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  1. Done that too... in fact - most books (not all) translated to movies or tv series do pretty well... Besides, it takes great talent to translate a book into a movie. Also, there is a reason why platforms like audible is working.... people just too lazy to read a book.
  2. Definitely a "look" to fit how movies are made today. Do I like it... not really - but I'm more interested in the storyline and the direction that (atleast) one of the original creators will take this movie. Its definitely hitting the right notes with regards to my nostalgic preferences. But... its always been about the storylines for me. Get past the glitz and glamour, get past the CGI, get past the colouring, get past the editorial choices and cuts, get past the BGM or musical choices -> hit an original storyline and I'm in.... I don't want a regurgitated storyline just because its supposed to be nostalgic - I would rather watch the original series for that.
  3. Speaking of Zombies... anybody else... well, here comes the disclaimer: I'm not crazy or anything And, it doesn't have to be Zombies, but anyone else had a conversation with anyone about possible end-of-world events that may happen in our lifetimes and is any of us preparing??? Like canned beans and a bunker? I had this discussion with my wife after successfully growing kidney beans for my kid's Grade 1 project. I was like.... "hey if shit goes down... at least we got that and we can grow that...." and she was like "may be we should get more seeds [of other veggies] and canned foods". Lets be honest, there are too many people in this world (Nearing 8 billion worldwide??)... and well... God is shooting all kinds of shit at us to get the population down. I don't know what the exact stats are now with Covid-19.... but before the pandemic it was like for every second - 4.3 babies are born; and for that same second 1.8 people die. At some point - there is going to be some sort of major correction and/or world event where for every 4.3 babies being born... 43 people will die (just shooting some random number out there). Hey.... I'm just starting the conversation.... I don't have a bunker or getaway.... but every once in a while I look into getting a fully armored hummer to get the hell out of here. Anyone else? Or is it just paranoid old me???
  4. Nikon should focus its attention on anamorphic. Affordable Anamorphic lenses and camera system and they can corner the market.
  5. If you are looking at older cams and want a recommendation. Check out the Digital Bolex D16 and/or Black Magic 2.5K. You really can't beat those guys when it comes to that special look.
  6. As we all get older... the excitement of things - because we have experienced it already.... wears down and wears thin. So we seek for those original thoughts, pieces, discoveries, explorations to reignite that excitement. But, we also like to share that excitement, we show & share the same things that excites us with friends and family - we like to see that face and/or reaction on the uninitiated. Thereby reliving the moment that you first discovered it! I guess thats why those "reaction" videos do well on Youtube. I love those moments when I show stuff from my childhood back to my kids and/or wife. Anyway, anyone try MUBI? It delivers curated films - carefully selected arthouse films... something like 20 movies a month. I'm paraphrasing.... I've never used it before thats why I'm asking.
  7. mkabi


    @kye You have the GH5, right? Have you tried the 6K Anamorphic (open gate) with (Cheap) Anamorphic lenses? See if that helps you on your quest of moving from the video look to the cinematic look.
  8. nothing different from a7s3 (I was expecting atleast DCI and Anamorphic, but none of that) and $400 more... I mean.... if you feel that the exterior fluff is important to warrant additional $400... get it!
  9. It’s an untapped market. They figured that the problem existed from their previous cameras burning and blistering their customer’s faces... now Canon is getting into the game... it’s only natural... a true professional doesn’t have time to run to the fridge for an ice pack. This is perfect for run and gun facecooling!!! This is how you introduce a problem that never existed in the first place... and solve it too... brilliant.
  10. In my opinion, look at the other subject matter in this forum and other forums -> see where the industry is headed. If I were you... I would go for the Panasonic S1H. I know the arguments about AF and lack of 4K/120fps. But, if your impressed by Sony Venice and Red Cams <- remember they don't have proper AF either. You can't argue with the higher Resolutions, Anamorphic Modes and its Netflix approved (this is actually the number 1 reason why I would recommend the S1H over the other cameras). Just so you know Netflix is planning on expanding on ABQ studios.... just saying...
  11. My wife behaves the same way... I feel like if its a nightly thing.... she does all that and more, but say I'm working and don't have time to watch TV.... a week or 2 passes by... and I have about a couple of hours to spare and watching a movie is the only option - my wife shuts up and watches a movie. Similarly a movie theatre does the same thing... its not like we are doing it everyday. Choose a movie night and lay down the rules.
