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  1. Zak Forsman

    My quick EVA1 mini review

    Serendipitously, Panasonic announced a price drop for the EVA1 today. $6495 MSRP, down from $7345. I'm doing my best not to pull the trigger on a second one. but also wondering if this drop is in anticipation of an EVA2 (or EVA1 Mark II) announcement in the coming months.
  2. Zak Forsman

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    One fun thing I did with it on a short film was to mount it to my Rock n Roller cart and use it as a makeshift dolly. The cart eliminated the z-axis bounce handheld gives you, while the Weebill absorbed vibrations from the cart. The combo gave it a very professional feel by eliminating those slight visual cues that it’s on a gimbal.
  3. Zak Forsman

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    It has been a solid performer for me. I don’t use the app for anything other than firmware updates and settings so can’t comment on complaints there.The focus servo is awesome and a big plus to me because I prefer flying with manual lenses. I use it in underslung mode most of the time and it’s really well balanced when held by the rear/top handle. I’m usually following people/characters, or doing little moves, when i use it and it’s been very smooth turning corners, or craning up from the ground to the subject while moving. I’ve only experienced jitter once and fixed that by rebalancing quickly. I wanted something that would be more compact and lighter than gimbal setups i’ve had in the past because you do get tired quickly. With the GH5s and the Weebill, I find I can make it to the first meal break before really needing to rest my arms. And I credit that more to the new design. You can lock each axis with a flick of a switch and carry it at your side. Whereas before, I was always holding it out in front of me between shots. So yeah, between the axis locks, the weight, and the rear handle design, it’s my favorite gimbal I’ve owned. Makes my job easier, not harder. I don’t know if there are bad early units out there but I saw more of that kind of thing before I received mine. With no real evidence, I suspect there might have been problems with some of the first units shipped based on motor strength issues others have complained about that I’m not experiencing. But who knows?
  4. Zak Forsman

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    My Weebill Lab weighs 2.5lbs, or 2lbs 8.2oz.
  5. Zak Forsman

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    Wish I could tell you, but I'm not using the app for anything other than tweaking settings. I don't feel like I have as much fine control over what i'm doing. Beyond the controls offered on the handle, I just need to pull focus manually so this particular gimbal works well for me. I'm still running an HDMI directly from the camera to monitor what i'm doing. I don't want to worry about lag or skipping at crucial moments. Runs smoothly with the motors set to medium. Sometimes i bump it to high if I put one of my heavier Contax Zeiss lenses on like the 35/1.4. But the 18mm and the 25mm (pictured above) are pretty light. I also have a Panny/Leica 12-60 that's super light. I put the motors on low for that. Would love to share footage but they are for a short film that the director doesn't want anything released from, or it's behind the scenes footage for studio movies that haven't come out yet. On the short, I do remember the gimbal getting jittery at one point, but i shut it off and immediately saw it needed to be rebalanced. after I did, it was fine the rest of the shoot. Thanks for the great review by the way. I'm going to try your settings over the holiday break.
  6. Zak Forsman

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    I'm using the Weebill with a GH5s, .64x Speedbooster and my (manual focus) Contax-Zeiss lenses. You asked how focus works. The focus wheel requires the use of the Focus Servo to manually control the lens. It will not control a native lens through the USB connection. I absolutely love this gimbal and use it in underslung mode more often than not. I think you'll be happy with it. If you want to run with longer lenses like say a Sigma 18-35, you may want to wait for the Crane 3 Lab. This won't hold it reliably.
  7. Zak Forsman

    Sales/Flash Deals/Lightning Deals (Thread)

    just a heads up to read the fine print. this is a gray market camera. no manufacturer's warranty from panasonic. it looks like the retailer offers its own warranty instead. only mentioning so people can make an informed decision. I *am* tempted to buy a second EVA1.
  8. Zak Forsman

    Music Video shot on Panasonic EVA1

    True, not much EVA1 DNA, but plenty of human DNA.
  9. ***Warning: this video contains violent imagery*** DIRECT LINK > https://vimeo.com/294887322 As the cinematographer and editor, I was lucky enough to have a big hand in crafting this music video. It was shot in 12 hours, with every facet donated by friends and fans of the band, to coincide with the release of OLD BLOOD's new single "Enjoy. The Devil". Director was thrilled with what he saw from the camera on set. I used my Contax-Zeiss lenses modded with fixed 2x oval apertures, and with a Tiffen Black Pro Mist filter. This was also a great way to break-in two new Aputure 120D Mark II lights I'd just received.
  10. Zak Forsman

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    Yeah, the Hoya IR Cut cleaned things up under daylight with heaps of ND in play. But the muddiness was always present under tungsten light, IR Cut or not. Something else was going on there. Or maybe the Hoya IR Cut wasnt strong enough.
  11. Zak Forsman

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    thanks for the reminder. I still have my Hoya IR Cut somewhere. Totally forgot about that. Will dig it out for this camera test.
  12. Zak Forsman

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    in the GH4 days, i felt BMD had the better color science. Now with the EVA1 and GH5s, I think Panasonic has the edge. BMD always seemed to "suffer" from a bit of brown-muddiness under artificial light. and i feel I'm still seeing that in the current crop of cameras, although to a lesser extent. But I'll have a chance to do a side by side comparison between my EVA1 and a UMP in preparation for a feature I'm DPing. Looking forward to that.
  13. Zak Forsman

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    Was considering a GH5s as a b-cam to my EVA1, but maybe I'll rent that as needed and pre-order this for March. I *do* miss having the option to shoot FF video. It was the one regret in moving away from my 5D3 with Magic Lantern. Fingers crossed that it *will* offer FF video but also a Super35 crop mode. That's just about all the versatility I'd need.
  14. Zak Forsman

    Anyone using color management in Resolve?

    yep, i use the same method as Kye. the occasional drawback is you can't generate a LUT from anything with an OpenFX plugin in it if you wanted to create a monitoring LUT for whatever reason. To get around that, you could generate a transformative LUT at to use in place of the DaVinci Color Space Transform plugin. https://cameramanben.github.io/LUTCalc/LUTCalc/index.html
  15. Zak Forsman

    EVA1 vs Terra 4k or Mavo vs FS5 II - decisions!

    EVA1 has a 1.5x crop Super35 sensor and does not crop or window up to 120fps in full DCI 2K (not just HD), but does crop to m43 for 240fps. it also will shoot 2K 10-bit up to 120fps, but 8-bit for 240fps.