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  1. enny

    Carl Zeiss ?

    Hi guys looking to build set of lenses i i am focusing mostly on Carl Zeiss vintage lenses there are so many out there with same name what are the most looked after Carl Zeiss Planar T* ? And do they cover 6k or full frame? Thanks
  2. Anybody know the difference between Mamiya Sekor c and cs thanks
  3. because money is the problem i guess cameras are mowing to full frame in the near future just looking for good set to buy What set of primes would you guys recommend under 500 a lens
  4. Are Yashica ml lenses full frame as in full frame that can be used on full frame video cameras like kinemini 6k LF thanks
  5. Guys any idea if my metabone ultra 0.71 will work with this new pocket since sensor is bigger
  6. enny

    Dolly wheels?

    Hi guys looking to build a camera dolly something like Shuttle Dolly or dena DOLLY i have full access to a machine shop my question is what wheels are they using? in their dolly are they something special Thanks guys
  7. Hi guys before i click buy i have Yashica Ml lenses CY mount will this Contax Yashica Lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster ULTRA x0.71 work on my yahsica 2.8 Ml lenses I used older model of CY to MFT Speed Booster worked fine lenses are full frame some people report vignetting with this ultra. Much Appreciated guys
  8. Hi guys i have 3 rokinon cine lenses 14mm 35mm and 85 i alos have set of yashica Ml primes from 24mm to 135 2.8 which one should i keep here i will be using them with BMCC and Metabones i am not sure if i can use all of them with Metabones so before i buy any Metabones spedbosters i am wondering which one to keep Thanks guys
  9. Thanks Thanks guys for help. Mattias quick question before i buy a speedboster basically i need Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x to be able to use my yashica lenses So basically it will go something like this just for me to understand BMCC EF then Metabones that has EF mount in the back and MFT at front then CY adapter for yashica lense now iwt this Metabones can i use my canon rokinon lenses with adapter or i am asking to much here So basically can u use my rokinon canon lenses and yashica lenses on a spedboster Thanks
  10. Hi guys i have yahsica Cy lenses and new BMCC EF and few rokinon lenses. I would like to use both lenses rokinon and yashica can i use my CY lenses with EF Speedbooster by using a simple adapter on the Speedbooster do you see any problems here and is there difference between ef and cy Speedbooster in quality Thanks guys I posited same question long time back but cant find it
  11. You think they will just hate the idea? we seen what happens when People with guns hate the idea or believes of another race. China cultural revolution what happened to teachers and intellectuals, USSR same thing, Nazi Germany same thing i can keep going.
  12. I don't know what substitutes for a race and don really care but his videos that he linked are racially motivated “cultural racism toward Muslims. Him in military get up and in some in night armor videos with big ass sword and shit. In Bosnia they produced same propaganda videos during war after war to nationalized people by same clubs with same names like patriot leagues of Bosnia, or Horde of evil biggest racist Muslim group in Bosnia that makes same videos that he makes. Training preparing ecet ect and 70 of them from Horde of evil actually wen to Syria to fight with ISIS they all died there.
  13. There is difference between camera brand and racist nationalist propaganda that he is pushing here
  14. I think this entire HOT post should be deleted it has no place on this forum. Just gets people angry
  15. I can sum it up in more then 2 lines you are just racist nationalist punk who is playing a Rambo take off your tin foil hat and stop watching Alex jones. ISIS, Taliban, KKK and every nationalist racist group from Europe to Canada to USA makes same shitty videos that you make trying to recruit people and make them fell like a patriot like there is big bad boggy man out there. Get a life get a women have some sugar in your coffee
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