  12. This is where our thought processes diverge... Theatres don't support filmmakers... studios support filmmakers... I know you are going to say that theatres support studios and so from super structure point of view that if theatres support studios then theatres support the creatives/artists... right? Perhaps, but that only gives half the story. Here you go: https://money.cnn.com/2002/03/08/smbusiness/q_movies/ Most of that article is about movie snacks and that garbage, but the biggest takeaways for me is that: "Most of the money from ticket sales goes back to the movie studio. A film booker leases a movie to a particular theater for a set period of weeks. The percentage of ticket sales that the studio takes decreases on each week that a movie is in the theater. If the screening was arranged by an independent middleman, he also takes a slice. So the movie has to pull in sizeable audiences for several weeks in order for theater owners to make any serious profits. During the film's opening week, the studio might take 70 to 80 percent of gross box office sales. By the fifth or sixth week, the percentage the studio takes will likely shrink to about 35 percent, said Steven Krams, president of International Cinema Equipment Co." I know we are getting into Economics here, but if we are talking about leasing structure... streaming services also "lease" from studios.... see here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/office-why-nbcuniversal-is-paying-500m-pull-hit-netflix-1221020 Now, if you are going to talk about "proper" setting in your home versus a movie theatre.... yeah I agree.... but at the same time aren't you guys like Apple's 1984 commercial: In my opinion, if you can't turn off your phones or be distracted without being in a movie theatre.... then the movie or show that you are watching at home isn't captivating enough. I wasn't born when "The Godfather" 1 & 2 came out, nor was I born when the "Star Wars: A New Hope" and I was just born when Empire Strikes back came out, and about 3 years old when Return of the Jedi came out (yeah, you can guess my age by all this), and what I'm getting at is that I wasn't around or old enough to watch those movies in theatres... where did I watch those??? Thats right, in my living room on VHS, DVDs and now streaming. Sure.... there are plenty of stuff that is polluting the streaming service and I can't watch more than half the stuff on there.... but sometimes you have to look through the fluff and find that diamond in the rough. Stuff that captivated me made me watch it without being distracted: "Tiger King", "Last Dance", "Surviving R. Kelly", "Chernobyl" (still watching this by the way), "Itaewon Class", first few seasons of "Stranger Things", first season of "13 reasons why"... thats all I can think of at present.... but you get it.
  13. I feel that all of it is going to implode on itself eventually. The billionaires are not going to get on their knees to clean every room in their 1000 room mansion... nor will they build their own homes by themselves. Even if there are layoffs in the middle class area where reasonable knowledge is required... what I often witness is that there is deep regret afterwards, because they have to waste money and time finding a reasonable substitute, or whoever takes on the duties is overwhelmed and overworked then the company pays in the long run from letting go not one but 2 (even if the guy goes on vacation is like all hell broke out). Even if we are talking about automating and Netflix... at the end of the day... there is always going to be something in this world that you can’t automate... such as creative endeavours, food prep (gourmet foods), etc. And, if you are one of those people that lost their job for whatever reason... it’s time to learn new skills and find an opportunity that is irreplaceable...
  14. Exactly. It is as you stated like “every other industry”. But, I don’t have a problem with that... Now, as an example... I don’t expect the person straight out of high school - getting his/her first job as a server at McDonald’s to be making the same amount as the CEO of McDonalds. Obviously, the current CEO had to earn their way to the top... they didn’t just magically get there. Now, there are times where Nepotism, favouritism and/or connections comes into play... I hope that it is less in companies that are public over private companies, as board of directors vote for CEOS, and they have to have investor’s interest and confidence; yet I’m not naive enough to believe it doesn’t exist at all in public companies. Private companies on the other hand... well... it is what it is... but at the same time... come on... you build a company... you should decide who you want as your right hand man, who you want to promote, who you want to demote, who should replace you, or who you want to fire. How is it any different from building yourself a house??? Not everyone that you decide to live there at first... can and/or should live there forever - upon the owner’s judgment. Look, now... Perhaps... you can’t see my point of view, but I am trying to build a few businesses myself and I don’t need people to come at me in 30 years, because they cannot see the blood sweat and tears that I put into the businesses over those 30 years. sorry, I went a bit off track... but going back to artists... you can’t expect some fresh face from Juilliard’s drama program be paid the same as Daniel Day Lewis <- he earned his spot... period. The other problem that exists is the fact that people don’t know anything about show business... show business is 10% show (talent) and 90% business. How often do you see an independent movie without a production house behind them, no promotions, no Oscar buzz... make it to millions of dollars? Forget billions... I don’t want to jump to conclusions, so I have to ask... do you think Netflix is a startup??? I have to agree... As much money as they are blowing... nothing is memorable... in terms of movies. I didn’t even like The Irishman. But, their shows on the other hand, I like... can’t complain.
  15. As opposed it going to the studios??? And, movie theatre chains??? Look... Scorsese’s Irishmen went straight to Netflix... Dave Chappelle got a 60 million dollar - 3 special deal with Netflix... Joe Rogen signed a $100 million dollar deal with Spotify. Just saying... as much as you think that the artists are not getting their pay... just not completely correct. Music industry went the way it went because people were pirating the music online anyway.
