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  1. Pocket 6K will be available in France next week! 2 699,00 €. French Digistore I just receive an email where they say it will be available next week but just few units... That was fast, and I'm not even registered on this site! (Well not that i remembered) If only I had the money , it could be a great update from my old but beloved NX1!
  2. I'm 100% with you Andrew! Shame on Blackmagic for not inviting you nore giving you a pre-production model for testing! (That being said, I surely will buy the BMP4k, just waiting for some reviews ; sadly not yours apparently...) I don't understand why so little eoshd users shows their support after all you done for us all these years! (I will never thank you enough for starting the anamorphic DIY topics) Let me be optimistic : maybe Blackmagic will read this topic and make it up to you...So you will do a nice and helpfull review and John Brawley will help you!
  3. What about anamorphic mode? (finger crossed!)
  4. It's a joke : a picture saying "oops april fools!". So don't waste your time like I did with mine, thanks to lucabutera...
  5. My favorite BW movie is "Tetro" by Francis Ford Coppola. Anyone who want to try shooting digital BW should see this imho.
  6. Sorry but it seems your player can't handle h264 4k smoothly like MPC-HC does. So I'm not even trying h265.
  7. One answer : 4:3 don't crop horizontal flares! I quit GH4 for the colors, now i'm happy with my NX1 except the 16:9 crop my flares :(.
  8. Thanks! shot in 4k except the last shots when she runs in slowmo 1080p. Sides cropped to fit 2:39:1.
  9. Something different : anamorphic nx1, anamorphic lens : Kowa for Bell & Howell and talking lens : Konica-Hexanon 40mm f/1.8 (no hack sadly).
  10. Thank you so much! Despite the sound cut such a moving documentary!
  11. Takumar Lenses do a great job on nx1 and are pretty cheap (except the 85mm). You can use the Super Takumar Serie if you want flares, and the SMC or super multi coated ones if you don't. But Caleb is right The Konica 40mm is a must have! And of course you might consider the famous Helios 44-2, but remenber you loose the swirly bokeh on S35, sad! But the rest of the character is worth it.
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