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  1. There is so much food for thought here - Thank you all for sharing your insights, they are inspiring!
  2. Hi, I’m considering Masters degree in Film-making (Cinematography or VFX compositing). Is it worth it? What are your personal takes? Backstory: I’ve recently completed bachelor’s degree (undergraduate) in film-making. It gave me a wide yet superficial understanding of cinema as practice. Arguably, everything that I’ve learnt could have been found online, at a lower price and without wasting 3 years of life. But the BA diploma gave the technical skills that enabled me to find a job, so i will not complain about the humongous debt (UK based student here). Next year, i want to do
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a rental house with competative pricing and good customer service in London, UK. What are your favourite ones? Cheers, Dan
  4. Just got a set of Manfrotto feet for 32£, they work a treat. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Manfrotto-565-Rubber-Shoes-Spiked/dp/B00131GCAC/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=manfrotto+feet+rubber&qid=1559735204&s=gateway&sr=8-5 Thank you for the suggestion xx London, UK. It's a tedious work looking for these deals
  5. Thank you - these look exactly like the feet on the dolly! Also, judging from Amazon reviews, seems like people are having luck using Manfrotto feet for Vinten tripods. I will try your suggestion first and let you know which one works Off-topic: a few weeks back, I bought a used Ursa Mini 4.6K for 1200£ from a local CEX. It came with 2 VLock batteries, a charger, two 128gb CFast cards, and a top handle. Seems like every time a new ‘revolutionary’ camera is announced, these shops are flooded with older generation tech, priced lower than everything on eBay.
  6. Thank you, I think you are spot on here. It was 150£ for Vision 11 head, Carbon Fiber legs, Vinten dolly all in a padded case. I will just get the original ones.
  7. Hi, I just bought a tripod at a local flea market, however it came without rubber feet. A straightforward option would be to buy original replacement feet, however they are double what I payed for the tripod itself. Do you happen to know of any knockoff alternative options for such item? https://cvp.com/product/vinten-v4160-1901-rubber-feet-flowtech?gclid=Cj0KCQjwitPnBRCQARIsAA5n84nWXBtOfQj3JNWJNW_Zqsi7wmWrcN4cX62KrqizV3h5lXCzOe22KgUaAoe8EALw_wcB Cheers
  8. Thank you, @Anaconda_ I did check both slots and they are working fine with other CF 2.0 cards. As you suggested, I formatted the card to ExFat using PC. However, I had to initialize the card first in order to format it. I never had to do this with any camera media in the past. After formatting, the card would record on camera perfectly. Once the card got full, I was able to transfer the files without any issues. However, if I try to format the card inside the camera, I get the same error message ('formatting failed. Please check your card and try again’.) and the card becomes
  9. Hi, Im a recent URSA Mini 4.6K adopter (not the pro version), so I’m unsure if it’s a common issue or not. I’m using two SanDisk 256GB CFast 2.0 Extreme Pro-cards: one of which works fine with the camera, and the other one keeps getting an error message every-time I try to format it inside the camera (error message says ‘formatting failed. Please check your card and try again’.) Has anyone else had the same issue? Were you able to fix it or had to buy another card?
  10. This does apply to me, thank you for the heads up I think we've got a winner here - going to rent and see if it does the job. Cheers for your input
  11. Both GH4 and G85 are brilliant suggestions, thank you @newfoundmass @IronFilm! G85 w/ Viltrox speedbooster and EF glass looks very appealing. It's a conference type set up. The cameras will be locked off on tripods and each have a camera op to manually focus, so auto-focus isn't needed. The stage will be lit, so low light shouldn't be an issue either. The camera needs to record in sequences of 1 hour for around 5-6 hours each day. It will have 20min break time to cool off between each recording. My main concern is overheating - does GH4 or G85 have such issues or is it just Sony
  12. Great shout. I forgot to mention that the budget for each camera is 1000$£€ tops, so the XF400 is a bit out of reach.
  13. Hi, I'm looking to purchase 15 cameras to film long form content, i.e. something without record limit and overheating issues. It's for web delivery so broadcast codec or 4K resolution would be nice but not required. An obvoius solution imho is to get a camrecorder (like XF305). But they are heavy and bulky, and I dont have a van to transport the equipment when needed. Could a mirrorless camera powered with a dummy battery or A/C be a viable option? Something like Panasonic FZ2500 or Sony RX10 mk3. I have very little experience with mirrorless and your insights would be g
  14. With the newest GH5 firmware, V-log can be used in photo shooting. Is there any advantage of using log over other picture profiles?
  15. Thank you all for input! Have tried using SD Association's formatting sofrware (as well as SanDisk recovery, Lexar's Image rescue and Panasonic's SD card recovery, Easeus), all of which yielded no results. Messages such as 'formating failed' or 'error occured while formating' appeared. Tried both exFAT as well as FAT32. I have used CF cards from both brands ever since I've got XF305 and later on 5D without any issues. This situation makes me re-think media (thus camera) choices for professional work.
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