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  1. https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/20638-35nap-2-3m-mod-–-precision-light-streaks-bokeh/
  2. Yes, you right. Effective area of 2-3m front glass in width around 55mm, so rear lens 80mm of Singlus prototype enough to cover. On photo sample with 2-2 version. Now I think how to easily adapt Singlus for 35nap family. Best result when front element of scope close as possible to rear lens of focus module.
  3. Singlus prototype focus module test Used gear: Schneider ES Cinelux 2x (Singlus prototype) Porst 50mm F:1.4 Helios 44-2 F:2 projector lens LETI 92mm F:2 Sony a6300
  4. Quick test flares 35NAP2-2 / Singlus prototype / Helios 44-2 wideopen on Sony a6300
  5. Rear lens - 80mm. Designed for 35NAP family and other big scopes. Can be used also with smaller scopes thru adapters.Tests and footage next week.
  6. Partially music video, partially test. Shot on Schneider ES Cinelux 2x | Porst 50mm 1.4 and new prototype lens Vormax 1.33x, paired with Mir 1b 37mm. Camera Sony a6300. setups:
  7. Exact this lens not my, one friend sent me for tests. He think about kickstarter :-) Nearest target for me finish good body for big single focus to use with big scopes. Then make detailed tests with different ana lenses to understand, how good and universal my future single focus. And maybe I'll think about kickstarter also )
  8. Some stills: Schneider ES Cinelux 2x (Custom Single focus) Chinon 50mm F:1.7 wideopen Sony a6300
  9. I close at this moment work with this lens, because glass was in microscratches affect to image. But you can see this thread, methods of rehousing similar https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/20638-35nap-2-3m-mod-–-precision-light-streaks-bokeh/?tab=comments#comment-161104
  10. Fresh test Schneider ES Cinelux 2x (Custom Single focus) Chinon 50mm F:1.7 Projector lens 92mm F:2 Sony a6300
  11. Relatively fresh test. Schneider ES Cinelux 2x (custom single focus) | Helios 44-2 F:2 | Sony a6300
  12. My variable diopter - calculated and produced lenses from optician. Variable diopter from WA and positive diopter have cons like a lot of CA in edges. For more info welcome to PM
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