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  1. CyclingBen

    NX1 Eterna Profile

    Nice work @mnewxcv. I really didn't think the OLED changed anything either until I just started willy nilly changing every single setting I could think of. It's not a 100% perfect match, but very close. Thanks for doing the more complete test.
  2. CyclingBen

    NX1 Eterna Profile

    Yes normal gamma. I also thought the OLED setting only applies to the monitor but it seems to shift saturation in the actual recording to my eye and also to the monitors in FCPX. For the Hue, I had never adjusted it prior to trying to match the two cameras, but found the eterna profile to shift much cooler than the NX1. I’m sure the same could be accomplished with altering the white balance as well. I think the Fuji cameras have comparable white balance to the NX1 but it trends a little cooler. overall I love the match I found. I haven’t tried matching in premiere or davinci yet. I’d use it on a job for work if I had to.
  3. CyclingBen

    NX1 Eterna Profile

    Hi Gals and Guys. I've been trying to match the NX1 to the Fuji Eterna profile in camera for a couple weeks and think I finally have it dialed in. Here are my settings: OLED color - ON Picture Wizard - Custom Color Green .95 Saturation -3 Sharpness -10 Contrast 0 Hue -6 Using FCPX and color match I'm able to get it to match perfectly in a click or two. If anyone has other ideas or better settings I'd be happy to try them and post results.
  4. CyclingBen

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    The X-T30, due to its smaller size (thus smaller heat sinks) and only having a single UHS-I card slot, video specs are affected. 4K 30fps @ 200Mbps instead of 60fps 400Mbps on the X-T3, no H.265 (HEVC) so no internal 4:2:0 10-bit (8-bit only), 10 min limit on 4k video, 15 min limit on HD 1080. There is 4:2:2 10-bit, but it is for external recording only (although no time limit) You're right, it's not Canon, but for Fuji it's pretty lame.
  5. CyclingBen

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    Wow, they went Canon on this, crippling the bit rate so much. I'm kind of surprised to be honest. For video it seems like the firesale on the X-H1 is a better buy as long as you're not using an external recorder. Did a wedding for a friend a few months ago (god they suck, props to anyone who does them for a living especially @thebrothersthre3) and finally edited the footage between my X-T3, Em10III and NX1... the X-t3 footage with eterna either in 10 bit or 8 bit just blows the other footage out of the water. Little to no color correction and just amazing skin tones. If you need a 10 bit camera capable of excellent skin tones... get an X-T3 if you don't need 10 bit, X-H1. The X-t30 seems to be for photographers.
  6. CyclingBen

    Cleaning vintage lenses

    Douche your nose with it... I haven’t had an honest to goodness laugh out loud moment in a while. Well done webrunner
  7. CyclingBen

    Cleaning vintage lenses

    As far as letting the solution sit, on the bottle (I looked online) it said for fungus to let it sit for 10 minutes (same as for killing MERSA). If I were to use it I would probably follow those instructions, the next time I go to the store I will ask him. Looks like the main ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid. Maybe there is another product in your area that has it in there. Otherwise I’d be happy to ship you some, though it’s -33 Celsius here today without the wind chill...
  8. CyclingBen

    Cleaning vintage lenses

    I had success using florescent lights going straight into the lens and putting some aluminum foil on the other side of the lens to reflect the UV back up through the rear element to remove some light fungus from the inside of a Super Tak, I also opened up and cleaned a Rokkor lens that had significant fungus with rubbing alcohol, a week long light treatment and then opening it back up to clean up the dried fungus. The owner of the camera shop in my town recommended using this cleaner https://www.amazon.com/CleanSmart-Toy-Disinfectant-Spray-Bacteria/dp/B011ANDC78 which is normally used to clean kids toys. I haven't tried it yet, but he's restored hundreds of lenses.
  9. Knocking it down to $450
  10. I thought Vasile said at one point that 10-bit was impossible because it was hard coded in the H265 codec Samsung uses. If someone found a way around that, damn the NX1 would be king of The hill again.
  11. Hey all! im selling my Olympus EM10iii because I don’t use it enough anymore. Body is in excellent condition and comes with 3 batteries, charger and the Panasonic 12-32 pancake lens and Panasonic 14mm prime lens. I’ll also throw in m42 and Rokkor lens adaptors if you want more info let me know and I’ll also post pictures if there is interest. looking for $550 total after PayPal/Credit card fees
  12. CyclingBen

    Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    Some lens observations from the 2.0 obtains which finally coupled the IBIS to OIS. 10-24: wow, this lens is Olympus good now, simply amazing how good the stabilization is. As an extreme test, I followed my toddler around for about 10 minutes, and all of it, besides walking up the stairs, was excellent. 18-55: noticed a big difference in panning quality, no more floating image. Otherwise it’s a slight improvement. 55-200: not listed in the release as an improvement or upgrade. I’d say it improved at least as much as the 18-55. 18-135: got my personal one refurbished, exhchanged or fixed by Fuji USA... whoa. This is like shooting the 12-100 on the EM-1ii. The image quality is still lacking, but if you’re in decent light, handhold this all day long. Fuji did a great job on this update, makes the X-H1 a much better camera for video. There is something about this camera that is just more fun or easier to use than my work X-T3, maybe it’s because I like what I’m shooting more.
  13. Isn’t TomPeter the villain I Harry Potter too? This is guy just postsnon every forum (dpreview, cinema5d, all video related YouTube channels) with his overpriced cameras his company either stole or bought on the cheap, Andrew should just ghost ban him so he thinks he’s posting and earning his bread for the day.
  14. CyclingBen

    Video progress of Fuji (X-T1 to X-T3)

    @jonpais credit where credit is due. You were right, it’s a Sony sensor AND your ninja comment was great. Im surprised on both accounts (sorry for the backhanded compliment). The next Sony Apsc is going to be interesting, damn... back to Fuji. The X-T3 is technically superior to almost everything out there. We are keeping our X-T3 at (American bicycle corporation based in Wisconsin), but personally I’m sending mine back. The video is excellent as long as your using a stabilized lens for handheld work. I’m not a big fan (enough to spend my own money on) of the Fuji zooms except for the 18-135 and 10-24 so the X-H1 will be my personal video cam along with the Olympus EM10iii for my everyday carry with me and document silly moments with my 1 year old. Both cams vs the XT3 over the past week, the XT3 quality is definietly better, but for personal stuff (travel, going to Chile again in February) I can’t justify the X-T3... yet. Back on topic, wow, Fuji basically went from nothing in the X-1 lineup to stellar in 5 years. Their engineers and designers are going to be poached by every camera manufacturer in the next 2 years. Expect them to level off for a year or two while they retool and rehire new talent for their camera division. Maybe that means the Canon wow r-t3 will finally be worth buying.