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  1. I wish... Covid 19 is destroying business, as it was planned, by the great reset-the 4th revolution. It ruined my life, and many others... It is an important subject... it is an unavoidable subject right now, because it is the cause of all this economic crisis, not the virus of course, it never was about the virus, but the draconian measures taken... I fear for the camera industry... chinese smart phones will kill the business, now with the help of covid measures, and corrupt leaders... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/covid-19-could-kill-people-hunger-virus
  2. Yes, everything that goes against the official narrative, makes you mad, because you cannot live in a world other than the one thought world, you cannot live without believing that the system cares for you: The nazis used to say: it is for your own safety... so you use the same strategy communist use to avoid discussion, that is. labeling people: like tinfoil, saying that someone that question this covid fake pandemic believes in flat earth, is a conspiracy theorists.... well, I f I'm all of that, and if you believe that something created by Bill Gates's propaganda machine, that affects only 1
  3. This is all because of this cofake-1984 pandemic hoax... People be aware. They are destroying jobs, economy, everything, for the great reset. These draconian measures are being implemented by these technocrats globalists... There is no pandemic. No health problem, only a political one... Devide and conquer, this is their aim... We have to fight their agenda... otherwise we will be all out of business soon. There is no cure for the hunger virus. https://www.bitchute.com/video/zH8UjevO3O4m/
  4. Where can I buy the NXL? Is there any one willing to sell one to me... thanks well said Kisaha... It is because of people such as DBounce, that great products like the NX1, don't go any further, and disappear from the market, with no follow up products... people should buy the best product, the best bang for the buck, and in that way, reward the efforts of such brands such as Samsung that deliver better and cheaper products than competition... for me the NX1 has no parallel. It is simply the best camera I have ever seen to this date...
  5. So do I. I pay one euro more than what thefarmovie is willing to pay... ehehe
  6. Maybe he is a lost cousin of Michael Jackson.... Remember the Jackson five? Jackneeson is a kind of mixture between the Jackson family and Liam Neeson... It could also be the name of a new Samsung Camera... Just imagine, Samsung Jackneeson 2... uau!!!!!! Oh well, what the hell am I doing At least you know that I'm for real, and not a bot... LOL
  7. Did you sell it? Do you sell only the 16-50s? Thanks
  8. snif, snif... you didn't answer me Andrew By the way, I've seen your videos. I love electronic music, and bands such as Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Underworld... and I just adore your videos, I love Radioctivoty, the music reminds me those old C64 musics... and of course kraftwerk Listen andrew, I also do Electronic Music... My project is called Lollipop Boy. Do you wanna make me a video? Here is one of my musics... the video images are not mine....
  9. Hi Andrew, comparing to the NX1, in good lighting, do You think the A7III reached the same amount of detail? I saw this video, and really liked it. The A7 III seems to mach the NX1 performance in good lighting, even in 1080p 120fps, and in low light it spanks it. What do you think? I'm only talking about pure IQ here... Thanks
  10. You see you have these great scientists that are really concerned about the public health and you make fun of them, and the other one, the greek guy, thinks that's funny... that I don't understand... Do you really think the industry cares about your health? LOL ...They care about profit....
  11. Sorry to hear about your father... Accepted standards!??!?!? Those are established by the industry itself.... anyway, there are so many wireless devices, do we really need all of them? Even if there were really those accepted standards, that are always changing overtime by the way, we have to deal with the sum of all those devices that are producing radiation, and cumulative effects (a tumor may take several years to grow)...One thing is for sure, there is and there will always be conflict in interests... The rise in tumors cases, and MS, and other neurological diseases are due to
  12. You probably too young to understand this...ok, here is a liitle bit of history http://www.emfresearch.com/reflex-study/ http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/pdfs/20041222_reflex.pdf http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/
  13. Bonus?!? Two antenas?!?? more Wireless radiation?!?!! Electromagneric radiation for free... Yupi!!! Brain tumor, I'm so happy... hurray.!!!!.. not!!!
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