill but it shoots videos in 4k and the quality looks nice in both ff and s35. Probably I would buy an a7III if it was less expensive but the price difference is too much. I don't care about video AF, and I could be happy with just a 50mm lens and a 28/35 so going for Fuji would not be cheaper.
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