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  1. Correct. It records correctly so I'm not worried about it any more.
  2. Thanks for your responses. After some testing I realized that it is only before hitting record. After that it goes to the correct ISO. Really weird, I checked the DR and Flog settings and both were at 100 and off respectively. Maybe it's a "Live view" setting. At any rate if it records correctly then I'm confident using it in Auto ISO.
  3. Question for the group and maybe I'm just missing a setting... On the X-S10 why is the auto ISO lower limit at 640? X-T3/4 does not do the same thing.
  4. "However, there are other attributes that could falsely appear to alter the perspective. These occur when the already-2D image is warped or distorted. In other words: when the 3D projection onto a 2D plane remains unchanged but the 2D image is warped. This could give the false sense of a different perspective." Maybe that's just it, the large format lenses being used are creating "distortion" that make the perspective appear different, even though it should mathematically be the same... hmm.
  5. @EthanAlexander "It doesn't have to do with the FOV, which you could match with a longer lens from far away, it has to do with perspective, which changes when you get closer. People know, even if only subconsciously, how close the camera is to the subject." That's a bingo. At least for me it was while reading through this. You can tell how far away the camera is as an audience member, though not as accurately the further the camera gets from the subject (think ball on the football pitch, you know it's far away, but can't tell exactly how far). Even though film is a 2D medium, our brains
  6. For the event your doing, I would personally not worry about grain at all as long as the colors look decent. If the venue is going for that medieval, dark and gloomy look, embrace it and shoot as high of ISO as necessary to properly expose. Like @thebrothersthre3said, up to 8000 should be fine, I'd even push it further if you need to get someone's face. Obviously I don't know the exact venue or what the client wants, but if they want to show what their venue really looks like, I would use natural light as much as possible, save for the band. Using the X-T3 for a friends wedding I foun
  7. Not to get too political but kinda very political, but since 2017 I've been in the camp of "write it off, write it off and write it off again" because the IRS under Trump is far less likely to audit you or deny a deduction. I don't agree with his tax policy, but if I can keep a few dollars out of the concentration camps, I'm going to go for it. Basically, depreciate your camera assets using bonus depreciation (lenses, cameras) and use normal depreciation for computers. For my 2018 taxes I got $9K back without an audit by putting my Fuji camera purchases (x-t3 and x-h1), lenses and a used iMa
  8. Had an emotional moment this morning... finally broke the seal on my like new NX1 to install the hack because my workhorse camera after hiking for a week in Austria started acting up (after stopping recording it would freeze and when shooting on the medium burst mode it would continuously write to the card). Glad I made this thread because I never wrote down my settings. Hopefully it’s just a memory card issue, but I kinda doubt it. At any rate, 4+ years of rock solid performance in all conditions is nothing to sneeze at.
  9. Wow. My wife has been working with LiDAR for an autonomous military vehicle and one of the first questions I asked was "how does it communicate with the cameras?". That was Wednesday. Not only is @BTM_Pix a skilled technician, he's also a mind reader. Well done!
  10. Like Andrew I also have two of them, one I got off eBay for $400 as a backup in case my main one ever gives up the ghost. When I want ultimate quality in video I always go for the NX1. Its simply the best and really only Fuji comes close to matching it, but with that one touch video option vs Fuji’s dial / touchscreen control, the NX1 beats it out in terms of usability. I have my NX1 hacked just to give unlimited recording, and have never experienced the green issue you described. Could it be related to the stage using some type of LED that pulses at a weird or uneven rate?
  11. In full auto mode you have to use the default Samsung settings. You can use "P" / Program mode and use the custom color profiles and still have the camera auto set the shutter speed, F stop and ISO.
  12. I’m not using the shutter priority mode, sorry that was possibly confusing. The S or Samsung special mode on the dial, it has a whole bunch of speciality shot options like the light trace and the baseball swing detection.
  13. I haven’t used the NX1 much for personal use. Now that it’s been liberated from work I’ve been testing it out on one of my passions, shooting the northern lights and a few days ago tried the light trails mode. Whatever voodoo Samsung put in this camera makes it shoot perfect northern light photos with this setting, without having to do anything but point the camera in the right direction. However I cannot find a way to make the intervolameter in the ‘s’ mode work at all. Do any of you know if there is a menu I’m missing or if there is a work around? Since the NX1 will automat
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