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  1. I think its a brilliant move by Sony... Not everything needs a m4/3 or higher sensor... Think of it this way... you can have the Sony a7s3 for the sDOF & wide angle shots, and any other stuff that the phone can't handle... Its a good companion piece if you ask me...
  2. I don’t own a magic arm, but I was entertaining the idea of one in the past... so I am no expert to recommend one to you. In any case, let me shoot a couple of questions back at you... in what configuration were you planning to use it in? How will it balance on that gimbal?
  3. Bwahahahaha.... Editted to add: Not laughing at liork’s joke although that one was relatively funny.
  4. Here is the thing.... If they are recycling sensors and tech... I sure hope they give us 1dx mark 2 stuff in the RX (if that is the name).
  5. I know it’s not going to happen... but come on 4K/60p & 1080/120p... It’s like betting that last dollar on red on the roulette... you know you’ve lost a lot more money and it’s like the last bit of light hope before you start walking away from the Casino...
  6. Yeah... well... gear never holds anyone back... Its a mental state that you and most people on this forum have... including me.... its just G.A.S. Trust me.... this constant look for the best gear... best color... best dynamic range.... never ends and these companies are more than willing to fulfill your needs only for you to blow more of your money - supply and demand - the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer just to feed this never ending need for consumerism. You need to "focus more on the creative aspects without" thinking about the gear your are using. If Ford Coppola kept thinking about the gear holding him back..... Well.... you know how that would have ended up...
  7. I will put out my prediction as well.... cause its fun. Its cheaper than the EOS R.... but it will have 4K... only because after the m50, Canon said that they will start incorporating 4K in all their EOS products from there onwards. Don't remember the source, but its floating around on the internet somewhere... Its not going to be better than the EOS R - and its priced that way. So don't expect too much... Editted to add: And, its pretty stupid to have a new mirrorless product thats sitting right in between the EOS R & m50 - its priced that way too.... without 4K in 2019.
  8. Yeah stick with Fuji... not just lenses, but batteries, codec, menu system... in the end, why run around like a chicken with its head cut off.... if its all in the same system - you have simplified your life and all you are looking to do is match colors. If you were starting off with a new system, I will always recommend PL lenses to start your lens collection.... like @anonim said don't depend on electronic AF - go straight MF. Its easier to switch systems if you aren't really invested in any company. I know everyone boasts about Canon's DPAF - but in my opinion - not a fan.... it works on faces, but on animate objects - sometimes it hunts. And, in critical situations, time sensitive moments - thats not cool.
  9. Yeah... 4K @ 30p cropped to 1.5... Isn’t exciting enough... If they pushed it to be equivalent in capabilities as the XT3... then I can say, “now we’re talking.” And, to justify $1699 for it... I don’t know... Too bad, Canon has had so many opportunities to turn it around.
  10. mkabi

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    What are the chances a XH-10 would be coming then???
  11. You using Focus Peaking???? I don't know.... from what I hear... the focus peaking coming from the Fuji is pretty high up there... And, if I were you.... I would do a few tests... and if focus peaking is nailing it every time... just trust and not punch in.
  12. I think its packing too much heat already (pun intended) and they are trying to mitigate that at present But, more seriously, my prediction is that its going to be 18MP to 20MP - 5K camera instead... 5K Anamorphic mode??? With 4K/60p and all the other fixins thats available... + Venice colours... 10 bit externally.
  13. I think what he meant by saying "good lowlight capabilities are of no benefit for "big budget" shoots" Its under the bigger umbrella of what he said earlier, i.e. "The filmmaking industry can be surprisingly traditional and risk adverse, one of the reasons why Arri Alexa cameras are so common place. Just because a camera is popular doesn't mean it is 'best'". And, I'm just insinuating here... what he means is that if the Sony alpha cameras produced the same IQ and colour as the Alexa, but it gives the additional benefit of extreme low-light capabilities - the industry will still choose the Alexa. Regardless of the fact that the Sony gives the additional benefit of lowlight...
  14. mkabi

    AXIOM Beta

    I’m going to chime in here... And, this could be purely anecdotal... but I’m sure many of you guys will be able to relate. I find myself doing this once in a while, but I can’t imagine doing this every single time. I do it in times of convenience (e.g. when I’m on the go; or when someone is already watching something on the television that isn’t as interesting to me; or when I can’t find what I want to watch on TV... etc.). And, whenever possible (if it’s possible), where I have to share what I am watching on my phone... I just mirror my phone screen with the media box that I am using... I don’t think televisions are a dying breed... especially with streaming services like Netflix, Crave and Hulu around... my wife and I peruse through Netflix when we aren’t busy and the kids are in bed. They have some decent content and I’d rather watch that on our 40in TV than a 5in cell phone. What I do notice is my reliance in front of a desktop has reduced A LOT.... I would spend hours upon hours on them.... even now... this post is directly from my phone. I only ever touch my desktop for video/photo editing and the rare instances where I need to scan something and/or need the word processor. @webrunner5 I'm sorry that you have to and/or had to go through that... I can't fathom what you've been through, and I really can't imagine being away from a movie theatre that long. Speaking of which, I don't think Movie Theaters are a dying breed either.... those are alive and well, in my opinion - no theater is closing down due to lack of business in my area. In fact, some days - especially on opening night - the popular movies are sold out (at least where I live - and its been like that for years now).
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