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  1. Ron Howard does that - I know he shoots a 50mm (on Super35 though - and he does it to get that tight, portrait type shot) and 24 to 35mm for most other shots.
  2. Yeah… everyone has different requirements… As an example there are a ton of examples where the whole movie was shot on a 35mm lens… the one lens gangs…
  3. My guess is that every scene doesn't need to be color matched... the story, the look, the mood, the emotions... different colors invokes different moods and emotions... I think they discuss this and story board it - color and style should be discussed here, the colorist has to give his input here too and the cinematographer needs to choose wisely to match that...
  4. I don't own a Canon DSLR anymore.... and may be someone can verify/confirm what I'm about to say... I vaguely remember the optical viewfinder becomes disabled with live-view enabled??? I'm assuming that in video mode because it depends on live-view in a DSLR... optical viewfinder becomes disabled there too... so... they are really blind in video mode if the live-view goes black... can someone verify what I'm saying is true/false???
  5. Exactly my point... I'm not trying to insult you or the community... but all the "hype" is around these experimental builds. Everyone is excited to share the positives without sharing the negatives. All I'm doing is pointing towards the negatives.... if you can look past them, you're golden.
  6. What about 3.5K Raw??? How many minutes can you record there? Some builds have the live-view go black... so you are basically shooting blind... may be not yours as you are happy with it???
  7. Its more than just "artifacts"... do your research before going down that route... If you are bothered by a 30 min. record limit... yeah well... you know what... do your research.
  8. In the early days when they kept it simple (focusing on monitoring tools, etc.) and had stable releases - it was dependable. When they started focusing on Dual ISO output and RAW.... pushing the limits.... thats when it all started falling apart. There is no stable release anymore... not for a long time now... even the gateway into getting ML isn't as simple as it was back then. Also... I find it funny... that everyone based Canon's inability to max out their own tech off of Magic Lantern's efforts.... yeah well... it was all over inflated... ask a real user.... how long is the record limit with Magic Lantern on the 5D Mark 3... and the real truth starts coming out. Thats when you start to realize that R5's 8K over heating and record limit issues wasn't so bad.
  9. I have a strong feeling that most people have been tricked to think that way by the pixel peepers who need to zoom in 400 to 800% 1080p was good enough on my old 60 incher… and you have to remember 1080p is only 2MP. Even if you’re talking billboard size… nobody is walking up to a billboard on the regular. Most of the billboards I see are off of highways… I see one moving at the speed of 60 to 80 miles per hour 1 mile away and that’s if I’m not concentrating on the road/traffic ahead of me. Where is the logic here??? “Oh… I see jagged edges on that Billboard… did he take picture on the first iPhone or something???” All that while driving too???
  10. Weren't you talking about buying $1000 phone and video quality coming out of that phone in some other thread???? Now imagine adding a Panavision housing behind it 😄
  11. What is that Panavision monitor??? I can’t seem to find any information online.
  12. The problem with so called "pros" is that they have been tricked into thinking that way... you need that kind of $100K setup to be a big shot. The main problem are the producers... they come from old school methods of film making where you need those kind of huge cameras, rigs and setups. I remember someone telling me or reading it somewhere, that once the guy brought DSLR to a gig and the producer turned around and said something as cocky as, "I have a camera like that at home, so if I can just bring that to set... may be I wouldn't need you." I would've said, "Fine, then go to your local dollar store, buy yourself a hammer and build yourself a fucken house while you are at it... or better yet, go to your local pharmacy - they literally give away needles... use that to perform brain surgery on yourself."
  13. True... but thats reality. Cost of CF Express Type B.... isn't exactly bargain basement - even with other brands. You know what man... just give it 10 years. Everyone wants now... now now now.... You know I recently bagged a Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera... yeah... I know its old, but the images that come out of that is undeniable. Moreover, people used to complain about storage if you filmed 2.5K RAW... this is 10 years ago (actually, people were even complaining 5 years ago) anyway.... now... you can get a 1TB SSD from ebay for $100 and that will hold about 4 hours of 2.5K RAW. Grab 3 SSDs and you are good for an event. Even the EF mount now has a magic booster... give it time... shit happens....
  14. Speaking of which... Apparently the "Delkin Black" CF Express Type B cards are capable of recording 8K for 30 min. without overheating??? https://www.canonrumors.com/new-delkin-cfexpress-card-to-launch-thursday-it-will-be-the-fastest-card-for-the-canon-eos-r5-yet/ I don't know how 4K/120p performs... but any volunteers on this forum that is willing to do so... let us know.
