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  1. I haven't read all previous comments, but: IT IS NOT FUJIFILM YET in terms of skin tones colors etc. NO ONE can beat Fuji on these yet...
  2. you can't use your lens with any anamorphic, you need longer focal length... especially with the Isco
  3. I remember that the front part rotates, that's why i sold mine, but you say it doesn't?
  4. I sell an Iscorama myself, contact me via pm
  5. never existed this ''SOLA'' thing, it is seller's own made experiment lens and in general be aware of this seller: in the recent past he made a 1.33x one and put a stick on it and named it: ''Century Optics USA'' ? ... He fooled someone but when the buyer discovered the scam, he left him a nice negative feedback ?
  6. you're asking way to much for a kit that costs no more than $1500 bro...
  7. you can contact straight the Rectilux company, or their reseller from which i just ordered mine
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