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  1. Please share your settings for ooc videos, not to be graded. Thanks!
  2. Oh wow spam again, how could such a thing exist? Ai or persons?
  3. The problem... Are customers, not the camera. Simply put, nx1 didn't have the appeal of sony or panasonic, not to mention canon or nikon. Had nx1 be a panasonic camera, it would have been the best seller ever.
  4. Very interesting finding! This camera is a treasure even after more than 4 years!
  5. Incredible videos. Now, who needs a better tool when you can make such 'things' with a 4+ years old camera? I'd rather like to learn how to grade like this then to get a gh6 for free.
  6. +1. My nx1 is for sure a more capable camera than I am as a photo/videographer.
  7. If you read my post, you'll discover that this discussion dates 2 years in the past.
  8. Really??? This is great news for the community and would turn the nx1 into the best 'abandonware' ever. Actually it already is, but it would make it even better.
  9. Mokara, I have a similar desktop system (5820k at 4.4ghz and 1080ti) and it 'eats' nx1 files, so I agree.
  10. Could you also please discuss about the use of this specific monitor for still shooting, in particular for macro photography?
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