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  1. I watched the episode with the brightness from my TV set to maximum and in may scenes I cold barely see what was happening. I have a strong feeling the cost of light bulbs is so expensive nowadays that blockbuster films simply don't have the budget for proper light anymore. 🤣
  2. @webrunner5 Exactly! I don't know how you can anybody pretend to have a wider color gamut at the same (8) bit depth.
  3. Well, I don't know what to say. The LOG format can be indeed compressed in 8 bit, but it looses a lot tonality in the process, it has more DR but not colors.
  4. No I haven't used it, but by definition Rec. 2020 is a wider color space (which needs more bit depth than 8 bit).
  5. @Andrew Reid: "A first for a Fuji camera, F-LOG with Rec.2020 colour" Rec. 2020 defines a bit depth of either 10-bits per sample or 12-bits per sample, have I missed the 10 bit output somewhere in the specs?
  6. @Don Kotlos Thanks for sharing the continuous face detection AF test. It's quite usable IMO and a nice improvement over the GH5.
  7. @anonim Than he or you wouldn't be able to spot any difference between the G9 and Sony A7II either, cause they are much closer than G9 vs Gh5 are.
  8. Indeed you need to do that cause there's a 0,4 stops difference between the two (that's almost half a stop better ISO performance on the G9 RAW files compared to the GH5).
  9. I wander how other people can mage shooting video with so little video features on the Sony, Canon ILC cameras etc?
  10. @jonpais That's only your point of view, mine is totally different. I really don't have any use for V-Log, 10 bits, ALL-I codecs, unlimited recording is nice but irrelevant for event shooting, featured clips and commercials etc. I really do appreciate the 300 euro less per camera (cause I need several of them). I really do need the better image quality offered by the G9 (yes it's there and can't be added via firmware - below it's a raw comparison between the two). I really do need the bigger EVF, the 80 Mpix multi shot mode is fantastic for corporate work. The G9 screen resolution is probably the same, the GH5 uses 4 dots per pixel (RGBW instead of RGB), 3,2 inch vs 3 inch it's a very small difference. It's funny how you complain about the lack of video features on the G9, which except for the GH5 have no mach in any other ILC on the market, from any company. If you are so trilled about those extra video features on the GH5, go for it! Who's cheeping you not to buy it? I do 50/50 photo/video work and I'm really very contend with what the G9 offers in regard to video and trilled about the improvements in the still side of things. And yes I will pay for it as soon as I can place my preorder.
  11. The real question is: are you willing to trade the fantastic video features of the GH5 (most of which are very important on the paper specs but probably never going to be used anyway) with the G9 better image/video quality, better AF, better stabilization, one of the largest EVF's out there, all of those at a lower price?
  12. Good video in a canon DSLR is ancient history, Canon themselves takes very good care not to repeat the 5D mk2 "mistake" from the past. For us video makers there's nothing to see here, all that Canon wants from us is into buying the very expensive Cxx line cameras and if we want both very good photo and video capabilities we should look elsewhere!
  13. A very god review, thanks @Andrew Reid! To be honest I feel respected as a customer with this firmware update. What more can I say, very nice!
  14. Yes, I'm saying any LOG recorded in 8 bit is useless IMO. You can disagree of course but I wont change my mind cause my repulsion for very flat profiles and 8 bit comes from experience (problems that needed solving, headaches etc). The 5D mk4 is a nice photo camera... and it's better to remain that way. The images speak from themselves. I owned the 5D mk2 and it was a great filming tool in 2008...Unfortunately the Mark 4 looks way to similar in 2017. You should check the video on minute 1:18 seconds for some "nice banding" and all sorts of nasty artifacts:
  15. C-LOG is close to useless in a 8 bit only IMO, + it exhibits banding in the shadows (even Canon themselves caution this). MJPG is an dinosaur of a codec, it's superiority ended in 90's. + if you dare to think about the "luxury" of recording 4K externally from the 5D mk4, you don't have it...nada, niente, no...you're stuck with the very old, extremely inefficient Motion JPOG encoding...That's it, end of story! I never said anything about sharpness, I was referring to detail or the lack of it. The so called Canon 4K is more like a 2,5K resolution wise, the FHD is as pour as in 2008 (this year Canon celebrates 10 years of unchanged "1080" quality). Did I missed anything?
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