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  1. Took a break from GoT. I said Dany deserved better based on how her character had been written till date. Anything is logical if you can justify it. Which is the point. If the arc hadn't been sped up, or worse--like in this case--skipped, I would have been fine with it.
  2. I think the overall exposure was set lower than it had to be in post (as a creative choice, I liked it).
  3. In the market for a new monitor for my BMP4K. Found a waveform monitor for $239. Can't tell if it's too good to be true. https://www.amazon.com/Desview-1000nits-Brightness-Interface-Stabilizer/dp/B07RCVBLRL/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1BRAENNTZAFQ8&keywords=vector+scope+monitor&qid=1557649211&s=gateway&sprefix=vectorscope+monito%2Celectronics%2C495&sr=8-3
  4. SR

    DJI challenging GoPro?

    GoPro's been a dead horse for a while now, with one bad move after another. Don't think DJI can challenge a company that is barely afloat.
  5. Just found some spoilers on reddit that seems to have been around for more than a week, which outlined the plots for the 3th and 4th episode, along with the rest of the remaining episodes. It gets stupider.
  6. Just dreadful. Not a fan of her, but Dany deserved better. Her fall into the role of mad queen feels out of nowhere (we had one foreshadowing thus far?). Tyrion seems determined to be useless till the end. Bran's tuned out. And the dialogue was sooo tedious.
  7. Most folks don't even realize calibrating their screens is a thing. So I'm all of a show like GoT pushing people to realize that. It comes off as elitist, but I don't think everything should be egalitarian just for the sake of it. Hell, because of this show, I even got a chance to explain to my friend (who wouldn't bother otherwise) to turn the motion smoothing effect on her TV, something that would have never happened otherwise. Because she really wanted to experience the show as it was meant to be.
  8. The BTS will spoil it for you, if you haven't watched it. Best to avoid the thread until you do.
  9. A lot of complaints of the latest episode being too dark for a lot of viewers. Hopefully not for this crowd. Watching it on my monitor in a darkened room, It wasn't much of a problem. But I can't remember the last time a color grade became the news. I do love the often painterly quality of the light in this show (although I do wish there was a bit more punch with the contrast).
  10. SR

    Zoom F6 - game changer?

    It's mostly corporate work, where the client goes full-on cheap. I'd never underestimate sound. 😃
  11. SR

    Zoom F6 - game changer?

    Ah, a complete dummy when it comes to audio here. So this isn't a big deal at all, if I'm reading this correctly. Is there any truth to their claim of more dynamic range? I thought this might be useful on projects where clients are too cheap to pay for a proper location sound guy (too many situations like that).
  12. SR

    Zoom F6 - game changer?

    This is mostly voodoo for me. But for anyone interested, more explanation:
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