  15. Netflix didn’t invent subscription based services (and I know… you didn’t say that nor did you mean to sound like they did). Im not trying to advocate for them either. But, let’s look at what they’ve done right. In all reality… basic Cable where I live i.e Canada… has been subscription based - I’m assuming that it’s been that way for way longer than I’ve been here at least since I came here back in 1982. Up till mid 90s… it had may be 30 channels (far more now). But even then it was may be $20 to $30 a month… now it’s $60 to $100 CAD a month. You’re paying Cable companies to swallow 20 minutes of commercials every hour, watching programs that you don’t really want to watch, and even programs that you do want to watch… they make you wait week after week for the next episode… so it’s an endless queue of commercials, shit programs and some gems. Now for piracy… in the hey day… I was all for it. But I can’t do it anymore…. The number of useless pop ups (even with pop up blockers)… combined with some streaming shit that would stop midway… not worth the time and effort (at least not for me). The price of a movie ticket is about $15 where I live… that’s 1 movie… Netflix is only $13.99 per month. I can watch a movie a day… 30 movies a month at $13.99 that’s way cheaper than watching 30 movies a month at the theatres. I don’t have cable TV where I live anymore… I have a hand full of subscription based streaming services and that’s that… no commercials… binge watch shit that I do want to watch… And all of the stuff that I am subscribed to is way less than cable tv. Nobody is holding you to any of these subscription services… if you don’t like it… you don’t have to subscribe or unsubscribe. But, I don’t think subscription based services are going anywhere… from water to electricity to cell phones and internet (where you need IP service to even see this message on EOSHD.com)… all of it are subscription based… hell… rent, property tax look like subscriptions too.
  16. mkabi

    Fuji XH-2/S

    I hear you... in fact... might as well wait for the XT5 - cause it will probably outshine the XH2 and/or XH2-S.
  17. Get another screw or baseplate (should be a few on ebay).
  18. You know that thats been said over and over again for several years now. But, you know whats funny... eventually... for as long as I've been on these forums... on an individual level (I don't know about the rest of you all)... the need to argue about tech dies down, and for me atleast the tech outpaces my initial arguments and I want to go out and shoot more often... You got to be humbled by the advancements... think about what you are coming from... I'm coming from the 7D and 5D Mark 2 era... and all I wanted was 4K/24p and 1080/120p - look where it is now. I never asked for IBIS or Video AF.... I never asked for DR over 12. <- These are just bonuses. I know people would be surprised when I say this... but I've never used IBIS and none of my cameras have IBIS (I still use a tripod, a 4ft slider and for special cases a 4ft crane - I borrow an 8 ft crane from a friend).
  19. Personally, its too much camera for me, but if someone gifted this to me.... I wouldn't say no.... If you check out Kai's video where he tests O.I.S + E.I.S... it isn't half bad.... in my opinion. The only thing is that Video. Off. Picture. switch.... what were they thinking.... again Kai shows that there is a lag too.... this is that thing where if you want to shoot candid moments that 8 second lag between that switch over.... you're just going to miss everything.🤦‍♂️
  20. Is it though? Okay fine... @IronFilm I value your input as you have invested way more than me in the audio industry... so... you can let me know if this is bad or good (meaning does the audio quality deteriorate or just as good):
  21. 8K60p is nothing. Now 120FPS stills - thats ridiculous. For both photographers and videographers. You do know that you can throw 120FPS stills in video - it would be exactly like 120fps video without sound with the highest resolution. Nobody really needs that but nobody really needs a 12K camera either.... The only questions I have are whats the megapixel count, whats the buffer size.... at this point... 🤯....the specs are a bit out of this world....
  22. Its only "silly/unfair" if you don't understand the pretext of the argument... the argument is about "quality" vs. "convenience of size" obviously you believe that the "convenience of size" overrides "quality" in the context of lavaliers. My complaint is that if you can oversee it that once.... you should be able to oversee it every other time too. Or - put in the same wireless technology that you have in lavaliers in regular mics.
  23. By the way, I haven't said anything about USB. Sorry for my rudimentary diagram. Look... in all reality XLR isn't transforming sound into Is and Os AND from my understanding USB doesn't accept analog information to flow through it.... you need a digitizer for that... so the problem isn't with USB Audio.... but the digitizer (transforming the sound into Is or Os)... you can place the digitzer anywhere you want.... you can take Mic to digitzer via XLR then move from digitizer to computer via USB. Even on-camera audio.... you can move from Mic to input device via XLR (its digitized on the input device or in-camera)... its then recorded on a memory card and then card info is moved via USB port..... so... in theory....why not digitize on the microphone itself where it is the quality that you want?
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