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  1. Turboguard

    Adobe Audition Help/Advice

    Play around with the dynamics processing first before adding reverb, some eq after that. And then don’t make the reverb too wet!
  2. Turboguard

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    This happened to me back in October and they replaced my unit 3 days later. Haven’t seen it with my replacement model gladly. But that they had never seen it before is BS, my thread and video is still on the BMD forums where BMD people are responding to it.
  3. Turboguard

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I preordered from Tilta Dec 2nd, haven’t heard a word
  4. Turboguard

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I'll sell mine for 8K to you
  5. Turboguard

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

  6. Turboguard

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Have 1TB and 500GB and haven’t had issues at all. I received my P4K in September.
  7. Turboguard

    Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?

    I'm going to put it up and try to record some this weekend. Will post pics and some footage after that alright.
  8. Turboguard

    Quick AUDIO fix question (post production)

    I bought this mic years ago (2012-13 maybe?), it’s an NTG2 and was on flash sale at BH. Again, not an audio guy so used it for scratch for the OG pocket back then.
  9. Turboguard

    Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?

    Again, I only had about 30min so I didn’t record anything as it took me a while to learn how to put it together and mount everything. I am renting it out next week and wanted to make sure it works haha. One thing I got from it though is that it’s damn heavy and will prob look into buying the dual pistol grips and maybe attach it with a harness to my body.
  10. Turboguard

    Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?

    Hello! So yesterday I had 30min to finally play with my G2X and this is my first motorized gimbal ever. I attached the P4K and Sigma 18-35mm, and it was clearly front heavy. So with no experience whatsoever, I tried to balance it and it went okay, but still either it fell backwards or forward depending on where I had the center. So I just started the damn thing after being bored “balancing” and it balanced it perfectly for me. I was shocked, it literally flipped the whole thing straight for me. Is that a thing?! Do we not have to balance gimbals anymore? EDIT: I just scrolled up and saw the previous comments, I am really hopping not to open Pandora’s box by writing in this thread, oooppppssss
  11. Turboguard

    Quick AUDIO fix question (post production)

    I missed that some people actually wanted to see what I was up to with this thread. So I’ll try to make this quick, cause it might not be super interesting. I shot a 2.5h long performance of Cabaret on Jan 30th. I didn’t know I had to do audio but see my set up below for scratch audio. Anyway, their own audio station broke down and they didn’t record sound for me. On top of that through out the whole performance 70% of the cast’s lavs wouldn’t work. (It was a small intimate place so for being there watching it, I don’t think anyone really cared). Anyway, because of this, I tried my best to watch audio meters on the P4K jumping between 80-100% through out the show. So bla bla, next day, because their own audio was non-exsistent I had to use my own for the final delivery, and in my DAW the wave form was all over the place obviously. So my question for this thread was “Is there an easy way to make the lows and highs just normalize towards say -12dB?” I know “normalize” might not be the correct term here. Anyway, I ended up just going through the whole file manually adjusting volume. Then cleaning it up and mastering it. It took a few hours but yeah, it’s done now.
  12. Turboguard

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Right, I can't see a single reason for this be like this. If they think it's smoothens the user experience by say, only showing raw clips cause I'm shooting raw, it's not. If I was shooting prores earlier and now Raw, and I click the playback button, my latest clips should be shown first right, so I'm not having to scroll through tons of pores and be like "OMG CAN IT JUST HIDE PRORES CAUSE I'M SHOOTING RAW NOW". That would NEVER happen, cause the prores would be AFTER THE RAW I'm shooting at the moment. Obviously this would go the other way around as well. BUT LIKE, what other camera does this in the world!? Sorry, i'm kind of pissed off about this as I had to delete a whole card on set last week cause I didn't have time to figure out what format I had shot stuff on it.
  13. Turboguard

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I had that screen bug and they replaced it right away. Received a new camera just 3 days after I spoke to customer support.
  14. Turboguard

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    So this update, assume its good with all the fixes. Still wondering why they couldn’t add the SD card as a 3rd input. I will prob not buy a Cfast card anytime soon and was shooting a gig that went on longer than expected and filled up my SSD. I didn’t know if it would automatically switch to the SD or not so turned it off and pulled out the SSD so a I could see the SD card. Also, obviously this is QOL as well but I had to flip around all codecs to see what I had on the card before formatting it and it all just took so much time (I was shooting a live event) so for the future, maybe a media player that could see all files, RAW and Prores in ALL flavors. Sure I’m bummed about no BRAW announcement yet either but I’m willing to wait until it’s perfected.