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  1. chadandreo

    Fuji X-T4

    Luckily we’re dealing with APSC and not FF.
  2. What do you typically charge for mood boarding, scope of the project, etc. with clients in person or over the phone? Is there an industry standard range for this?
  3. chadandreo

    Fuji X-T4

    I wonder if Regular 1080p not longer has a limit?
  4. I think you should’ve put that camera through every test while you had it.
  5. I’d much rather have an add-on battery grip, this way I can choose which setup I want to use.
  6. Simply what works for me might not work for another person. I am a documentary filmmaker and I cannot afford to miss a shot tinkering around with a camera to get the look I want. I would use the GH5 for interviews and other stationary shots without issue, but when on a gimbal, run-n-gun setting or a moving subject, I ran into a lot of issues especially when working with the Metabone. Just as you mentioned, I much prefer S35 to MFT. Another thing, as a hybrid shooter, there is no debate in the fact that Panasonics Contrast AF is not usable for video and barely for photos. I have shoot thousands of hours with the GH5 and I have put it through its paces and it was a great system at the time when it came out, but Pana dropped the ball with the AF. Technology is evolving rapidly. WHen traveling I would have to bring a GH5 and 5D for photo and video, now its either the 1DX II or X-T3. Also, the lenses might be smaller on the GH5, but the price isnt much different than comparable lenses for FF or S35. I have found the X-T3/S35 to be the perfect medium when it comes to size, IQ, DOF, Low Light, etc. Also the hype around Fujis color science is the real deal. I greatly do miss being able to record to 2 cards and the GH5 menu system. Edit: I use the Canon C-Line for jobs with the right budget.
  7. I owned a GH5, XT3 and a 1DX II and let me tell you there is a world of difference. I sold my Panasonic kit Not too long after getting the XT3. canon - 10+ years, GH4/5 - 5 years and the Fuji for 1.5 years. sure there are many workarounds and complicated setups the can make MFT work, but at the end of the day in cannot do what a larger sensor can do. I don’t think every shot needs to be wide open and crushed backgrounds, but when it calls for it it’s available. To me, it is like someone saying “ I don’t need a car with a trunk because I can strap everything on the roof.”
  8. chadandreo

    Fuji X-T4

    Hmm. I wonder is that’s a quality check issue with some cameras. i live in Miami and usually have to shoot outdoors. I also have a wedding company in which we use multiple XT3’s without issue. Hopefully the next model fixes any issues.
  9. chadandreo

    Fuji X-T4

    I think sensor size plays a big role in that area. S35/APSC seems like a great medium
  10. Does any know what effect Enabling the new Extended Dynamic Range Monitoring feature has on Premiere Pro? I cannot find anything online about it.
  11. I hear where you’re coming from. I was originally just responding to your question about a Fuji that’s medium format and can shoot video. GFX 100 is fairly new, so I wasn’t sure if you heard of it. There are definitely cameras that works better for each specific job. I think the GFX as an amazing b-roll or specialty cam.
  12. I dont think it would be hard to rig with the smallrig cage and accessories. Although I normally shoot on Red or c300 II, I built one one my XT3s for cinema and it works fine as a cinema camera. The reason why I mentioned the GFX 100, is because you mentioned a large sensor Fuji camera, which is by far the cheapest 4K Medium Format camera that can be used for cinema. It also does 2K60 and has a usable AF system. Comparable cameras that are capable of shooting video are $40K +.
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