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  1. This thread is in stark contrast in comparison to this thread:
  2. For a split second, I thought this thread was about how the sperm met the egg…
  3. Jeez... like... there isn't a thing that me or anyone else can say to make you or your sister feel better. Take your time after everything is said and done.... this is not going to be an easy trek. Hang in there... We will talk later - much later.
  4. Or Motion JPEG was under appreciated????
  5. True, but then why would they ever need to switch between photo and video during an event??? At which point, we are back to the argument - why even have a hybrid camera??? You can have a dedicated one for photo and a dedicated one for video.
  6. I'm telling you... people that don't know are completely oblivious... people look at 8 seconds and think thats nothing. But if you are at a wedding or any other event... where candid moments are happening on the micro-second level... those 8 seconds feel like an eternity. Those that don't know - I challenge you... you don't need to be a photographer/videographer at the event... but the next time you attend one... just pay attention... find those candid moments and just count... 1 mississippi... 2 mississippi.... all the way to 8 mississippi... then tell us that 8 seconds is nothing.
  7. Ron Howard does that - I know he shoots a 50mm (on Super35 though - and he does it to get that tight, portrait type shot) and 24 to 35mm for most other shots.
  8. Yeah… everyone has different requirements… As an example there are a ton of examples where the whole movie was shot on a 35mm lens… the one lens gangs…
  9. My guess is that every scene doesn't need to be color matched... the story, the look, the mood, the emotions... different colors invokes different moods and emotions... I think they discuss this and story board it - color and style should be discussed here, the colorist has to give his input here too and the cinematographer needs to choose wisely to match that...
  10. I don't own a Canon DSLR anymore.... and may be someone can verify/confirm what I'm about to say... I vaguely remember the optical viewfinder becomes disabled with live-view enabled??? I'm assuming that in video mode because it depends on live-view in a DSLR... optical viewfinder becomes disabled there too... so... they are really blind in video mode if the live-view goes black... can someone verify what I'm saying is true/false???
  11. Exactly my point... I'm not trying to insult you or the community... but all the "hype" is around these experimental builds. Everyone is excited to share the positives without sharing the negatives. All I'm doing is pointing towards the negatives.... if you can look past them, you're golden.
  12. What about 3.5K Raw??? How many minutes can you record there? Some builds have the live-view go black... so you are basically shooting blind... may be not yours as you are happy with it???
  13. Its more than just "artifacts"... do your research before going down that route... If you are bothered by a 30 min. record limit... yeah well... you know what... do your research.
  14. In the early days when they kept it simple (focusing on monitoring tools, etc.) and had stable releases - it was dependable. When they started focusing on Dual ISO output and RAW.... pushing the limits.... thats when it all started falling apart. There is no stable release anymore... not for a long time now... even the gateway into getting ML isn't as simple as it was back then. Also... I find it funny... that everyone based Canon's inability to max out their own tech off of Magic Lantern's efforts.... yeah well... it was all over inflated... ask a real user.... how long is the record limit with Magic Lantern on the 5D Mark 3... and the real truth starts coming out. Thats when you start to realize that R5's 8K over heating and record limit issues wasn't so bad.
  15. I have a strong feeling that most people have been tricked to think that way by the pixel peepers who need to zoom in 400 to 800% 1080p was good enough on my old 60 incher… and you have to remember 1080p is only 2MP. Even if you’re talking billboard size… nobody is walking up to a billboard on the regular. Most of the billboards I see are off of highways… I see one moving at the speed of 60 to 80 miles per hour 1 mile away and that’s if I’m not concentrating on the road/traffic ahead of me. Where is the logic here??? “Oh… I see jagged edges on that Billboard… did he take picture on the first iPhone or something???” All that while driving too???
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