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  1. Go to dvxuser and find jcs. Banned here for too much new age alien drug speak. Super rich coder dude from the hills of beverly. Not sure if he will have time, but he knows the ins and outs of the c300ii and is very amicable.
  2. Based on the songs rank, it appears the damned have quite a few fans. Who are you/I/we to judge a multitude on their intellect or taste? What I find intriguing is why the continual discussion, excitement, arguement etc... about new cameras if Oliver is correct? Or why those like Juan Melara, continue to lug around beastly monstrosities costing small fortunes? I like the gh series cams as much as the next, but what is it about the current crop of smaller/budget cam shooters constantly reminding everyone how amazing their cam du jour is?
  3. @Mark Romero 2Instead of posting this video in the section of the forum dedicated for showcasing one's work, this video was instead posted as look what the gh5 can do. Oliver stated: "the GH5 is good enough for the big guns. Arguing over which camera is best these days isn't even worth the debate" Yes the gh5 can churn out minimal budget videos with the best of them. And Oliver does beautiful work. But is Oliver correct? Are this forums debates about cameras worthless? Watch a few different music videos back to back. Does an imaging system not impart a unique look or feel to the video? View some of past "the damned" vids. High end for the big guns?
  4. Not to mention a 6k scan for portions shot on film and arri raw. (Shotonwhat)
  5. I need help picking out a boat. Do I want "logic" from someone who lives in the middle of a desert, or advice from a navy captain?
  6. sam

    I hate big cameras

    Dont forget internal nds. Ha! I feel like were right back at square one! Anyways appreciate the points you and Ironfilm made.
  7. sam

    I hate big cameras

    @HockeyFan12 heres the original post which started our conversation: "Even if Arri is completely wrong about the amira being a single op cam, and sony, canon, panasonic, bm, red designed their roughly$5k-$20k lineup for the wrong demographic" So yea, maybe it was designed for the wrong crowd? I only took the company at its word. Others may know better. And yes, I dont think anyone would turn down a couple dudes to hand you batteries, media, and cold beverages, regardless of cam.
  8. sam

    I hate big cameras

    @IronFilmTo quote the article by Arri, in reference to amirra: "The documentary-style camera is optimized for handheld, single operation" The pic posted is not part of Arri's article. He is a solo operator, not part of a crew. Its his personal camera, that he was comparing against his friends F55 http://btlg2013.blogspot.com/2015/01/amira-on-nfl-sidelines.html?m=1 Just be clear, I don't disagree with your opinion, Arri does.
  9. sam

    I hate big cameras

    Did you read the article or just look at the first picture?? I mean I would want crew myself and certainly not disputing you. The article by arri just states that it was designed for solo operation. If this gentlemans beard can handle the weight for an entire nfl game, I know yours can!
  10. sam

    I hate big cameras

    http://www.arri.com/news/news/nfl-films-catches-amira/ I guess here's what I was referencing. Not the same subject matter of course, but here's Arri's opinion. But yeah, I'm with ya!
  11. To any who may frown on these posts. Let me ask you. Do you want another Ebrahim? He went on for years giving all sorts of advice about image quality, gear, workflow, etc...When people would ask for recommendations, there he was, speaking the lingo, talking like an old pro. As it turned out, he was a kid with a 50d literally out in the middle of the Egyptian desert. As for Kye, I asked his intent, as evidenced by the previous posts, and he equated that to a personal attack. Maybe I should of responded like Matthew Allard of newsshooter responded to a commenter in the Ebu post, when they told him he should call out Allen Roberts about the results of his recent test. "Its like a sports car owner telling a racecar driver what their doing wrong" and Matt owns an F35 and Amirra. If Kye was part of this analogy, he'd be a well versed spectator in the stands. Would you take any heed of his advice on what engine to use or when to change tires? Which brings me to another topic I rail against that keeps getting hammered on, especially by the owners of the gh5. All cameras are "good enough." That may be, depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to screen size and quality, your own preferences, and distribution medium......but do you see Mathew Allard, Matt Workman, Phillip bloom, Robert Allen, or the vast majority of production giving up industry standard cinema and eng cams? And I cant say they wouldn't like to, because no one wants to carry around heavy tools or spend tens of thousands and more on tools, when they could use it for living life instead. Is it safe to say most participants of eoshd have not seen a single uhd bluray? How about the simple task of downloading the exr' s from Geoff Boyles evaluations as a point of reference? how can they then even begin to make a statement of any sort in reference to "quality" of image when comparing one camera to another?
  12. Is this an accomplishment of some sort? An anomoly? Aren't IPhones, and gopros also used? The "big guns" could deem dancing around the security cam at your local Tesco adequate, no? As you mention, you dont like everything about the asthetic. The aesthetic an imaging system provides is whats being debated day in and out on every forum. The dismissal of these arguments, in which you yourself particitate, accomplishes what?
  13. sam

    I hate big cameras

    I think this quote says it best. Especially the last sentence. Yeah maybe it should be more about the media than the medium. But I guess thats up to those spending the money.
  14. Is competancy, or profession, in question? Have your posts been disparaged in any way? Asking what benefits we gain from you reiterating what you've read on the internet Is fairly benign, no? Civility friend.
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