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  1. $3999.99 on launch. One year later $3299 to $3499.
  2. mkabi

    Canon EOS R6

    Meh.... feels kind of underwhelming... https://www.canonrumors.com/the-canon-eos-r6-has-shown-up-for-certification/ Is this really what you want? Feels like a repackaged 1DX mark 2. Whatever, there is probably a market for "good enough" afterall.
  3. I don't know.... may be IPB.... I was just joking but after looking at the data rate table here: https://www.eoshd.com/canon/canon-1d-x-mark-iii-finally-canon-get-serious-about-dslr-video/#more-21068 It could pretty much be real???
  4. As we are all curious... I’m sure there is a “gotchya” protocol somewhere in all of this... But at the same time, you can’t compare Panasonic who was probably looking at Canon going okay... “We should probably stay one step ahead of them because they are number 1 on the ILC camera market... so let’s have 6K... blah blah blah” Meanwhile, Canon was probably was saying okay... “We number 1, let’s maintain that while spending little money to put out garbage for the next 10 years... minor updates here and there” contingency plan “let’s have a separate underground mad science lab that will give us something so unimaginable that when we put it out in 10 to 15 years... we maintain another 10 years while the rest of them catch up” Remember this from 2016: https://www.cinema5d.com/look-canons-crazy-8k-camera-prototype/ I bet you it’s going to be some crazy bit rate something like 2000 Mbps or more that they probably said to themselves you need 1TB cfexpress card to record 10 min. so they would probably have to turn off the camera to change cards... overheating solved. Plus no one can afford multiple 1TB cards... bonus!
  5. Did you forget the 1Dx mark 2 came before the GH5??? By a full year.
  6. Come on bros. Deep down, you know the Canon R5 is more like this: I will be honest here, the only "rumor" that I was excited about in the R5 is the 4K/120 - that wasn't mentioned in the announcement, and there is a possibility that the cripple hammer will land on the rumor itself.... so it is what it is... lets have a good laugh and move on.
  7. You are still talking about the technology... unless you are telling me that MILCs can magically transform the person behind the camera into Roger Deakins.
  8. 1) Why do you want bokeh in Environmental portraits? Also, I don't think 18mm is enough for Wide Angle, try the 12 to 35.... 2) I agree here, but you have to get creative too.... e.g. film from outside the washroom, I don't know about you but I don't know the difference between a tiny washroom in NY/Chicago vs. a giant mansion shower in California... if you're smart enough, do close-ups and only above the chest.... you can film a shower scene from a YMCA (with a shower head and tiles).... or a shaving scene from a mall public washroom (with plenty of room). 3) Same as 2) 4&5) But the effort shows in the pictures themselves, same 7D pictures example. I didn't say I wanted crop/mft.... just saying that people are disillusioned by the whole FF look.... don't get me wrong, I would still opt for a FF over mft if the choice were available where both were similarly priced. I mean all people would at this point....
  9. We can break down the first sentence too, if you want... cause the second is connected to the first and I am even bold enough to say its an elaboration of the first. So the first sentence says "If you don't care about filmmaking, then "peak camera" hit for DSLRs years ago." In my opinion, the keyword here is "you" as in the person using the camera. My translation of that sentence is that 'if the person behind the camera doesn't care about filmmaking, then the 5D mark 2 from 2008 is plenty camera for them."
  10. I'm not trying to pick a fight here. But, I don't know... I felt the same, but after trying out mft... I got to call it as a I see it... Most of the above is mostly B.S. from online pundits. 1) <-- Very subjective and its content based not related to sensor size. 2) <-- Well, watch this video and tell me that 3 feet is really a big deal (may be switch out the lens for the 16-35mm): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFH6bmesqVE 3) <-- Plenty of bokeh on mft here (by the way thats my video with the stupid Yi Camera): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv0QRR3Nbh8 4) <-- This I agree with - but manipulating light with reflectors, external soft boxes, LEDS, flags, etc. even time of day (the golden hours) and working within their limitations is half the fun. 5) <-- This matters if you are not using any editing tools at all, but I've taken some amazing pictures with the 7D. And, they looked great straight out of camera. Funny story, I was working with a friend for a wedding, I told him... man its just a 7D + a couple of L lenses, he said that it will be fine. He was shooting with a 5D mark 2, and the groom wanted all my pictures instead. After reviewing my photos, my friend was blown away by them too, mostly because I captured a lot of those "intimate" moments.
  11. Wow... talk about misunderstandings. IronFilm is not talking about the technology and limitations of DSLR or MILCs... he is talking about the “people” behind the camera... the “buyers” needs, wants and limitation from a filmmakers point of view, the artistic limitations, their limitations with regards to editing and showcasing it. From that standpoint, “Canon 5Dmk2 / Nikon D7100 / etc (zillions of older cameras out there!) are plenty overkill for their stills needs.“
  12. These things hold their value though... I was looking into the original 1dx... still in the $2K to $4K (Canadian) range and that’s used... some retailers on eBay are selling original 1dx brand new for $5K to 6K (CAD). As reference, if I were to pre-order the 1dx mark 3; it would be $8K (CAD). So, if you are already a 1dx or 1dx mark 2 owner; and you are looking to upgrade... it’s not really $6500 (US). It’s $6500 (US) minus whatever your current gear sells for...
  13. Up to 14 stops in RAW (+ C-log) as per this video:
  14. You can fast forward to 18:43 for the video review, still a pre-production model though:
  15. *Applauds* This isn't bad, not bad at all. 5.5K RAW at 60fps - damn. And, internal? Only 5.5K at 30fps & cropped DCI 4K at 60fps with DPAF.... come on... could be worse, right? I think its a true successor to the 1DC - given all the above comes with C-Log this time.
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