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    Fuji X-T4

    "And take the 6K/60p with an 8K sized pinch of salt. It seems like an awful lot of data to record onto SD card to me!" The fastest current SD cards can write more than 250MB/sec or 2000 Mb/sec of data, that's plenty enough even for 8K 60p in a compressed codec.
  2. In the press release this wasn't clearly mentioned. Anyway, the "new Digic X processor purportedly offers 3.1x faster image processing and 380x faster computing performance relative to the older Mark II", but can't handle PDAF in 4K 60p (without crop) or RAW. Anyway you look at it smells like "cripple hammer".
  3. You should check you fact! NO, the 1DX mk3 does not have PDAF "enabled" in RAW video at any frame rate!
  4. Should I mention that Canon braves itself with the "new Digic X processor purportedly offers 3.1x faster image processing and 380x faster computing performance relative to the older Mark II", that can't handle AF during 4k 60p with no crop or RAW 30p. So you tell me if either Canon are lying about it's capabilities and it's not that fast or they intentionally crippled the AF in 4K 60p and RAW recording? I bet it is the latter, they are masters at crippling user desired features! The camera reads the RAW data in any mode and the card reader writes the data anyway (until it's limit speed). The lack of AF during RAW recording is indeed just a "cartel crippling" as you personally said.
  5. This is pure BS you know? Reading RAW sensor data is easier than reading and encoding it. There is absolutely NO technical reason why there is NO AF on RAW output on 1Dx3 but the Canon crippling hammer!
  6. I really don't belie this is the case! Whoever produces the sensors, produces them after buyer's specification. I really believe Panasonic are suborned as a mule in regard to implementing PDAF, as are Sony in regards to proper ergonomics, menus and touch interface. Japanese arrogance has no boundaries! Also look at Canon, they finally gave 4K 60p with no crop and raw video but it is without PDAF. I bet they all have a cartel agreement between them so that no one offers a products that will bring out of the business the others.
  7. Looking at the A9II and A6600 small iterative upgrades, those specs sound very plausible IMO.
  8. @Falk Lumo Some people confuse the terms but there is a fundamental between pixel binning and line skipping, the later being the worst possible way to read a sensor for video. Line skipping exhibits huge more, aliasing effects and reduced low light performance (exactly like on the Z6 RAW output).
  9. This looks like line skipping and not pixel binning! + Other people are reporting higher noise levels typically associated with line skipping. This is such a same and a lost opportunity for Nikon!
  10. @Andrew Reid "Slide 3: 16 stops dynamic range" I don't see any DR numbers mentioned in the Panasonic presentation.
  11. @Andrew Reid, some little observations: The write speed on the Z6 on the card is 240 MB/sec max and not 500 MB/sec as you imply: https://www.cameramemoryspeed.com/nikon-z6/fastest-xqd-cards/ The Z6 camera is now listed at BH at $1,796.95 instead or the $1,996.95 original price: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1431706-REG/nikon_1595_z6_mirrorless_digital_camera.html?sts=pi&pim=Y I see no 30-40% reduction of the original price. The lenses cost the same as on launch day: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1431709-REG/nikon_20081_nikkor_z_35mm_f_1_8.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1431708-REG/nikon_20072_nikkor_z_24_70mm_f_4.html Nikon announced in April 4 2019 that we shall see eye AF in one firmware update (we got that in May) and the external RAW recording later in the year: https://www.nikonusa.com/en/about-nikon/press-room/press-release/jp1hlujr/Nikon-Brings-Powerful-Cinematic-Solutions-to-NAB®-2019-With-Z-Series-Cameras-and-MRMC-Broadcast-Automation-.html That's just 3+ months ago (not 6 months as you have written); patience is a virtue.
  12. I watched the episode with the brightness from my TV set to maximum and in may scenes I cold barely see what was happening. I have a strong feeling the cost of light bulbs is so expensive nowadays that blockbuster films simply don't have the budget for proper light anymore. ?
  13. @webrunner5 Exactly! I don't know how you can anybody pretend to have a wider color gamut at the same (8) bit depth.
  14. Well, I don't know what to say. The LOG format can be indeed compressed in 8 bit, but it looses a lot tonality in the process, it has more DR but not colors.
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