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  1. No, you'd just go through Lee directly for that.
  2. Some of us really like that camera Shot in its sweet spot, that sensor cranks out gorgeous pictures with very little fuss. Think of it as digital slide film. http://www.bmcuser.com/forum/blackmagic-camera/general-discussion/17753-no-more-love-for-the-4k?17318-No-more-love-for-the-4K=
  3. Human vision blurs while watching fast action or moving your gaze in real life. When I watch 60fps, it strikes me as much less natural--too fast and sharp to feel like natural vision . Not to mention you'll never get a high frame rate movie distributed unless you're a big deal, and even then...
  4. Maybe a combination of longer Cardellini/Mathellini and a suction cup rig for glass, carefully safetied, would cover your bases?
  5. Standard mafer/cardellini clamps not doing it for you?
  6. Good for those who deal with H.265 a lot and like the Apple ecosystem. Neither applies to me. Combined with its other computing shortcomings, it's gonna be a hard pass. I can see this being nice for one man bands who shoot on the road and do all their own post, though.
  7. Why would you use an expensive 12K camera to shoot a conference?
  8. It's unclear if the FS7 sensor is a stripped down version of the F5 sensor or an updated version of the FS700's, but either way it doesn't offer any unique look or capabilities.
  9. No, it's the same sensor as the F55 with a lower end CFA array, slightly different color science, and no global shutter. A really nice image and good workhorse, but the price puts it out of casual purchase territory. As a business investment, it's a little long in the tooth to make your ROI back in a timely manner. Personally, I would reach for other Sony bodies.
  10. How does a $1900 camera cannibalize sales of a ~$600 camera?
  11. I would love to do an F3 challenge. No idea what the challenge would BE, but having an excuse to shoot something sounds great.
  12. AF performance differs radically based on lighting. A flatly lit face will track much better than a moodily lit one. Contrasty lighting bit me hard on a C700 shoot, and wasted 5 minutes of valuable setup time wrestling with AF settings. I'm sure it works well for many people and many projects; personally, I'm not ready to give up the level of control I have with a wireless puller.
  13. The professional production world never stopped using MF. They just transitioned to wireless transmitters/follow focuses.
  14. Fabulous shots, Geoff! Those colors are TASTY. What was your lighting and grading process for these?
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