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  1. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    @Neumann Films just told us that he had probably used @Sage GH5 alexa lut. It obviously wouldn't make any sense to use it with another sensor I guess. Or a damn close one maybe. Raw recording sounds more likely, it has been around with magic lantern and blackmagic for a while now and unleashing the full power of the GH5 sensor would make a lot of sense and wouldn't insult the GH5 userbase. But I don't know how they could do it though so really not convinced of my theory...
  2. ISCO ultra star red the actual stretch factor.

    It's probably a basic hypergonar formula. Just very well corrected and coated. Google it. If you have sharpness trouble, you might want to try a little bit before infinity on your taking lens. If it's not changing anything, try another taking lens. If it's not sharp, then your isco has alignment issues. Not that complicated to correct actually but still a little pain.
  3. ISCO ultra star red the actual stretch factor.

    At close focus the stretch ratio WILL NOT be 2x... I told you the other day about breathing... It will most likely be 1.8x at close focus and 2x at infinity.
  4. ISCO ultra star red the actual stretch factor.

    Focused at infinity?
  5. Lenses

    Yeah sure, there's not better way to spend his lifetime pension for a middle class retired american in Vietnam than buying an overweight 7000$ single focal anamorphic lens. Way to go dude. I mean... Guys. Come on. Overkill is the word coming to my mind...
  6. Lenses

    @jonpais You might also want to check that link ;-)
  7. ISCO anamorphic adaptor mechanical focus solution

    Probably, but they avoided complicated gear train by doing it with an arduino and some basic step motors. Going the gear train way would require skills I do not have even though it's pretty basic mecanical stuff. They did it this way in the 50's Example taken from the excellent filmoscopeFR website It depends on the lens indeed, but even the best ones breathe a lot. I used to shoot with a Kowa 8z without rectilux and was forced to resize with a 1.8 ratio at minimal focus distance. A face 10% larger than usual doesn't look too good honestly. I went the rectilux way and even though it - very slightly - degrades the image, it's so much easier to focus without being bothered by breathing that I haven't looked back. But of course, the FM lens and the rangefinder aren't so good and bring a lot of CA...
  8. ISCO anamorphic adaptor mechanical focus solution

    Hello, It's definitely possible. Rapido Technology even sells such a gear : http://www.rapidotechnology.com/products-services/rapido-single-focus-solution Now, what you need to know. Anamorphics changes their compression ratio when you focus closer. It's called breathing. The first CinemaScope lenses back in 53 worked this way. But it quickly became unacceptable as it made actors look fat onscreen as the close up had a ratio closer to 1.6 instead of 2. This problem was first fixed by Dyaliscope, an obscure french lens maker of the 50's. But it was only with Panavision in 57 that the solution was widely adopted in the industry and from that moment Panavision became the de facto king of anamorphic. Now, if you built such a gear, or use the one from rapido, you'll basically be using the equivalent of a 1955 lens. It can be pretty cool, but you have to understand the shortcomings. As much as I do love the old CinemaScope, I'd rather shoot without too much breathing. So a single focus solution is probably a better path to shoot anamorphic. Problem it can be expansive and make your setup heavy. Well it's anamorphics, no simple solutions unfortunately.
  9. If the sensor was really to be around 12mp, it would be bring the GH5s pixels/cm2 ratio to the likes of Nikon D850. No need to remind you its DR. Just saying.
  10. They also just reposted their infos from photorumors without citing them as source... We're running circles here. 43rumors post infos from here and we comment them. Silly.
  11. Just when I had finally decided to pull the trigger and buy a gh5... Come on !
  12. The rectilux is just a variable diopter. You're still missing the anamorphic element. Add another grand in the mix. And probably another one just because anamorphic is the new sexy.
  13. Lenses

    Careful Jon, there is a speedbooster (actually a lens turbo 2) that brings the S35 depth of field
  14. Lenses

    @jonpaisBuying one single atlas Orion optics for recreationnal use sounds like pure folly if you're wisely counting your bucks honestly. What we tried to demonstrate on the atlas thread is that you can achieve a very similar look easily for a fraction of that price (and that weight)... The recipe is already known. A taking lens, probably a sharp one as you tend to favor clean look, a cinelux ES (or isco ultra star), and a rectilux (HCDNA) is the recipe you're looking for. An example of what you can shoot with it It really seems infinitely wiser to go this route when you're an enthusiast shooter IMO.
  15. Zhongyi Lens Turbo II and GH5

    The problem with speedbooster and Sigma 18-35 is only with the speedbooster XL. You're safe with the lens turbo.