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  1. Mokara, I have a similar desktop system (5820k at 4.4ghz and 1080ti) and it 'eats' nx1 files, so I agree.
  2. Marco Tecno

    Awesome NX1 Monitor

    Could you also please discuss about the use of this specific monitor for still shooting, in particular for macro photography?
  3. Marco Tecno

    Awesome NX1 Monitor

    Does focus peaking work with it?
  4. Marco Tecno

    Vintage NX-1 Camera! New Video! May 2018

    You're an incredible colorist
  5. https://petapixel.com/2018/05/18/the-original-canon-eos-m-can-shoot-2-5k-raw-video-with-magic-lantern/
  6. Marco Tecno

    NX1 RAW VIDEO???

    Kids, what do we have to loose about that!? I mean...we could wait for the date he indicated. Then, you could have destroyed him if he didn't post anything. In this way, he'll be able to say that it's ppl fault, not his. Again, I'm not believing in anything, but I wouldn't have behaved in the way that many here did.
  7. Marco Tecno

    NX1 RAW VIDEO???

    I vote for letting him post and after that we can judge.
  8. Marco Tecno

    NX1 RAW VIDEO???

    Well I agree with kisaha, we could just wait and see. Impatience sometimes is the biggest evil of them all.
  9. Marco Tecno

    NX1 RAW VIDEO???

    I want to believe (cit.) since I love, love nx1 and use to trust people. So please don't proof I'm a fool and give us wo der by april 1st, so that this day will be known as april's arikhan from now on. Respect to you, young Jedi.
  10. Marco Tecno

    NX1 RAW VIDEO???

    Actually I just sit here... Wait and see is the best strategy in this game. Please don't get nervous.
  11. Marco Tecno

    NX2 rumors

    I think I'm one of the 'oldest' nx supporters on this forum. I bought nx100 back in late 2011 and since then I bought nx200, 300 and finally nx1 in feb 2015. So it's just been 3 years that I've been using nx1. I love it and along with s lenses it's really powerful. The news about dng recording is simply great. I followed the hacking scene from day 0 and this would be a tremendous achievement for a system which is proving to be the longest lasting reigning apsc on the market as far as I'm concerned. Kudos to you if you can make this public.
  12. A7r-3 is your best bet... But costs 4-8x the nx1 for a whole system
  13. Marco Tecno

    NX1 Film

    The first scene is incredible, almost looks like hdr. Can you show a picture of the specific set for that scene, with lights and so on? Thanks.
  14. Marco Tecno

    somewhat painful... NX-None

    Definitely so. A camera phone, as of today, is totally ridicolous as a camera replacement, if you want the quality of a real camera. For example, for stills, I'd pick a Nikon D1x from 2001 over ANY today's phone. And that's 17 years of continuous development. Perhaps, in the future, a tiny sensor will be able to match the DR and noise of a big sensor from today, but there will always be the issues with lens distortions, bokeh, and so on. So, for me, real cameras will be necessary for at least other 10 years.