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  1. Yes your right, where would be the best place to get rods?
  2. Thanks for the info, and no I do not have any rods for my camera. I am just really interested in shooting some 16mm film using a anamorphic lens just to see how good it would turn out. Are adapters easy enough to get for say a Sankor lens to a Nikon 50mm primes lens? or is the Nikon lens to small that it would probably give me some Vignetting?
  3. Yes your right, I don't really want to spend to much as I don't know what kind of result I will get. Also would it be better to use a 35mm anamorphic lens or a 16mm... say like a Sankor 16D
  4. John Carty

    Which Lens

    I am using a Bolex H16 Rex1 with a Nikon 50mm prime lens, what would be a good anamorphic lens to use with the Nikon. Thanks
  5. John Carty

    Which Set-Up

    I would like to know which anamorphic lens and adapter would be best to use for my Nikon 50mm prime lens , that connects to my Bolex H16 rex1 that also has a F Mount to C Mount adapter on it. Any info on this would be much appreciated. Thanks John
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