  16. In my opinion, these will all be outdated ideals in the end. im sure the drive-in theatres, beta-max, horse carriages all felt the same way. Poor horse carriages. Time to pack up and move on.
  17. Ever watch Shark Tank or Dragon's Den? The point of the game, for any company selling any products -> 1 product (cost to make XX amount) but sell for 3 to 4 times XX amount. But, if you are selling it for 3 to 4 times XX amount, that amount has to make sense to the customer. At the beginning the iphone was like $699 (top end model - and yeah times and part prices have changed too over the last decade or so) - nonetheless, its slowly climbed to $1199 and customers deem it worthy to pay that... So, if Nikon isn't selling it for 3 to 4 times the amount to create it... whose fault is that??? May be they feel that if they put in 6K @ 60p into their camera and charged $6K for it, nobody would buy it?
  18. iPhones are Apple's main source of income not Macs... period. Just because you aren't doing that doesnt mean "nobody". And, I've already named 2 hollywood movies filmed on iPhone i.e. Tangerine and Unsane. I was going to write a bunch of stuff.... but I will let Andrew's last words sink in... also read other people's posts as well, especially Danyyyel. If you're not seeing the clues.... I don't know.... I can't help you....
  19. I think that you’re missing all the warning signs and red signals. - Samsung left. - Olympus sold their shit and left. - Nikon might leave. - Photokina terminated. Again... why would Apple enter when everyone is leaving? I know... you are going to pull the ecosystem argument on me... but hear me out. Pro res... created long a ago... it’s not new... they didn’t create it to ultimately get into the camera business... they created it so that Artistic people can buy their computers... “Oh your videos don’t play back smoothly on your Windows PC? Well, I bet they playback smoothly on a Mac... cause we have pro-res... switch!!!” They are just doing that “supply and demand” a la Wolf of Wall Street - sell me a pen scenario. I initially didn’t understand their approach to the M1 chip... but after asking myself - why would they do that?? From a “supply and demand” point of view.... They know 8K is the future, there isn’t many people that have it yet, but let’s get ahead of the curve, because they know that the R5 is just the beginning and if the footage from that isn’t editing properly on their Macs without proxies... it just presents an opportunity for someone else to swoop in... I seriously think that Apple seriously believes that their “professional” camera is the iPhone... there... I said it. And, I’ll be honest... my wife does YouTube videos... she films, edits and throws on our 55 inch TV for our family to review and uploads it straight to YouTube all from her iPhone. Do you understand how easy that workflow is??? You don’t need to work with multiple devices. You don’t need to offload from memory card. You don’t need to transcode or create proxies. You don’t need to sit at a desk to edit... I mean laptops were supposed to be the portable take along... but this... imagine... you going to Bahamas with the family. You don’t have to worry about the heavy equipment - just your phone. You take all your photos and videos on the phone... on the way back... you edit the stuff on the plane. Upload it on Facebook when you’re in the cab on the way home. Boom! Done... call it a day. In fact... after saying that out loud... I would say PCs and laptops are also a dying breed of equipment.
  20. You should create a mod-kit. I mean... kickstarter is all you need to get it started. You don't even need to do so much either. You have the demo of it in the video (already).... sell the copper cut-out piece with the thermal paste at $250 a piece with a warning (voiding warranty). You don't need the fan.... just changing the 2 hour recovery time to 5 min. is more than enough.
  21. Samsung is a business as is a Apple - if Samsung didn't see any profit in it, then why would Apple? Cause they have an ecosystem? Apple's very own iphone is what is cutting into the camera business... If anything, they will keep improving the sensor, lens and software behind the iphone to keep cutting into the camera business... bye bye cameras - hello iphone <- one stop-shop tool for everything - including making movies. Movies already made on the iphone - Tangerine and Unsane. Do you really think that trend (making a movie on the iphone) would die away, or grow in popularity? Especially with the improvements to the iphone (overtime). Would you agree or disagree? Current iphones beat out any digital video cameras of the 90s? Ok, now lets do the math - How long will it take a train leaving Station B at 100 km/hr to catch up to a train leaving Station A at 90km/hr? I'm joking..... but in a similar manner... Phones in general have a yearly refresh, whereas ILC cameras 2 to 5 years - how long before the iphone catches up to current cameras? I give iphone another 2 to 3 iterations before having 8K and 4K/120p
  22. Apple can.... but won't... I'm sure its probably the same reason why Samsung pulled out after the NX1. Plus, I don't think they want to monopolize the industry - nothing good comes out of it - you just get sued and put into submission.
  23. I'm sure a lot of us feel the same. Nikon name is legendary, just as legendary as Canon. I like the design and look of the Z cams - just the inside don't match the outside. Z6 II & Z7 II should have had more than what they offered - they should've aimed for what the R5 was offering, instead they were offering less than what the S5 was offering.
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