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  1. These things hold their value though... I was looking into the original 1dx... still in the $2K to $4K (Canadian) range and that’s used... some retailers on eBay are selling original 1dx brand new for $5K to 6K (CAD). As reference, if I were to pre-order the 1dx mark 3; it would be $8K (CAD). So, if you are already a 1dx or 1dx mark 2 owner; and you are looking to upgrade... it’s not really $6500 (US). It’s $6500 (US) minus whatever your current gear sells for...
  2. Up to 14 stops in RAW (+ C-log) as per this video:
  3. You can fast forward to 18:43 for the video review, still a pre-production model though:
  4. *Applauds* This isn't bad, not bad at all. 5.5K RAW at 60fps - damn. And, internal? Only 5.5K at 30fps & cropped DCI 4K at 60fps with DPAF.... come on... could be worse, right? I think its a true successor to the 1DC - given all the above comes with C-Log this time.
  5. I would actually keep it as is.... remove the wires and find screw on caps on both sides.
  6. So.... no XH2 or discontinuing the XH3 after XH2???
  7. mkabi

    Upscaling vs Native...

    I wish I can help, because that upscaling feature is built into their 8K TVs... but in general, I would like to know the results of upscaling normally.
  8. mkabi

    Upscaling vs Native...

    Normally, I wouldn't recommend upscaling 480p to anything beyond 1080p, but this Samsung AI samples are showing some interesting results. Try it out and tell us what you think? Speaking of which... @KnightsFan have you tried that experiment with your NX1?
  9. I'd actually do a couple of test runs to see what works and what doesn't.... obviously the event isn't tonight right? If it is tonight, then well... can't do any test runs. But if its in a week from now, I would go back to the tap, see what works and what doesn't work every night till then... I mean.... you don't have to waste your entire night doing it, just bring your XT3 (its small and fairly covert)... do about 30 min. to an hour every night, try different angles, certain places have more light than others, bring external lights if you can. See what works and what doesn't and exploit the hell out of what works on the actual night. Good luck.
  10. Sorry, yeah... thanks... wasn't looking at the chart (well, I quickly glanced over it). Good to know its there...
  11. So it can't do 4K/50 & 60 at all internally? Or is it just at the 10bit 4:2:2 bit rate internally? What about the good old 8bit 4:2:0?
  12. mkabi

    Upscaling vs Native...

    Try upscaling a 1080/60p to 4K/24p then compare to native 4K/24p... both from XT3 and share results
  13. mkabi

    Upscaling vs Native...

    So you’re saying that you see a difference between say a 4K Blu-Ray DVD (upscaled by studio from original 2K source) and the 4K from your XT3?? Given the same bit-rate?
  14. I don't know how to approach this subject, because there are so many things running in my mind right now (especially with regards to the subject). Okay, who can tell the difference???? The difference between Native resolutions and an Upscaled resolutions... And, it depends on the original source right? Okay, obviously the difference between 720p and 1080p is huge, at least to me it is.... and if you are upscaling from 720p to 4K, its going to look worse than 1080p to 4K. And, if you've ever seen the difference between 1080p & 2.5K or 2.7K.... the jump seems higher. But then the difference between 2.5K & 4K doesn't seem that big to me, so may be upscaling from 2.5K doesn't sound so bad to me. Even the frame rate makes a difference, 1080 @ 24p is less attractive upscaled to 4K versus 1080 @ 60p. And, if you go to 8K, obviously you can tell the difference if you upscale from 1080p, or can you??? Never tried it, but then again... I've seen samples. Enter AI based Upscaling (samsung and lg are calling it AI based, but sony is calling it something else). https://www.cnet.com/news/can-samsungs-ai-upscaling-really-make-tv-images-better/ What do you think? At this point, if you got an 8K TV, that has this upscaling feature, would you even care about the native resolution coming in? As long as the image that you see on the 8K TV isn't pixelated and the display is 8K so what you are watching is technically 8K. Just as an added thought, most of the 4K movies that are available as 4K bluray discs are upscaled from 2K. Also, to add more wood to the fire, Canon has been doing it for so long, and yet.... people are still smitten over the stuff coming out of a 1DC.
  15. I guess thats the direction of progress... if you enjoy stuff of old, then thats that.... content will always supercede resolution though. You know what it is.... you have a television that you are comfortable with right now, and I am assuming that it is 1080p. And, I'm sure that television will work for another 10 years (give or take), but what if it broke down today/tomorrow? Have you checked out your local electronic store for TVs lately? For every 10 4K TVs, I probably see 1 1080p TV.... funny thing is.... I've spotted 2 8K TVs at my local electronic chain so fast forward 10 years, you will see 10 8K TVs for every 1 4K TV - 1080p is obsolete - are you going to complain then "Whats wrong with HD?"
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