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  1. The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!

    So throw in more processing power. From a user standpoint it makes no sense to have to choose between 8 bit 4:2:0 and RAW with no reasonable in-between option included.
  2. I think last year saw one true American masterpiece: Silence.
  3. The in body IS of the 12-35 and 35-100 are very handy. The Olympus options notably have hard-stop manual focus.
  4. MFT 16:9 crop factor

    In still mode the difference in field of view is 1.999x, in movie mode it's 2.08x.
  5. Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?

    Yes, but I mentioned it when I asked, if you think M43 looks 'robotic' in the out of focus transitions, where does S16 come into it for you? A smaller sensor, so the transition between focused and unfocused areas should be more sudden than even M43, but no one would call it 'robotic' or say it isn't cinematic. There's no reason for the 'robotic' thing you're talking about. M43 is nothing but dimensions for the size of a sensor. I challenge you to point to footage that exemplifies this look you're talking about.
  6. Sadly I think that's for the best. It seems their focus is affordable pro equipment, not advanced amateur/artistic equipment lile the Pocket. It's amazing that they once offered such a unique tool at such an affordable price. I think Panasonic are the only company still targeting th 'advanced amateur' segment, bringing professional features down to consumer accessible gear - everyone else is chasing the higher margins up market.
  7. Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?

    This is a situation where you should actually trust the specs. There is literally no reason that M43 should look more 'robotic' than say, super 16mm, in terms of the look of transitions between in and out of focus. It's total nonsense. Maybe you're looking at images produced with lenses that don't have much of 'pop' in terms of subject separation. That would make sense and could be attributed to optical design. But there's a solution - pick a different lens.
  8. Sony A9 - announcement live stream

    If you're okay with melting the tripod.
  9. Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?

    The field of view of the GH5 in video mode is about 1.3x wider than the RX100 in video mode. APS-C in video mode has a field of view 1.35x bigger than GH5. This is almost the same as the photo mode field of view difference of 1.33x between APS-C and M43. The difference the proportions of the sensors make is very minimal. If you're not talking about DOF, it's totally psuedo-scientific and neaningless. What you're referring to is a property of the DOF, and if it applies to M43 then surely it must apply to S16 as well.
  10. DaVinci Resolve 14 banner goes up at NAB 2017

    Yet Panasonic did okay for themselves when they finally got over their fear of 4.
  11. Sony A9 - announcement live stream

    Until it's time to grade and on one hand you've got 10 bit log in a beautiful colohr space and on the other you've got a single fixed 8 bit profile. Sigma are late to FE because they're working on original lens designs instead of just porting their DSLR lenses. I'm interested to see how far they can get the size down.
  12. Sony A9 - announcement live stream

    Why would Sony add 10 bit? They're already number one in this segment. They know most people don't care. Panasonic added 10 bit out to the GH4 only after they'd let their AF100 die. They were replacing both it and the GH3 with that camera. Sony are doing very well with interchangable lens camcorders. Why mess with a good thing? They are in Canon territory now - want pro video features? Better shell out.
  13. Sony A9 - announcement live stream

    Or, it indicates that Sony are still in the practice of protecting their prosumer video cameras.
  14. Sony A9 - announcement live stream

    So not a video camera, really. It's a bit of a gambit. I don't know why people in the market for an FF with amazing autofocus in this price range would pick it over Canikon, where they have the best selection of sport lenses and bodies that won't be a pain to balance them on. With the A7 series they at least had the street market down pretty well.
  15. Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    I only own Voigtlanders at the moment and love them but I've used SLR magic and also really like them. The Olympus lenses I mentioned are interesting because they have auto focus and repeatable manual focus with hard stops.