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  1. In the vid I posted they said they were shooting on m43 with a vintage 35mm lens at f2.4. If they can get a usable m43 image at f2 that would be fantastic. I'm not bothered by a little softness. This might be a dumb question, but is it better to use a taking lens where the filter size is at or smaller than 52mm?
  2. No, no, THANK YOU for being so gracious with your time and attempting to answer our questions. That new footage you posted, with the variable diopter, is really nice.
  3. Ian, if your taking lens accepts 52mm filters would the Aivascope just screw right in, no need for step up rings? Also, since you focus via the taking lens shouldn't autofocus work? I know you probably don't use autofocus, but the reason I ask is I'd be interested in using it for photography, not filmmaking. One final question. I know they recommend it for use with sensors no bigger than m43. Any idea how fast of an aperture you can use with m43 before the image is unusable? Wondering if f1.4 or f1.7 would be okay. No problem if you can't answer these questions, still appreciate you starting this thread.
  4. Finally a vid with some bokeh. And this lens is single focus? Nice. Such a tiny lens.
  5. Notice the smilies. Think he was being sarcastic.
  6. This is fantastic looking footage Verbel. Are you using a bellows with this version?
  7. Flynn


    You guys are so negative. I think he's created something cool that I could not do, which he will probably improve upon. Give him some encouragement, not so much negativity!
  8. Flynn


    Very clever. Looks good. Dr. Verbel', do you speak Russian?
  9. Today I learnt Mauritius is called Maurice by the French. Beautiful footage.
  10. Too rich for my blood but good luck with your sale Hunter and thanks for the heads up.
  11. I'm surprised they haven't put out a Pocket Mkii. I guess they make a lot more off the other cameras.
  12. I love that third vid. Awesome music, awesome dog, great stuff.
  13. Only in the E mount, though they eventually plan on releasing them in the X mount- means Fuji is gonna get much more serious about video for their own cameras? http://www.newsshooter.com/2017/02/22/fujinon-announce-new-fast-affordable-zooms-for-e-mount-mk-18-55-t2-9-and-mk-50-135-t2-9/
  14. Thanks. I was just thinking any lens listed as "Through Focus" on Tito's chart, autofocus should work. But then I figured there must be a reason it doesn't work, cause people are always saying you can't use autofocus with an adapter.
  15. If you don't have to focus the adapter, shouldn't the lenses listed as through focus work with autofocus? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13WruS37PBu9MH3RI-AsNClNsaLoS49IvRlLKx0uVuD4/htmlview
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