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  1. How is the autofocus compared to A7R4? I'm going to replace my gh5 soon and autofocus is my priority.
  2. Whats with the anti-premiere topics lately? If you don't like the product don't use it. Premiere has it's flaws like all the video editing programs but it's still reliable and has been solid for me tbh
  3. Of course it's not, i just said it's easy to find f2.8 lenses that matches the f4 of ff which is still 'okish' dof. What really makes the GH5 specifically useful to me are two lenses that after trying different things are now keepers: Olympus pro 17mm f1.2 and the 45mm f1.2 combined with Ibis and the full manual focus on the lenses make it a everyday tool on every production. I keep a 35mm 1.4 Glied to the eva1 and have a wide and portrait equivalent of 35mm f2.4 and a 90mm 2.4 in FF terms but with 1.2 light gathering. All together a very good package.
  4. Can't justify for a c100 in 2018 tho, why not save up a little bit more and go for the eva-1? Price dropped aswell
  5. A7III Pros: - better autofocus - better low-light - better dynamic range - lighter body - larger full-frame sensor(for shallower DOF) GH5 Pros: - 10bit 4:2:2 codecs - ALL-I codecs - 4k DCI - anamorphic modes (open gate 5k) - anamorphic de-squeeze - load 4 custom luts for v-log l preview - better IBIS - lighter lenses - 4k 60fps - 1080 180fps - variable frame rates - waveform & vectorscope - smaller m4/3 sensor (deeper DOF for same aperture) - full-size HDMI port - syncro scan - less rolling shutter - fully articulating touchscreen - Lots of factors here and m43 can do a lot with DOF as well. m43 can use a focal reducer which makes it more like a APS-C sensor size in terms of DOF. You are now only one stop away from the same DOF as FF. Shoot f4 comfortably on FF? Well f2.8 is pretty easy to get on m43 even with zoom lenses and can easily match the DOF of FF. This is again such a non issue unless you insist on having razor thin DOF from FF by shooting 50mm f1.2. Optically not the best solution and almost impossible to focus with for serious production work where clients pay you. It honestly only takes a sliver of extra effort to achieve similar DOF on m43. Can't replicate every situation but the importance is much less significant than you think it is. Plus very few Hollywood movies actually use that shallow of DOF. They shoot s35mm (close to APS-C size) and not FF and they tend to stop down their lenses to f4 or f5.6. Extremely easy to match that on m43 and even easier once you add a Speedbooster which essentially makes the GH5 an exact match to s35mm size sensors. On the GH5s using a Speedbooster XL gets you around a 1.2x crop which is half way between APS-C and FF so not a huge difference in terms of DOF. The exelent IBIS, strong codec, robust build quality, great film maker ergonomics, 40k 60p and full size HDMI makes it feel like a more profesional camera then the whole a7 serie. I owned both but choose to keep the GH5 and sell the A7s. Also used the A7s MII allot. I sometimes miss the full frame aspect, but not to much. I don't miss any DR since I think the Slog3 and Slog2 is unusable in the A7 serie for the weak codec. So I actually feel the GH5 has more DR since the robust codec let's you play around with the levels better.
  6. If I don't hold one in my hand i can't tell, although im coming from a ronin m then the ronin s would be a more logical option but this guys comparison is really terrible. He should have tested with the same cameras. The a7iii has ibis and bmcc does not, also weight difference and two different operators. He also failed to mention that ronin s is compatible with the gh5 for the autofocus. Anyway i will research a bit more.
  7. Discount is over but i think i'm gonna pay for full price, what does the competition offers? I'm using a gh5 with 18-35 sigma
  8. Anyone here has experience with the ronin s and how it pairs with gh5? I'm thinking of trading my ronin m in. Thanks
  9. I think it's right to say to make any of those entry level cinema cameras work to their full potential you need 10k euros. I'm considering EVA-1 but with the lack of EVF and the mirror LCD? it's going to be way more costly.
  10. Geoff some clients want 4k. Currently I own a gh5 /w sigma 18-35 so I think c100mkii its a step backwards
  11. What do you guys think about this vs an eva1 for wedding cinematography?
  12. Updated to 2019 cc just yesterday, and it's all good. Just don't use 2018 templated start all over again when importing.Also here is an unofficial guide that will help. Blaming the program because you lack knowledge of how the system works its without giving reason. Also you are cheering for resolve. Whats so good about it that it's worth changing?(i tried it) https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2261475
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