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  1. ..guys.. Camera Cospiracies is completely right.. if for a moment we don't consider the high iso performance, the NX1 is still at the top level in 2020. In 2020! And it was released in 2014.
  2. Guys.. it is amazing how much the NX1 still holds in 2020 (not considering ISO limitations). I continually compare the footage of the NX1 with that of the other cameras I use and still continue to prefer what the damn NX1 sensor produces.
  3. Ehy, amazing footage! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Dear friends, just coming back to the title of this thread.. I have both, Sony A7s II and Samsung NX1, and I know very well both. Yesterday I have tried for first time the Zeiss Distagon 28 f/2 Zf.2 on NX1, and my friends, in the screen of my laptop I've seen God. Great 3D, amazing colors, incredibly alive images, an interstellar trip. Never seen something like that on my Sony A7s II. And the world still ignores this prodigious camera called NX1. I know, I should get over it, but I cannot.
  5. ..Kinshasa I agree with you completely. I have both, Samsung NX1 and Sony A7s II, and no doubts.. I love, really love the NX1. It is able to make me want to shot video every day. In few words: under the 1600 iso is now, in 2017, still unbeatable!
  6. My friends, I’m thinking on launching in the forum a new topic entitled “Where is Andrew Reid?”.. I’m a bit joking but I’m getting worried he doesn’t write anything.. I hope he is fully involved with some filmmaking project..
  7. Kidz thank you very much for your suggestion, but often I go on Ebay and until now I’ve never found the 16-50s for less than 850 / 900 euros.. I’m speaking of Ebay.it, maybe I should frequent Ebay.com..
  8. My friends do you have suggestions on where to find a 16-50s for less than 900 euros? I look around but cannot find it. Apart from this, great new things coming from Luca!
  9. Dear Andrew, thank you very much for your post, that is very useful to clarify what the crop factor is, while in the web there is a big confusion. However I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t mention NX1 in your article, whereas this superb camera is living a second life beyond the official “death” also thanks to the great passion of some members of your forum. Best
  10. ..I don't know if the theme has been yet approached, so I put the question: does the hacking compromise the Samsung warranty? Your hacking work is fantastic and I'm very attracted by the possibilities it opens, but I'd like to deepen what happens with the official warranty..
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