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  1. Yes, still a wiser choice to wait on that preorder
  2. Hi! Also got the anamorphic compact 40 but I'm gonna switch soon to a sankor. Thanks for sharing your footages!
  3. Current choices are Godox, Cametv Boltzen, Aputure, Fiilex
  4. I'm taking notes from this thread 😄
  5. Yes an old warehouse might work, also a freezer where they hang animal meat, there should be chains there already installed.
  6. As a fellow mobile developer, I congratulate you @BTM_Pix :). I had experience working with bit shifting in mobile before with BLE and I had a hard time just getting the correct data from a bluetooth device lol. I' impressed and I'm kinda curious how you managed to get correct values
  7. Thanks Alex! Wanted to quickly try your LUT with FCPX before but gave up when I couldnt find a way to do it without buying a plugin lol. So I just went to Premiere where it was faster.
  8. I dont think you can use luts on FCPX, or can you?
  9. So it looks like FlashAIr W-03 has capabilities where a computer can connect to it via wifi and get the files from the card via browser. Just gonna need some modifying the config file. I'm gonna explore this. Thanks @BTM_Pix and @Trek of Joy for your inputs
  10. Yes that's exactly what I'm thinking of doing. Got a bit confused about transferring to another So one of my options in the workflow is: 1) Camera + FlashAir SD Card 2) Ipad + Toshiba app to download videos 3) Within that Ipad App, Edit with Luma Fusion 4) Upload to Social Media or Dropbox 5) Apple TV to Airplay videos (optional) #5 is kinda tricky since the ipad can't dual display with Luma Fusion. Trek of Joy's suggestion is good but passing from Ipad to Ipad seems clunky. So I think I'm just going to dual display a laptop to a monitor and play the videos there from the uploads. Would be great to have software to tie these all together (Iphone + apps is a good suggestion) but I just like the professional feel of having a camera there taking the vids.
  11. I'm intending to use a GH5s. With a GH5 and A6500 as backup / cameras for candid shots. I'll check the thread that you linked. Thanks! Yeah I was thinking about an Iphone and even and Android setup. Thank you for telling me about this but it looks like it's a customizable app. It's impressive how software can bridge the gap between a smartphone and a full fledged camera Yes precisely I was thinking about this. That cameras are lacking the software to immediately put the shots anywhere. Panasonic has an app where you can immediately get the pictures but compressing and sending the videos are lacking. Thanks! I'll take a look at the FlashAir SD card. Can it get the footage from a GH5s while shooting and transfer it to the Iphone app? Then edit it on another Iphone app? Is that the correct workflow? After further research, I saw that it is also possible to use a capture card using an Elgato to capture the shots to a laptop. I'm also thinking about going to that route but the elgato will only record up to 60fps. Was kinda wishing to go up to 90fps at the minimum. But it's if the best solution, i'll either go FlashAir SD card or Elgato to After Effects with Twixtor
  12. Thinking about setting up a slow motion booth (like the video above) for my sister's wedding. Aside from the camera, I know I'm gonna need a lot of lights. But the tricky part is how can I immediately share the video to other guests? Like something they can immediately upload to their instagram account. So I think the workflow will be something like: 1) Assistant directs the guests 2) Camera guy takes the video 3) ??? - how does it immediately get to the editor? 4) ??? - how does it get uploaded to a server / cloud storage. I assume the editor does this. 5) ??? - how does it get shared to the guests' social media account I have seen this: https://www.rangefinderonline.com/news-features/tips-techniques/how-to-create-a-slow-motion-photo-booth-and-what-it-can-add-to-your-business/ But there's nothing about editing or uploading on the spot. You guys have some tips? Thanks!
  13. I've posted this before but this footage looks pretty good for low light:
  14. Not really sure about the correct workflow with the filters but I assume you can adjust the sharpness in the picture profiles, or you can add back the sharpness and contrast in post
  15. What's AA again? And the filter stack is using Tiffen or using Digital Diffusion? lol sorry I haven't kept up
  16. Wow the Alexa one still looks amazing even with a filter. You think it can be achieved with a filter and adding a contrast on the GH5? Now I'm rethinking about purchasing a Promist. Looks like it will just look the GH5's shots muddy
  17. Thanks been looking for a good pentax to m43 adapter. Gonna look at the Fotodiox then
  18. Is that a Sankor anamorphic? and what's the taking lens?
  19. Amazing shots and love the grading! Just a question, what adapter did you use for the Pentax to GH5?
  20. Is it also possible to share mft lens with the Ursa? Or just use EF lenses for both?
  21. Really liking this guy's low light shots. The edit looks a little bit edgy or hipsterish but it kinda fits his brand:
  22. Exactly some directors want it done in post so they can control the strength or just leave it if it doesnt work in the shot
  23. Wondering why Aus didn't get that much supply considering BM is based in Australia. Also went to Melbourne during the holidays and asked around, they also haven't received P4K stock
  24. Jabari Parker? I agree with the above. If you gonna do it for the money, you won't get too far.
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