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  1. Will do doing more tests tomorrow. I assume that the lens was at 1.8, since the adapter wouldn't communicate with the camera.
  2. Just updated it for the first time since I got the camera a few months back. I'm unable to change the aperture on my viltrox (firmware, I read) but the issue with weird softness wide open is gone. It looks quite natural.
  3. Stop being a wuss and just buy the BMPCC4K.
  4. Wooohooo! NX1 mention (fanboy here).
  5. Not even top 5 for the BMPCC4K. Feels wrong.
  6. I'm thinking of adapting M42 lenses to my BMP4K, using a M42 to EF adapter on top of my current Viltrox EF to micro43 speedbooster. Is this a bad idea, guys?
  7. Let us know how it goes. Found one with the Tamron 24-70.
  8. Has anyone tried out the Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 g2 with the BMP4K? Looks like the perfect combo for handheld stuff to me. I came across some footage a while back and it didn't look like there was much lens breathing either (sorry footage link lost at the moment).
  9. Holy shit, that's where I did my preorder from! (I'm not in Australia, though. A friend's bringing it over to me.) The email confirmation I got a few months back:
  10. I had to change my underpants. Which retailer did you order from?
  11. Funnily enough, I am in the market for a full frame camera that has above 40 mp (then again, I am a photographer primarily). With a preordered BMPCC4K already in the back pocket for short films, I was considering getting the Nikon D850 for stills. And renting the GH5 whenever run-gun projects came along. But if someone can combine the D850 stills and the GH5 video, and include IBIS, I'm sold.
  12. That video might need a bit of magenta.
  13. To be honest, their supposed PR "missteps" isn't even a legitimate concern for me. I don't get the complaints. The camera that should clearly cost at least 5,000. And they charge 300 for a software with lifetime upgrade that competitors are milking for several times more, or ridiculous monthly subscription. The camera's coming out in less than a month! It's feels odd to me to say this about a camera company, but I've become a big fan and evangelical of Blackmagic and their ethos. Picking a fight with Blackmagic over PR "missteps" is like castigating one of the small handful in the room who gives a shit about democratizing cinema tools for filmmakers, all because they didn't say hi to everyone in the room.
  14. This thread is becoming ridiculously petty. Let's just rename it, "Fuck Blackmagic". That way, we're clear on what the topic is really about.
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