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  1. I'm in a similar boat, I don't technically need the latest and greatest, BUT... if I need to upgrade, for whatever reason, then I will get the latest and greatest. No point in sitting in the Stone Age and remaining there, complaining about these kids and their new gadgets... sounds like a grumpy old man.
  2. Sometimes you have to move towards progress otherwise progress leaves you. Not to toot my own horn but I got an 75 inch 8K TV back in 2019.... did I need it? Nope. Funny thing is... I had a 60 inch 1080p TV before it, I used it to watch movies in the basement (my man cave) and it was nearing 10 years since I got it... it could've kept going but I had replaced the living room TV with a 55 inch 4K TV (in that same time). I was late to the 4K TV game, everyone else in my family already had one.... and given that I will be holding onto them for 10+ years.... why not get the latest and brightest. Oh, BTW, it has AI upscaling so the 1080p doesn't look half bad on that screen. Similarly, I just got a iphone 15 (the base model) - again not trying to show off - cause the last phone before that was an iphone XR... I don't switch every year, I don't see the point of doing that. Some guy was recommending the iphone 14 to me, but since I'll be holding onto this phone for 5 to 10 years too, I would want the latest and greatest just to stay relevant.
  3. mkabi

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    I’ve always had that idea… had it back in 2014 in fact… I said… why not take the innards of a GoPro and put it in a canon??? I think I said it in the Magic Lantern forum at which point they said that I was trolling (TF?).
  4. mkabi

    The Way We Were

    Funny thing about this… It was harder to shoot and edit a movie in this day; forget about the price of equipment too. Even harder to shoot a “good” movie, forget about an “amazing” movie… with amazing characters and scenes… But, once it was said and done… it was easy to sell… there was always a major buyer/distributor. Fast forward to today… easy to shoot and edit, hell you can do it all on your phone… you can do it well too… it might take some time to write the script, storyboard and even find decent actors - go to a drama school and take your chances with auditions etc…. Nonetheless the price of admission is super low… again you can do it all on your phone. However!!! You will have a hard time selling it.
  5. In my strong opinion, skip the Nikon pair and go straight to Fuji.... BUT choose either XH2 or XH2s and pair either one with the Fuji GFX 100S (Fuji's medium format camera).
  6. lol - I have a feeling that Nolan thinks that he is smarter than he really is by targetting the mensa crowd. When in fact he is just alienating the many by tickling the few. I learned a lesson in grade 12/13 physics... you are not smart if you are trying to explain something complicated in the most complicated way. My physics teacher told us this -> Who is more famous? Issac Newton or Galileo? Did you know that Galileo explained Gravity way before Newton did??? 100 years before... You know why Newton won over everyone, he explained it so everyone understood it. You are smart if you can take something complicated and explain it in a simple way.
  7. mkabi

    THE Big Question

    *ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT* Sorry - but Nolan's need for practical effects didn't really work for me.... we all know about the mushroom cloud... there are images of it from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, didn't see it in the movie. And, the paper flapping on that ladies face, you know what I am talking about... I didn't even see it on IMAX - that couldn't have been good for IMAX.
  8. mkabi

    THE Big Question

    I couldn't tell that that was Gary Oldman... I was actually surprised he was in the movie... For the most part, I followed along... *SPOILER ALERT* I didn't understand Downey's character motivations and his need for personal vendetta; its like nobody else has ever insulted him before.... really? So, growing up in that era no one bullied you? So, you are going to create this overly complicated scheme to discredit you through a tribunal to remove your security access? Huh? You take away his security clearance, are you saying that Oppenheimer couldn't teach/work at a University? At that point, Oppenheimer felt guilty - I don't think he wanted to work on the H-Bomb...
  9. I would assume - for most influencers the phone is good enough. I remember seeing some person's home tour - may it was on queer eye (can't remember) and they setup an area because he was an "influencer" - all they had was a ringlight with phone mount.... and I thought... well... record, edit and throw it on the platform - done.
  10. Sorry - Red One - released in 2007 is really the first... so, technically Red should be thanked for the 4K revolution. If we are talking about affordability... sure lets bring Panasonic in the picture... but it has to be in the same space as Chinese knock offs (I'm sorry if I'm triggering some people - but the truth hurts) and we all know Chinese knock offs are cheap.
  11. *cough* Canon 1dc *cough* released in 2012 *cough*
  12. Sorry - newsletter does say PDAF. Improvement?
  13. Its real - I got a newsletter from Vistek with pre-order details for S5II & S5IIX... Feb 24 delivery date. I don't know anything about AF though... nor do I know of the real differences between the first gen and second gen. Wait for the reviews I guess. Editted to add: Vistek is a camera store here in Canada, its on par to Henrys (but there are way more Henrys than Vistek). Imagine - Bestbuy only for camera equipment (photo & video).
  14. This thread is in stark contrast in comparison to this thread:
  15. For a split second, I thought this thread was about how the sperm met the egg…
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