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  1. Here is the problem with that argument, and many people have made that same argument.... in one version or another. So you are are saying Canon has this "extensive market research [team] and have a large number of pros come with input" and the end product of all that is something like the EOS R or the EOS RP.... The problem with that statement is that companies like Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Blackmagic also have extensive market research teams and pros telling them what the people want.... why is it that they are able to turn out stuff like the a7III, S1/S1H, XT3, P6K???
  2. If we are using anecdotal evidence here... I went to Center Island (here in Toronto) about 2 weeks ago... and I saw zero Canon or Nikon, but I did see 2 Sony a7 cameras and 1 olympus... about 1 month ago when I visited Niagara Falls, Ontario with the family.... I saw 2 Canons, 1 Nikon and 1 Fuji.... with those kind of evidences, I predict that given that these are high traffic tourist areas, people are dumping their Canons/Nikons/Fujis for Sonys and olympus camera within a 2 week period.
  3. I'm just going to provide my write up here. My shoot went from "What the fuck!?!?!?" to "Fuck it! I'm done, I don't care anymore..." I was excited about the contest and thought, I hit gold when I got the winning bid on ebay (see pictures) - cause it was mft sensor, had 4K and it was under $200. The lenses, I borrowed from friends and family, same with adapter. While I was waiting for the camera to come through mail, I started scouting locations and pre-planning shots, and coming up with a mini-story in my head. When the camera arrived, I had a solid 1.5 weeks to film and edit - I said perfect.... Thats when work (my real job) started getting busy and I was forced to take work home to complete the overloaded workload. Even then, I said... no problem.... I will just film during lunch hour, but everyday that week it was raining, and my co-worker who was willing to be the main subject of my video - he got busy and started working from home. One production delay after another... Now, the actual camera... I didn't know its flaws until after I purchased it, I should have looked at the reviews before even looking at this camera as a contender.... Its only 4K @ 30p no 24p, and there is zero aperture control while in video mode - so had to shoot wide open on the canon lens (and use variable ND adapter). There is no log, just 5 picture profiles, but I'm sure most here were facing that problem (if it is even a problem) - I just used standard profile. It had this flickering (modulating ISO, even when it wasn't AUTO) issue , but I figured out a work around (select Auto and then select HDR mode and call it a day). So, camera flaws plus production delays - then I see this shit: So, I got Used Yi camera without lens for $175, just to find out I could have waited to get a brand-new one with lens for $150. A day before the competition was supposed to end, I said "Fuck it" came across a parked old school taxi - filmed it for about 30 to 45 min. and editted it for another 45 min. Oh, by the way, did I tell you guys about how my macbook pro's audio jack was fucking up too... it was interfering with the audio speakers as well. So, I went over to my older editing computer which is still running FCP7 and some old version of Premiere. The only thing creative I did was add "Taxi" theme song to the track... lol... I didn't even color correct it, thats SOOC.
  4. I bet you that you won’t be doing this challenge again (at least anytime soon)... Too much hassle 😄
  5. May be its a bit too early... but I don't think anyone lives in a bubble... DBounce is stating facts here (at least some of them). Look, I understand that there are people that live in over-developed cities and live in condos/apartments that are the same size as some people's closets. Then there are others that live in normal sized homes (in the suburbs) whatever the average is in your city (in mine its about 1500 to 2000 sq. ft.). I have a 60 inch TV, and it has a huge bezel around it that it can easily be said to be 65 to 70 inch with a very thin bezel. I know 2 people in my fam that actually own 70 inch TVs, one that owns 75 inch TV.... and its all 4K at this point [except my own; I'm planning on going straight to 8K, within the next 5 years (give or take) - and if I live in a bubble, so be it]. Consumers are pretty stupid in respects of resolution, you can tout that you will never truly see the full extent of 4K or 8K; but consumers want more... the more the better right? Look, from my perspective... Best Buy has it... And, Best Buy.... where I live... is a consumer store... You will never find an Arri Cam, Red Cam, Sony Cinema stuff, Canon Cinema stuff, Cinema lenses or anything major... be it video or audio.... just a bunch of consumer sh!t.... and if his Best Buy has an 85 inch 8K TV, that to me says that both Best Buy and the Manufacturer (in this case, Samsung) believe that the general public is ready for it - especially if its priced at sub $3K.
  6. mkabi

    New use of 8K

    Fuck, that’s so cool. Imagine the grander scale of this... Create 1 studio space... and film everything there... forever... forget location shoots. Forget building sets... paint a ladder blue or green.... and your pretty much golden. In my opinion, they didn’t even have to have a real motorcycle in that shot.
  7. I think the Komodo is a camera that syncs with the hydrogen phones???
  8. You know what's really sad... It's not the Canon brand itself it's the little people in this forum (some of other forums) and especially Canon rumors.... People kept saying Canon is doomed... To most respect, they aren't... although, it's blatantly obvious that they may be... But they are not... Cause they are just positioning themselves to just plain move out of the segment altogether. Which, would make their gear relatively like the NX1... Samsung isn’t doomed, but those that believed in them... are left stranded. If you are reading this... and you are reading this now... start jumping ship!!!
  9. Haha... another hopeful... The enthusiast crowd are very vocal, but Canon knows that its all talk and no walk... Their bread and butter are consumers... and who do the Consumers follow??? The pros... Even if the enthusiasts were able to sway the pros or the general publics opinion, then you get some crippled version of what what we really want.... only 4K/24p with 1.5 crop.... no 1080/24p.... no 1080/120.... so and so forth. Just look at the RP as an example... its not going to be better than that...
  10. Motherfucker... I’m done.... I officially forfeit that challenge... I will still post my video but to this thread.... fuckin hell... I just paid $175 for it without a lens.... so bargain wise.... I got bamboozled!!! Its a shit camera anyway, I can’t control aperture while in video mode.... It is what it is...
  11. I don't know.... I have a feeling that Sony is taking cues from Canon... who seems to be taking cues from Pentax.
  12. Yeah... there is a possible a7000 announcement coming??? Otherwise... I support Mako in his comment here:
  13. Announcement will start soon.... its just 22 min. away. So we can wait and see... but if true... wow... definitely exceeded my expectations.
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