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  1. This does apply to me, thank you for the heads up I think we've got a winner here - going to rent and see if it does the job. Cheers for your input
  2. Both GH4 and G85 are brilliant suggestions, thank you @newfoundmass @IronFilm! G85 w/ Viltrox speedbooster and EF glass looks very appealing. It's a conference type set up. The cameras will be locked off on tripods and each have a camera op to manually focus, so auto-focus isn't needed. The stage will be lit, so low light shouldn't be an issue either. The camera needs to record in sequences of 1 hour for around 5-6 hours each day. It will have 20min break time to cool off between each recording. My main concern is overheating - does GH4 or G85 have such issues or is it just Sony mirror-less problem?
  3. Great shout. I forgot to mention that the budget for each camera is 1000$£€ tops, so the XF400 is a bit out of reach.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to purchase 15 cameras to film long form content, i.e. something without record limit and overheating issues. It's for web delivery so broadcast codec or 4K resolution would be nice but not required. An obvoius solution imho is to get a camrecorder (like XF305). But they are heavy and bulky, and I dont have a van to transport the equipment when needed. Could a mirrorless camera powered with a dummy battery or A/C be a viable option? Something like Panasonic FZ2500 or Sony RX10 mk3. I have very little experience with mirrorless and your insights would be greatly appreciated
  5. With the newest GH5 firmware, V-log can be used in photo shooting. Is there any advantage of using log over other picture profiles?
  6. Thank you all for input! Have tried using SD Association's formatting sofrware (as well as SanDisk recovery, Lexar's Image rescue and Panasonic's SD card recovery, Easeus), all of which yielded no results. Messages such as 'formating failed' or 'error occured while formating' appeared. Tried both exFAT as well as FAT32. I have used CF cards from both brands ever since I've got XF305 and later on 5D without any issues. This situation makes me re-think media (thus camera) choices for professional work.
  7. Hello, I have been using Lexar UHS-II 2000x, UHS-II 1000x and Sandisk UHS-I 95MB/s cards with my GH5. I have used them for over a year without any issues. Cards were formated everytime when using the camera. My workstation is running windows. However, after most recent job all of my cards are corrupted. When I insert them into the camera I get a message 'memory card error format this card?'. After endless clicking 'ok', the message still appears and the cards are unusable. I was unable to format them neither on FS7 nor XF305. Have you ever had a similar issue? Additional info: DIT person was running a Mac based laptops and there were errors when importing the footage which resulted in lost data. The computer sill recognised the SD cards.
  8. Hey everyone, I have been obsessed with listening to podcasts on a daily commute. However, I am struggling to find any good ones related to film/video. Do you have any suggestions? What are your favourite podcasts?
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