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  1. Does someone know the diameter of this cylinder ? (Not the threaded part on top but the cylinder itself).
  2. Where did you buy that black "for telephoto Lens hood 58mm" part ? What is it exactly ? I can't find it on google.
  3. Thanks a lot heart0less for the precious info about the lens collars! My ultrastar has its back housing removed, so it looks exactly like that one on the right : Do you think it will be heavy anyway? If possible I'd rather look like a tourist than a cameraman when I shoot.
  4. I just ordered one like the one on the right of the photo. Now I need a clamp. I don't know what to buy. My taking lens has a 52mm thread, but I might use another taking lens in the future.
  5. Good morning! I've been looking at the anamorphic formats in my gh5 settings, so far I've seen only 4k and 6k options ( but I probably haven't looked everywhere ). The gh5 shoots 180fps but only in 1080p. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Is this one a small or a big one?
  7. Yes of course, I wouldn't buy without a photo showing the oval. Although in a picture it can be difficult to see if it's 2x 1.33x, 1.50x etc... As for not getting the bigger one, you said the bigger has a different shape, so at least I can't go wrong on that.
  8. Does it mean the smaller one will be under 4k ? So it's the one on the right. Is it always red ?
  9. Thanks a lot Tito and heart0less! How do I make sure I get the small one?
  10. Good morning everyone! I'm looking for a sharp crystal clear 2x anamorphic lens. I would like to know if it's possible to find sharp lenses for 200/400 euros. I don't mind the distortion as long as it's acceptable, but I don't want any blurry look on the background and edges. I will be using a gh5. I don't mind the double focus (for now). Can you suggest anything ? Thank you.
  11. Good morning everyone! I am new to video cameras, never hold one in my life, (I'm not new to video editing though) and I'm buying a gh5 in a few days. I 'm planning to shoot anamorphic as soon as I can afford a nice enough anamorphic setup. Could you tell me witch sd card will fr sure be enough for the gh5 6k anamorphic mode ? I've read so many contradictory opinions about different sd cards that should handle the gh5 crazy high bit-rates. I need the sd card to be reliable yet not crazy expensive. Size between 64 and 128gb. Thanks.
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