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  1. Thanks for the info! I tried OneDrive before but the upload speeds were horrible. Been looking at Synology but it's still out of my current budget.
  2. How much do you pay for your online storage? S3 I assume is AWS?
  3. The test footages actually look great on the P6K but it's not something that you can't reproduce on the P4K. But yeah the shakiness is kinda distracting if the shots are just people walking or stationary buildings
  4. Basically, you have to be pretty well-known or have the right contacts: https://www.scriptreaderpro.com/how-to-pitch-a-tv-show/
  5. Thanks. Too bad battery life still sucks but footages look great
  6. There's some guys that already received their Pocket 6K. Looks like Adorama is the quickest one who ships it. Hopefully we can get some reviews soon EDIT: Yep
  7. Didnt know they have videos up on their site. Looks amazing so far
  8. So is this camera gonna be Netflix approved? Great! I'm surprised it's already on pre-order. Keep us posted
  9. I dont have micro jitters on mine. Will shoot some with my 35-100 when not too busy
  10. I think Blackmagic Design is now going to move developer and engineer resources now to the new 6k, which means slower updates for the 4k. They will still support the 4k but the 6k will be the focus. So now I'm eyeing the OG Pocket just because I think that's BMD's most polished product. It still has a nice look and software has come a long way to just upres / upconvert footages.
  11. Nice. Would have gotten rid of my Inferno if Ninja V didnt have heat and noise problems (based from the reports that I saw). Also, nice tripod
  12. We were shooting at a recording studio and an A6300 and A6500 both overheated while filming. Had to continue the shoot with a spare G85
  13. TurboRat


    Love the colors and the lighting. Do you still need a single focus like a Rapido if you use an SLR Magic anamorphot?
  14. So are you gonna part with your Ninja Inferno? I had mine for quite some time and been thinking of selling it since I'm using it less and less ever since I switched to music vids / events / run & gun type of video coverage
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