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  1. not a typo..... lol.... 20 min. short - we created like a 25 page scripted short. It was fun.... the guy was a perfectionist and several takes were required. But, I completely agree it was undercharging... nonetheless... imagine a $40K+ ROI.
  2. Red Helium is a touch overboard (in my opinion). And, I'm not disagreeing... there is going to be competition (no doubt) - but you need to figure out how to differentiate yourself. Rolls Royce has Bentley and a slew of other car companies... people are still buying those in a world where house prices have gone up from $440K to $950K, right???
  3. Here is another tip..... at no point.... should you have an uncle come up to you and say.... "Hey, I own the same camera as you... you think you can do a better job than me?" Do you know how to avoid that? Gaffer tape the labels, and build the shit out of it.... put a cage, matte box, focus gear, external monitor, mic it up. Make it look like a $50,000 camera instead of a $3000 camera.... people need to physically see where the money is going.... small and deinty can be operated by small and non-professional people. Going back to the camera jib - thats the difference... a gimba
  4. Those of you guys doing wedding videos... don’t take this the wrong way.... but you are doing something wrong. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I know it’s not right. There are venues that are going as high as $50 or $100 per person. The average cost of a wedding as per google search is $33,900... are you telling me that couples are willing to forego the cost properly capturing those moments? Your telling me that people are not willing to spend at least 10% of their budget on properly capturing the event itself??? May be they don’t see value in it.... at which point skip tho
  5. Seriously though, don't use that crappy one on PP. A.I. Upscaling or Artificial Intelligent Upscaling. I did the google search for you - here: https://topazlabs.com/video-enhance-ai/ Visit that and watch the video. If you like it.... great.... if you hate it.... buy a 4K cam. Simple.
  6. Just edit the entire thing and then upscale the final product. Technically the upscale should apply to the font and everything else too. You don't need to apply noise reduction and sharpening if you did it already (before the upscale). You know what works? Try 1080/60p - upscale it to 4K/24. Also, can I suggest that you rent a 4K camera and film something that is similar to a regular project for you.... then you can compare one PITA vs. the other PITA? Look, I can tell you that the required storage space and computer power needed to edit 4K stuff will become a problem too.... so how
  7. If you can figure out how to use a DSLR, how to stitch together footage in a NLE/LE and upload it to YouTube. Then you can figure out upscaling. In my opinion, look up A.I. upscaling and find an editor that will do that.... then try it out.... if you like it then you don’t have to spend money. If you don’t like it and do spend money on a new camera + lenses... understand that there are other headaches that will accompany it.
  8. Hit that nail for sure. I felt that way with Touch AF since the 70D. I don’t know.... there is something to be said about those eureka moments that comes with setting it up (WB, ISO, Shutter, Aperture and yes manual focus, flags, reflectors and lights) - framing and composing - getting that perfect B-roll... sometimes takes patience and luck. But, when you do get it right... it’s like you did that.... not the camera... the camera just captured what you did. If you leave it up to the camera.... feels like you don’t care anymore. Just my thoughts, but I understand for those tha
  9. I wish I can help you on this.... the biggest problems I’ve faced in the past is balancing.... you need to be next level passionate about it.... once you get it, you have to keep practicing with different lenses and stuff. I bought into one, used it once and it wasn’t even properly balanced (spent 4+ hours before I said fuck it.... it’s good enough) thereafter I started hiring other people who were good at gimbal work (time is money and if I can allocate my time elsewhere - where I’m not spending the time to balance). The guy that I hired often got it down to 5 to 10 min. any camera and any le
  10. Bwahahaha.... what is the point of this.....? Thats amazing 10,000 MB/s.... it beat out all those other cameras in MB/s.... Who even wants 10,000 MB/s??? Why are they boasting about 10,000 MB/s???
  11. Whoever is saying that... ask them which camera they specifically like... then ask if that camera is on Netflix's approved list. Then if they dont know.... point it out that the Panasonic S1H is.... who is stupid now?
  12. Not defending Canon, but suppose they created the same camera without 8K and 4K/120p.... Everything else will be available with longer record times and no overheating. Then they secretly passed on the code to MagicLantern to unlock 8K & 4K/120... would that have been better....???? Obviously, Magic Lantern would unlock all the secrets including the overheating issue.
  13. If you are considering an all around workhorse to replace the 28-135 - I strongly recommend the Canon 24-70 f.4 L - obviously its not 18mm like @IronFilm has mentioned, and it is only a small improvement from your current 28mm. But consider the other benefits - its an L lens so it is weather sealed, constant f-stop of 4.0 and even though it is not as long as your current 135 - it has a Macro function at 70mm so you can really close-in when you want to (great for B-roll stuff). Also consider replacing the 50mm with a 85mm if you are replacing the 28-135.
  14. I get where you are going with this.... and just to be clear if any big brand company is actually reading this.... We don't need a video-centric camera.... and I'm sure everyone here will agree... most of us want a camera that does both photography and video equally as well (why carry around 2 cameras??? If you're on vacation and can only carry around 1 camera and 2 lenses... you would understand this). The S1H is near perfect solution - the size and auto-focus is the only things that are missing - a lot of the times, I tell myself.... if I get the S1H and start producing something for fun tha
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