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  1. I meant OIS. OIS has worked amazingly on my 18-55mm and 10-24mm. The XT3 auto focus works great in photo and video mode, including eye detection. The main issue is that it bounces from face to face, but that will be fixed in the next update including improved AF. The main thing I miss when I am not using my 1DXII, is object tracking and the canon LCD. Sony ergonomics and color kills it for me. The A9 seems to be legit though. As the previous person mentioned, I sold my GH5 and the only thing I miss is the ability to record to both slots while shoooting video and the flip-out screen.
  2. Gotcha. I wasnt sure if Sennheiser screw mount was a special size.
  3. I owned both the GH5 and XT3 at the same time and sold the GH5 for a second Xt3. I also own a 1DX Mark II for reference, so I am not biased. I have used the Sony extensively and I wouldnt buy it unless it was life or death. Get the XT3: Great video autofocus with native or adapted lenses Better colors Better Sensor Hybrid Shooter - The photography features are top notch Better codecs especially with the Ninja V Great IBIS Lenses Amazong Internal Preamps Better ISO performance GH5: Flipout screen Battery life button layout IBIS - I am a motivated movement shooter, so I do not need IBIS XLR Add-on Sony: If you want to spend extra time in post color grading. I am sure I missed a few things.
  4. Is there a better and more affordable alternative to the Sennheiser CL-1 or is the locking part proprietary? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/253265-REG/Sennheiser_CL1_CL1_Mini_to_Mini.html/?ap=y&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsZ3kBRCnARIsAIuAV_Swz64ER-elkTtbrn3d9vZ0NHtNcBEetzAxvDonNRMXz49lT-gw0CwaAuIxEALw_wcB&lsft=BI%3A514&smp=Y
  5. chadandreo

    z6 vs XT3

    4K 60fps done deal!
  6. I will definitely get a blimp down the line, but I have a few more production items that I have to invest in first. I will look into the Rycote. I love their undercovers. Thanks
  7. It fits either way. The deadcat is somewhat adjustable. I am using the Audio-Technica AT897.
  8. When using a Boom/Shotgun mic on a boom outdoors, do you guys use the foam windscreen and fur windscreen/DeadCat together, or do you remove the base foam windscreen that comes with most mics?
  9. Thank you for your post. I think the combination of the lower res lcd, slightly lower contrast and sharpness is what I am seeing. At the end of the day, I fully understand I can only expect so much from a $1500 camera. I normally shoot flat, but I ended up bumping up the brightness, saturation and sharpness in screen settings. By any chance, have you tried using your XT3 with an external monitor?
  10. I tell people the XT3 is baby 1DXII for a quarter of the price. 90% of the specs are similar, but the 1DXII has the edge in usability and the XT3 has the edge when it comes to specs and options.
  11. Both. Overall the lcd is decent and usable, but when I zoom in to focus the quality is lower than I would like. The focus peaking is actually great. I still prefer to zoom in and focus when shooting at f1.8 or wider on a prime longer than 50mm(FF equivalent) or a telephoto wide open. There are many instances where I like to use the 56mm 1.2 wide open for creative/beauty shots. As I have mentioned, overall the camera is amazing. There are a couple of things that can be improved such as the LCD and object tracking, but they are not dealbreakers. I was actually hoping to hear that there was a setting or something along those lines that could've improved the LCD display quality, especially for the output over HDMI.
  12. Or even my old 5D3 and 6D from 2012 thats worth $600. Hopefully! its a steal at that price. I am more surprised at the fact that the image doesnt look that great on my Atomos Ninja V. I am assuming there is some kind of an output limitation. Hopefully they listen. I have to check out the ZX1.
  13. For me, it definitely does. When I'm doing run-and-gun work, while shooting shallow with cinema or manual focus lenses, I am rarely confident that my focus will be tack sharp. The resolution is significantly lower to the point in which everything seems to blend together. The funny thing is I have the same issue even when I am using my Ninja V. When the framing is normal, the image looks gorgeous, but once I punch-in, I get that same low-res look. I had any easier time focusing using the Focus Assist or Focus Sharpness(whatever its called) feature on the SmallHD Focus.
  14. I have been a Canon shooter for over 10 years and now I shoot with Canon and Fuji. After testing out the X-T20, I decided to pre-order a couple of XT3's. Although I love my XT3's, the two things about the camera that leaves something to be desired when compared to my Canon 1DxII and 5D4, is the lack of object tracking and the quality of the rear LCD. When I zoom-in/punch-in to check focus for video or to review a photo, the image quality on the Fuji LCD is significantly lower than my Canon's and has a more digital/pixelated look. My question is, is the quality of the rear LCD a Fuji issue or is it a mirrorless limitation? Ive noticed the same thing with other mirrorless cameras that I have owned or used in the past. Has anyone else noticed this? Edit: I have experimented with different settings such as the sharpness, saturation, picture profile, etc. and it didnt make much of a difference.
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