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  1. Now that these cameras have been out for a while now and have had firmware updates, what do you guys think of this comparison?
  2. I am just wondering what would happen if I was to experience a power outage while using the AC adapter or experience a battery failure. Does anyone knows what happens to footage that is being recorded to a Atomos Ninja V and the device experiences a loss of power? Will the footage that was being recorded be lost? Does the device record some type of safety track?
  3. I think the upgraded battery life and screen alone are worth it since you will be using the camera for video.
  4. The XT3 is a mirrorless beast. There’s nothing that you did with the A6500 that you couldn’t do with the XT3, if not better imho. update the firmware and connect the cam to the ronin and you’ll be able to control the camera while powering/charging the battery.
  5. what applies to one person doesn’t apply to everyone. for interviews in which the subjects move around, good AF is invaluable, especially if the production decides to shoot with a more shallow aperture than f8. the way people have responded to cinema cameras adding AF, reminds me of when people thought seatbelts and abs weren’t important.
  6. Has Canon released a useable wireless system to control the C70? Wifi, App, etc. I am wondering for remote-cam and jib usage.
  7. chadandreo

    Fuji X-S10

    from a business standpoint, that wouldn’t make much sense unless they significantly increase the price of the camera.
  8. Why have all of the Komodo listings been removed from sites like BH?
  9. Has anyone used the EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony Cameras to match the FS5 to Canon color science? I have been searching on here and on the forums and I cannot find any info on the FS5. I am helping/consulting a church that has an array of cameras in which they are having trouble matching the footage from the FS5 to the rest of their Canon cameras. They have a couple of Canon XA50's and 5D4. Has anyone had any luck matching the FS5 to Canon cameras? Does S-LOG 2 or 3 work better with this LUT? Should I use the faithful setting for the LUT?
  10. Hi, I would like to know if anyone can help me to figure out the best course of action. I hired an editor who uses Final Cut Pro X and I would like to finalize the projects color and audio in Premiere Pro, with color being the most important. I bought Project X₂7, but I was unable to get the project timeline to match what the editor has in FCP. 90% of the timeline looked correct though. Also, while using that plugin, I am unable to sync assets like the motion graphics and text that were used by the editor. What is my best option when using premiere pro to work on these issues? Would Resolve work better?
  11. Luckily we’re dealing with APSC and not FF.
  12. What do you typically charge for mood boarding, scope of the project, etc. with clients in person or over the phone? Is there an industry standard range for this?
  13. I wonder if Regular 1080p not longer has a limit?
  14. I think you should’ve put that camera through every test while you had it.
  15. I’d much rather have an add-on battery grip, this way I can choose which setup I want to use.
  16. Simply what works for me might not work for another person. I am a documentary filmmaker and I cannot afford to miss a shot tinkering around with a camera to get the look I want. I would use the GH5 for interviews and other stationary shots without issue, but when on a gimbal, run-n-gun setting or a moving subject, I ran into a lot of issues especially when working with the Metabone. Just as you mentioned, I much prefer S35 to MFT. Another thing, as a hybrid shooter, there is no debate in the fact that Panasonics Contrast AF is not usable for video and barely for photos. I have shoot thousands of hours with the GH5 and I have put it through its paces and it was a great system at the time when it came out, but Pana dropped the ball with the AF. Technology is evolving rapidly. WHen traveling I would have to bring a GH5 and 5D for photo and video, now its either the 1DX II or X-T3. Also, the lenses might be smaller on the GH5, but the price isnt much different than comparable lenses for FF or S35. I have found the X-T3/S35 to be the perfect medium when it comes to size, IQ, DOF, Low Light, etc. Also the hype around Fujis color science is the real deal. I greatly do miss being able to record to 2 cards and the GH5 menu system. Edit: I use the Canon C-Line for jobs with the right budget.
  17. I owned a GH5, XT3 and a 1DX II and let me tell you there is a world of difference. I sold my Panasonic kit Not too long after getting the XT3. canon - 10+ years, GH4/5 - 5 years and the Fuji for 1.5 years. sure there are many workarounds and complicated setups the can make MFT work, but at the end of the day in cannot do what a larger sensor can do. I don’t think every shot needs to be wide open and crushed backgrounds, but when it calls for it it’s available. To me, it is like someone saying “ I don’t need a car with a trunk because I can strap everything on the roof.”
  18. Hmm. I wonder is that’s a quality check issue with some cameras. i live in Miami and usually have to shoot outdoors. I also have a wedding company in which we use multiple XT3’s without issue. Hopefully the next model fixes any issues.
  19. I think sensor size plays a big role in that area. S35/APSC seems like a great medium
  20. Does any know what effect Enabling the new Extended Dynamic Range Monitoring feature has on Premiere Pro? I cannot find anything online about it.
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