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  1. So there are two aspects: checking whether the scope is aligned, and then optimizing for use with variable diopter by setting both scope and taking lens at (or near) infinity. Find an object with fine detail, at least a few metres away, so that the minimum focus of your scope covers it. Focus taking lens alone, add scope and focus it til you get a sharp image, so double focusing. If this is impossible, your scope is out of alignment and will require some maintenance. If you CAN get a sharp image while double focusing, then proceed to infinity focusing on a far away subject. First check whether the taking lens can reach it. Then add scope and do the same. Sometimes the scope is aligned, but cannot reach infinity. On the 16H this requires tuning one tab that determines the focus range of the scope. When both taking lens and scope are double focused at infinity add the FVD and see if you can get a sharp image. Sometimes the taking lens needs a slight nudge to just before infinity. Take your time and be systematic. If you don't succeed ask help in the helpful Anamorphic Shooters Facebook group.
  2. Looks good yes. Did you also try with bright lights? Are you also in the Anamorphic Shooters FB group? I'm sure people would be interested in your results.
  3. Yes the design works for the three models on the right (whose body design is identical).
  4. This is a very good and scharp scope with perfect ovals across the frame. Would benefit from a single focus solution like Rapido FVD16A. You need a front thread adapter then, like this: https://rafcamera.com/adapter-72mm-to-m75x0-75m For support, have a look at the great 3d print designs from Lucas Pfaff. https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/tool/grabhole-qr-adapter-sal https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/tool/70mm-clamp-with-beam-support-for-anamorphic-projection-lenses
  5. Didn't see this before, but external BRAW seems like a pretty big deal? https://www.slashcam.com/news/single/Nikon-Z6II-and-Z7II-with-Dual-Card-Slots-and-for-t-16118.html Again, I would argue that for the price point they are pretty good.
  6. For the price (that will soon drop), you get a very very decent hybrid, that by now has several advantages at the price point. But it sure as hell leaves room for a more videocentric model from Nikon. Will they go there? Also, mark I Z6 & Z7 might become even more of a bargain now.
  7. Great lens. I've seen them go in the range of 50-100 euros. When in good condition with box and all, I would certainly bet on the higher end of that. The non-E pancake is more or less the same, is said to have better coating and fetches a somewhat higher price.
  8. Ah yes I see. Still, a larger sensor would help in terms of IQ 😅
  9. When talking GH6, obviously start with the GH5 feature set, then add - internal ND's - internal RAW or other edit-friendly codecs - APS-c sized sensor while maintaining MFT mount. It's been done before (LS300, Z-cam S6) and lots of MFT glass covers that sensor size. Add crop modes like on the GH5 to make sure the MFT glass with less coverage is still useable. - and yes, PDAF (although I don't care too much personally and don't count on them implementing it) ...a man can dream right? 😉
  10. @gethin I use the Fotodiox Vizelex ND Pro adapter, EF to Nik Z. Super practical. https://fotodioxpro.com/collections/vizelex-nd-throttle-adapters/products/eos-nikz-pro-ndthrtl
  11. Can we call it a fullframe GH5? Or is it missing some other pro things? It has 10 bit, 60p, timecode, LUT assist, waveforms... teleconversion modes too! Size is in the Z6, a7iii, R6 range. But (much) better video features. Except AF of course... Price will be important, as will availability of more affordable native glass. The new zoom is a good start. Now some compact F1.8 or F2 primes would be welcome.
  12. Yeah it seems off by a bit. Make sure you test extensively by finetuning focus on all three lenses with magnified view. If it's impossible to reach infinity try to reach John directly through Facebook. Or, if there is still time, the seller you bought it from?
  13. Sorry to hear. How long have you had Hardcore DNA? There is a known batch with optical issues, more specifically not reaching infinity. Has been discussed a few times on Anamorphic Shooters facebook group. Best bet is to contact John and ask for replacement glass. Might be an issue though if you are not the first owner.
  14. The hype is just bewildering. Still (officially) unanswered questions: - amount of crop on 4k and higher res - recording limitations on 4k and higher res - AF limitations (DPAF?) on 4k and higher res - codecs, bitrates - price None of it in the announcement, yet the internet is on fire. I dunno... To be clear, I would love to see Canon take hybrid shooters serious once again. But with what we know now, it's hard to see how they have already proven that they do.
  15. Matt Granger is here to shit on your dreams lol Recent Canon history certainly is on the side of his analysis. Cripple Hammer represent! We shall see in a few weeks time...
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