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  1. Recently lost a full time contract because of covid. Can't sell my gear because it's pretty strict here. Currently looking for ways / ideas to earn during these times. Might be time to create content during lockdown
  2. So what's the verdict if someone want's to get a BM cam? P4K or P6K?
  3. Been thinking about this for a park event on Friday but don't really know how to set this up. I'm gonna use a GH5s on a tripod. I'm thinking of buying an Elgato HD60s for live streaming to FB or Youtube but I dont think my laptop has the battery capacity of more than an hour of streaming so I'm looking at other options where the GH5s or other cams can stream directly. Is this possible? I have a Ninja V if that helps. I thought I can use the Panasonic app at first but can't record audio on that. Thanks in advance to any recommendation
  4. What do you mean down scale in the camera?
  5. Good price. But I bought a used DJI 15mm f1.7 at almost the same price, which I think is a better buy - comparable to the Leica 15mm f1.7
  6. I have a 1.33 anamorphic from SLR Magic and a Sankor 16c, the 2x anamorphic Sankor does look better than the 1.33x anamorphic
  7. So is this correct?: 1. Get the bokeh to perfectly round by rotating anamorphic lens 2. Focus the taking lens For me, it's also rotating the anamorphic lens to something that doesnt look too distorted then fiddling with the taking lens. What I also realized is that your taking lens' sharpness will dictate how sharp or how focused your shots will be. I have a Helios and thought that the Sankor 16c can't focus. But I tried a Takumar and I got nicer, sharper shots
  8. Why is the 12-100 disappointing? I've also been thinking of getting one for run & gun and lessen the time to switch lenses for travels
  9. Thanks for this, this is great advice. I'm gonna try to apply this more whenever I get stuck on where I want to advance my career
  10. Can't you use the lut on the GH5s? I just don't use it during filming on my GH5s but I still use the lut via Premiere. You still need to adjust it but it still works fine. Same experience if you use it on GH5 footages.
  11. I suggest you go straight to work. I know Escape studios but what they offer can be learned on the job. I worked as a compositor out of college with just my portfolio, and a BS degree. You learn so much more from your Seniors and your colleagues while working in the industry, plus you'll get paid to learn and to build out your reel. So for me, you should get a job in production first, then rethink if you really want to do your Masters
  12. Since you're willing to invest on a monitor, I've been looking at this the Predator X34p. I dont know about your needs but that's the ultrawide I've been researching to pair up with the monitor that I currently have - Dell P2715q a nice budget 4K monitor that I plan to rotate vertically when I get an ultrawide. For the PC build, this was my reference - http://www.thesagery.com/builds/ since I can choose between med - high end depending on what my needs.
  13. Thanks for this. I actually work as a software developer and know a bit about machine learning and all i can say is that it's definitely not fool proof. Without seeing much of the parameters that they're basing their algorithm on, then a youtuber can only do a trial and error method to see what works. But then youtube can suddenly change their conditions which sucks
  14. So is that why some famous youtubers also create a 2nd & 3rd account? Because YT suddenly stops recommending the vids of the ones gaining traction?
  15. Yeah also recommended the Z-Cam E2. I haven't tried it though but looks like it's also a good cam + 4K 120fps without crop. E2-C is a cheaper version but I don't think it can record at 4K with 120fps. I think one downside is that it doesnt work with Viltrox speedboosters so you have to spring for the more expensive Metabones to adapt EF lenses
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