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  1. So I'd first like to introduce myself as a 5+ year lurker on this forum who recently created an account. Hi, my name is Jeff. I feel like there isn't really a "market" for this type of genre. Most travel videos I see are rapid cuts of ground footage, interspersed with drones, and fast paced music. I recently saw on a post (forgot where it was) that someone was actually appreciative of the fact that there wasn't a cut every 0.5 seconds that wasn't cutting to a drone inbetween every shot. I actually love shooting this type of travel content where each shot gives the viewer enough time to actually have a "feel" of the space. I tend to be the type of person who shoots a lot but rarely shares much so I thought after seeing that post it would be a good opportunity to share a video I shot a few months ago on a trip to Iceland. It's definitely long (8+ minutes) but I wanted to shoot it in a way that could actually invite the viewer in and actually help them feel what I felt when I was there. Also this was one of the weirdest and most surreal places I've ever been to. Let me know your thoughts, on the actual video and as a medium as a whole.
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