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  1. here I speak about GH5 I can't find it in my GH5 @Mattias Burling
  2. Hi guys, I am looking to turn on IBIS for my manual lens (no connection between body and lens) I would like to use sensor stabilization but it does not work... only works with my native 25mm 1.7 panasonic lens... is this normal? any settings to change??
  3. Hello there, I am having a question about color profile with the GH5, for the low light situation. Imagine you are in a lowlight situation (in the street), shooting skin tones, would you use CINE-D or Hybrid Log Gamma? Thank you.
  4. Hi there, I have done some V-LOG shots, C4k 10bit 24fps 150mbps LonGop, using GHALEX lut, I can see an excess amount of green and purple tones in the black areas, is this normal? thx.
  5. No issues with the sensor so? great to hear it isn't from the body, I thought those grains were from the body
  6. yep, I have opened the lens 1.7 so that's why it has a very magenta look @thebrothersthre3 what do you think about the video? does the quality look good for you? I mean as all the others GH5? no particular issues with sensor? yes, I use cine lenses 17mm 0.95, samyang 16mm T2.0 etc. , I don't have this kind of thing with them
  7. ya, it's just very quick test footage I did, used auto focus
  8. what do you mean by "purple fringing"? lens aberration? @Towd
  9. ya, I know right, that's why I'm seeing a lot of noise in dark areas, I thought it was an issue from my body, but when changing to cine-d, I don't see it anymore. it's also because of my very cheap lens lol
  10. @Video Hummus 25mm 1.7 from Panasonic, a lot of lens aberration. very cheap lens I tried with my CINE lens, looks so much better, I don't have aberration shot 1.7, ISO400
  11. video here: @mnewxcv V-LOG everything -5 could be because there is not enough of light, as you can see in my others shots with v-log, there is no such issue. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K9omRCU9-iqAZ5V28bVj-5NNx0dYvFfT?usp=sharing
  12. @thebrothersthre3 this is not from the sensor, from my zooming software, to zoom 300% in the footage. what about pixels in my footage? any ghosting issues? attached screenshots with cine-v profile, less artifacts as you can see. here is a video I uploaded for you guys @thebrothersthre3 and @mnewxcv https://youtu.be/itBKa2uGnUM tell me if something shock you...
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